Are Pisces And Scorpio Compatible?

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Pisces (February 20 to March 20) and Scorpio (October 23 to November 21) are water signs characterized by fluidity and sentimentality. Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, while Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune.

People born under the Scorpio and Pisces zodiac signs are extremely sensitive and emotional, with Pisces being way more expressive than Scorpio. Pisces is compassionate, friendly, accommodating, and understanding, while Scorpio is fierce in their feelings. Scorpio is loyal but can be possessive.

Let us study the two water signs and see if it’s a match made in heaven or hell. Read on as we answer the question, “Are Pisces and Scorpio compatible?”

Are Pisces And Scorpio Compatible?

Pisces is a water sign of emotions and creativity. Pisceans are empathetic and intuitive and love being around people. They can adjust to any surroundings and are extremely friendly. Pisceans love to dream big but may not follow up on those dreams. They wear their hearts on their sleeves and are great at developing emotional bonds with a love interest.

A Scorpio, on the other hand, is more focused and purposeful. They are determined in their dreams and are extremely intuitive and practical. A Scorpio is also known for their loyalty towards their partner but can be fiercely possessive and demanding.

Let’s analyze whether these two water signs are compatible.

Compatibility in friendship

The two signs are extremely compatible in friendship. They are loyal to each other. A Scorpio may fear vulnerability, but the Pisces will remain trustworthy and steadfast.

A Scorpio is a go-getter and follows their dreams, while a Pisces is more philosophical and may not be strong-headed in following their dreams. The Scorpio friend helps the Pisces go after their goals and achieve them.

A Scorpio is insecure on the inside and can fear abandonment, but a Pisces friend can help them feel safe and secure. They allow the Scorpio to open up their feelings without being judged. Their friendship is generally based on loyalty and trust.

Similarly, if a Pisces ever doubts their own abilities, the Scorpio encourages them with their pep talk and gets them on their feet again.

Compatibility in love

The initial meeting of a Pisces and Scorpio is thrilling and enticing. They are addicted to each other and totally inseparable. Emotions run deep for both, and both are passionate and loyal. The Scorpio leads, and the Pisces does not mind following the lead.

However, a Scorpio can be obsessive and compulsive. They are  jealous partners and are often secretive and resentful.

As long as the Pisces remains loyal, they will receive all the affection they want. And in this relationship, if the Piscean does not have the Scorpio’s support in vulnerable times, or if the Scorpio ignores them when they need a shoulder to cry on, the Pisces will easily be hurt and go astray.

All in all, they understand and complement each other’s personalities perfectly. Scorpios can be clingy, while Pisces will need their space. Emotionally, though, they will be connected like no other two signs.

How Pisces And Scorpio Balance Each Other

Water is a physical and tangible entity, and both these water signs display these traits. The qualities and traits of one complement those of the other, which helps create a perfect balance.

1. Friendly and careful

A Pisces is all about friendship and bringing people together. Although the Scorpio is a little wary of people and takes time to trust others, the Pisces’ gentle and friendly nature helps create a strong bond between the two. Although the Pisces’ unsteady behavior can make the Scorpio uneasy, and the Piscean could find the Scorpio self-absorbed, these aren’t things that can’t be ironed out.

2. Fixed vs. mutable

Scorpio is a fixed sign, while Pisces is a mutable sign. A Scorpio will focus their entire energy on one goal until they achieve it, while a Pisces will often skip according to their feelings. However, Pisces can easily mold into the Scorpio’s life if given the freedom to indulge in their personal interests. Pisces, on the other hand, can teach Scorpio flexibility, and both these emotionally strong signs can feed off each other’s energies without much struggle.

3. Sensitivity and trust

Both these zodiac signs are intensely sensitive towards the minute and deeper undercurrents of life. They are empathetic and are always in search of commitments. Their connection is real, and the tie is strong. The deep trust between them allows the Piscean to overlook the mysterious side of the Scorpio and build a union based on understanding and respect.

4. Ideas and dreams

Although both signs dream big, the Scorpio is more likely to turn ideas into reality. The Pisces is generally slow to act and laid-back about following up on their ambitions. Since the Scorpio is intuitive, they can understand the doubts in the mind of the Pisces partner and reassure them of the intricacies of their dreams. The Scorpio can help the Pisces achieve their dreams with just the right amount of push.

5. Obstinate vs. gentle

A Scorpio is headstrong and steadfast in their commitment towards anything, while the Pisces is gentle and soft. The Scorpio can help the Pisces achieve their long-term aspirations by offering strength and support, while the gentle Pisces can toe down the extreme steadfastness of the Scorpio.

Pros Of A Pisces And Scorpio Relationship

The following are a few positives of a Pisces–Scorpio relationship.

1. Innocence and protectiveness

The innocence of Pisces brings out the protective nature of Scorpio. While Pisces is vulnerable and docile, Scorpio does everything in its power to protect the Piscean from getting hurt. When Pisces feels loved and protected, they do their best for the Scorpio.

2. Complex personality

Scorpio’s rebellious and unpredictable behavior can be unbearable to other zodiac signs, but it does not deter the Piscean. The complex personality of Scorpio is treated gently and with patience and kindness by Pisces. Scorpio is impelled to let down their emotional guard in front of the Piscean, helping forge an unbreakable bond.

3. Physical chemistry

The greatest positive in a relationship between the Piscean and Scorpio is their physical chemistry. The sexual connection between these two signs is almost unreal. They balance each other perfectly to create some memorable moments.

Cons Of A Pisces And Scorpio Relationship

Like all relationships, a Pisces–Scorpio relationship has its imperfections. Read on as we discuss a few cons.

1. Dominance

The Scorpio is a dominating personality. However, once a bond is established, a Pisces man or woman can handle this diplomatically, and it often doesn’t cause strain in the relationship. At times, the overbearing and possessive nature of the Scorpio can cause tension. In such instances, the Scorpio has to control their obsessive behavior to maintain a healthy relationship.


The gentle and laid-back nature of the Piscean may not be appreciated by the Scorpio. The Piscean is a dreamer and philosopher with their heart on their sleeve, while the Scorpio is determined and practical. This could lead to a serious personality clash, with one thinking of the other as too ambitious or laid-back.

3. Lack of communication

Both signs can go into their shells if hurt or angry. A Pisces can sulk around for weeks, while a Scorpio will be secretive and non-communicative. The lack of clarity and an open conversation can drag the problem and widen the rift between them.

Love Match Between A Pisces Man And A Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is strong, persuasive, and confident. They may not be great at expressing their feelings openly, but this passion awakens in the bedroom. They are passionate lovers and often take the lead. The Pisces man is in awe of the aura of a Scorpio woman and finds her enchanting.

Although the Scorpio woman is controlled and slightly reserved, the Pisces man can see through her when he looks into her eyes. As both the water signs are highly intuitive, they understand each other’s feelings and traits well. They know what the other is thinking and can indulge them even before the thoughts are expressed.

They fall in love and understand and accept each other quickly. However, they can easily get bored of each other. The jealous Scorpio woman will not accept the roving eye of a Pisces man, but after a few dates, they can strike the right balance.

Scorpio women are rigid in their ways. They look for stability and need to be the priority in the relationship. The Pisces man is more flexible and adaptable to change, but he too looks for security in a relationship and will not get intimate until he builds a close and intimate bond.

The strength and qualities of a Scorpio woman and Pisces man can complement each other perfectly, and with a little compromise, it could be a match made in Heaven.

Love Match Between A Pisces Woman And A Scorpio Man

A Scorpio man is a natural leader. The warrior-like Scorpio is focused and stable and has no problem protecting the Pisces woman. The Pisces woman is satisfied and comfortable being taken care of in the relationship. She may notice her man’s obsessive nature but is fine as long as she is being cared for.

It is an intense relationship where the Scorpio man attaches himself to the Pisces woman and looks at the long term. He does not waste his time on short-term flings and is just as serious about the relationship as he is about his dreams and ambitions. He understands her needs and empathizes with her with ease.

They are both extremely emotional, but the Scorpio man may feel more insecure in the relationship since his Pisces partner is more social and friendly. Jealousy can arise from the fear of losing her, and betrayal is something he does not take well. The Pisces woman needs to consider this before entering into a relationship with a Scorpio man.

Sexual Compatibility Between A Pisces And A Scorpio

Both these water signs take their sexual encounters very seriously. Emotions play an important role in their sexual experiences. Scorpio is considered the most sexual and sensual of all zodiacs, while Pisces dwells in fantasies and ecstatic experiments. A Scorpio is a dynamic lover who will take the lead, while a Pisces loves to be teased and led on.

Their sexual compatibility is built on the acceptance of roles. Together, they love to experiment and push all imaginative boundaries between the sheets.

The sensual  fantasies of the Piscean and the dynamic, loving acts of a Scorpio make this couple sexually compatible.

Pisces and Scorpio complement and harmonize well despite certain differences. Although filled with emotions and drama, a relationship between a Pisces and Scorpio can be enriching and help both partners thrive. We hope this post gives you a better understanding of the compatibility level of Pisces and Scorpio.