How To Be Romantic With Your Husband: 30 Tips To Raise The Quotient

We all have grown up watching and reading romance, but when you are in a relationship, reality knocks you down. Romance in real life is not as flowery as what popular media show, and being romantic is often taken for granted by couples. If you are wondering how to be romantic with your husband, this post is for you. Your husband may act disinterested or annoyed when you resort to small romantic gestures. But deep down, most men love romance and love it when their partner is romantic. In this post, we talk about how to be romantic with your man and get him to love you more.

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30 Ways To Be Romantic With Your HusbandRemember to also book a pampering session at the spa for him

Turn the tables around with these simple, sexy things to boost intimacy and romance your man.

  1. Invite him for a date. Instead of waiting for him to take you out, you do the honor this time. Book a couple table at his favorite restaurant or a new place that he might like. For extra romance, get ready separately and meet at the venue, as you did when your relationship started.
  1. Appreciate and compliment him. Use sweet and flirty words to tell him how much you like him. “I really admire how much you work hard for our family,” or “Your smile makes my day,” or “You are looking super hot with that beard.” Words of appreciation and admiration can easily melt a man’s heart.
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Make his day by congratulating him on his triumphs, whether related to business or other facets of daily life.
  1. Be generous with those good words. Appreciate him in front of his colleagues, friends, and children. Show them how much you respect your husband for all that he does for you and the family. But it doesn’t mean you have to keep singing praises every time and everywhere.
  1. Watch a romantic movie. Relax on a Friday night by watching a love story together. Pick a movie that reminds you of your own love story or one you have watched together when you were dating.
Watching a romantic movie

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  1. Get touchy with him. It’s not just about sex, holding hands, tucking your arms around him, giving him a shoulder rub, sitting together on the couch, giving small pecks and an unexpected kiss, are all essential physical touches that are filled with passion.

Rachel Boulos, a blogger, emphasizes the significance of touch in fostering intimacy. She says, “We implemented the idea of ‘30 second hugs’ when we uncovered that ‘after 20 seconds of a full embrace, your body begins secreting the hormone oxytocin,’ the same hormone released during sex, childbirth, and breastfeeding to create a sense of intimacy and bonding. We decided to try it and I was stunned at the positive results! When I am feeling moody, irritable, or just plain sad, my husband will say ‘do you need a 30 second hug?’ After 30 seconds (which is like an eternity in hug time), I notice that I physically and emotionally feel better!”

Boulos also adds how she regularly cuddles with her husband. She writes, “Shortly after our wedding we were like a couple of kids at a sleep over. We giggled, tickled, had pillow fights, and just enjoyed togetherness under the sheets (i).”

  1. Tease him. Wear a lovely dress, make yourself look prettier, and tease him by ignoring him. Lure him but do not give in to him. Remember seduction needs patience. This increases his urge to be with you.
  1. Kiss him randomly. Yes, you do not need a reason or time to kiss your husband. Kiss him when you feel like – when you are leaving for work, when he is reading the morning newspaper, when he is busy doing a chore at home or taking out his car – in short just about any time of the day and night.
  1. Try it with coffee. If your husband loves having a cup of coffee early in the morning or after returning from work, prepare a travel mug of his favorite coffee, just as he likes it. Your thoughtfulness and the aroma of the coffee will both melt him.
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Put away any gadgets, make eye contact, and fully participate in the conversation when he is speaking to you.
  1. Hide a love note in his wallet. Express your love and devotion for him in a short note and put it in his wallet. Let him find out about it when he takes his wallet out to make a payment. It will, for sure, bring a proud smile on his face.
  1. Go through the old photographs. The pictures you might have taken on your honeymoon or on dates before your marriage will make you both nostalgic and have some hearty conversations.
Reminiscing at the old photographsReminiscing at the old photographs

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  1. Frame up the photos. Surprise him further by framing one of those favorite pictures and putting it up on the wall. Your man will know how much you care about these memories and your union.
  1. Plan an adventure together. There must be something for example like skiing or trekking that you and your husband have always planned to try. Now is the time. Plan it and make it happen. Doing something crazy will freshen up your relationship. You will be reminded that you are a team.
  1. Keep sending messages throughout the day. No, not to annoy him but to show him how often you think about him, to tell him that he is on your mind constantly, and to make him know that no time is a wrong time for romance. It makes him proud of the relationship he has with you.
  1. Wear a dress he likes. When he says, “You look gorgeous in that red dress,” or “I love that leather jacket on you,” pay attention to them. Wear those dresses to indicate that you are in the mood for romance. Dressing up just for him, and as per his taste is incredibly attractive to him.
  1. Try some long distance romance. When he is away on a trip, keep posting some pictures, remind him of the sweet memories, and share videos of the fun you had together. These little gestures will remind him of you like crazy.
  1. Hold his hand. A bit of PDA (public display of affection) will only spice up your relationship and strengthen your connection. Therefore, do not shy away from holding his hand in public, especially when he least expects that from you.
Holding his hand

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  1. Pamper him. If he is having a hectic schedule at work or is feeling stressful, take some extra care of him. Take over his share of chores, give him a foot-rub, or give him a chilled beer to relax.
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It’s equally crucial to pamper yourself. You’ll have control over your life and be able to make your husband feel good about you when you’re calm and stress-free.
  1. Cook up the romance. No, it’s not faking it but make his favorite dishes for dinner. Turn a boring, routine, middle-of-the-week day into an interesting one by cooking something special for you and him.
  1. Tune in to romance. Play the songs that were your songs when you started dating. You can take your husband back in time and relive those moments.
  1. Put your kids to sleep early. Let them have an early dinner and sleep during the weekend so that your husband and you can have some private moments. You may decide how you want to spend those precious hours with him.
  1. Take an active interest in what he likes. It’s easy to connect when you have shared interests. If it’s a sport that you have no idea about, do some research and watch a few matches together. If he likes to exercise, then join him in his workout routine.
  1. Talk naughty. Up your game of flirtation and give him enough hints of your intentions by using the right words. However, make sure that you are subtle and not grossing him out.
  1. Write them down. If you are out on a date, use a paper napkin to write down what you want to do after you get home. This will make him wait eagerly for you to take the next step.
  1. Turn on the sensuality meter in the bedroom. You may have developed a go-to routine in your bedroom. Break that and spring a surprise on him. You will see your husband will ask for more.
How to be romantic with your husband

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  1. Ask him about his fantasies. Make it special by asking your husband about his fantasies, and trying the practical ones out. He will love the fact that you love being intimate with him.
  1. Dance with him. You don’t need lessons for that, just give in to spontaneity. Put on his favorite track and have him dance with you. Match your steps as you get physically closer, and love is bound to happen.
  1. Laugh together. Laughter could be a potion for romance and a balm for relaxation. Watch a comedy show or movie clippings together or share some jokes between the two of you.
  1. Talk about your past and future. Reminiscing about your past will rekindle the attraction that you had for each other. Tell him why you chose to marry him and why you fell in love with him. Talk about your plans for the future, and how you intend to spend your days with him when you get older. This will increase the warmth between you.
  1. Plan a secret short trip. If there is a long weekend coming, plan for a short trip somewhere around your place. Book the hotel and transport, and give him a surprise. Remember to also book a pampering session at the spa for him.
  1. Give him a relaxing massage. Your marital relationship should be where a physical touch is cherished and freely enjoyed. If your partner typically offers massages, consider surprising them by taking the initiative one night. In addition to preparing a delightful meal, indulge in a warm, relaxing shower, followed by a thoughtful massage. Set the mood with soothing spa music and a couple of candles, and let the massage become a moment that enhances physical intimacy and fosters emotional closeness.

You can keep spicing your love life with communication. Express yourself, listen to your partner, ensure there is understanding between you, support each other’s desires and try to fulfil them, and have a great marriage.

Plan a secret short trip

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I create a romantic atmosphere at home for my husband?

Create a romantic ambience at home by dimming the lights and using soft lights or candle light. Scented candles or reed diffusers with a tempting scent can help set the mood. Prepare your partner’s favorite food or keep chocolates or strawberries handy. Play romantic music that you enjoy as a couple.

2. Can you suggest some romantic gifts that are perfect for my husband’s tastes and interests?

Gifts such as couple jewelry and mugs, matching outfits, and keychains could be a good option to gift your husband. Alternatively, you could also create personalized gifts such as a picture collage or a love letter, depending on your husband’s tastes, could melt his heart.

3. What are some romantic activities or hobbies that my husband and I can enjoy together?

Create a love scrapbook together, create a common bucket list, give each other a massage, read a romantic book together, catch sunrise and sunset together, go stargazing or go on an impromptu vacation without an itinerary or plan.

Infographic: Tips To Be Romantic With Your Husband

Why wait for your husband to create a romantic moment when you can take the initiative? Check out a few ideas in the infographic below to take the lead and impress your handsome hunk. All you need is confidence, a little prep, and begin.

8 simple ways to romance your husband (infographic)

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Download Infographic in PDF version

Romance is the key to keeping the spark alive in a relationship. No matter how long you have been in a marriage, displaying your love to your husband can never go out of style. Moreover, it makes your husband feel all the more loved, appreciated, and respected while also adding the spark of romance to your relationship. Try simple ways such as serving his favorite morning coffee or spending quality time watching a romantic movie. These easy ideas are ideal for bringing out your romantic side to your most special person.

Key Pointers

  • Keeping the spark alive in a relationship requires romance.
  • Simple gestures like leaving a love note or complimenting your husband can make him feel loved and appreciated.
  • Spending quality time together, such as going on a date or taking a weekend getaway, can strengthen the couple’s bond.
  • Expressing love and affection through physical touch, like holding hands or giving him a peck, is essential for romance.
  • Planning romantic gestures, such as cooking his favorite meal or giving him a foot rub, can be a fun and intimate way for a wife to connect with her husband.

Elevate the romance in your relationship through meaningful actions. Join us in uncovering creative ways to reignite the spark with your partner. Cultivate joy and strengthen your bond through these heartfelt gestures.

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