96 Assyrian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AbrohomAssyrian form of Abraham, meaning father of a multitude.Boy
AhoAssyrian term for brother.Boy
AhrunAssyrian form of Aaron, meaning exalted.Boy
AkkaraOccupational name for a farmer.Boy
AlqasnonaA form of Jonah. It means dove.Boy
AmmanuelAssyrian variant of Emmanuel. It means God is with us.Boy
AramA curse; They are high and exalted oneBoy
ArbilayaFrom ArbilBoy
AshurAssyrian - God of War; Islamic Month; Biblical - Who is happy; Hebrew - WarlikeBoy
Ashur-Akh-IddinaAshur has given a brother.Boy
AsuThe eastBoy
AsurA Turkish term used for Assyrians.Boy
BarsawmeSon of SawmeBoy
BartulmeAssyrian form of Bartholomew, meaning son of Tulme.Boy
BatnayaHouse of mudBoy
CaifasA man of little energy.Boy
CheikhoAssyrian form of Sheikh. It means leader of Islam or chief.Boy
DaniyelA form of Daniel. It means God is my judge.Boy
EeshoA form of Jesus, meaning son of God.Boy
EliyahA form of Elijah. It means my God is Yahweh.Boy
ElqoshGod's power or God's arrow.Boy
EshaiA form of Jesse, meaning God exists.Boy
GarsaOccupational name for a barber.Boy
GewargisA form of George. It means farmer.Boy
GorielA form of Gabriel. It means God is my strength.Boy
HormuzdName of a Persian king.Boy
IshaiaGod is salvation.Boy
IskhaqA form of Isaac. It means he laughs.Boy
IssaviA Persian term used for Christians.Boy
KushiA KushiteBoy
LarsaName of a Sumerian city in southern Iraq.Unisex
LuqaA form of Luke. It means light.Boy
MalkunoLittle princeBoy
MousheA form of Moses, meaning to draw out water.Boy
MunirsuartaName of the king of the Araziasai.Boy
MuskaPossessor or one who runs about.Boy
NuhroHoly lightBoy
NukhAssyrian variant of Noah, meaning comfort.Boy
PalakhA workerBoy
PithyouForm of Anthony, meaning highly praiseworthy.Boy
PolousAssyrian form of Paul. It means small or humble.Boy
QanayaA blacksmithBoy
RabbuThe almightyBoy
SalibaAssyrian word meaning cross.Boy
SeniName of the king of Dayani.Boy
ShabehA weekBoy
ShalimoonAssyrian form of Solomon, meaning peace.Boy
ShamashThe sunBoy
ShamounA form of Simon. It means he has heard.Boy
SharroA man in a high religious position.Boy
SharukinTrue kingBoy
ShimmokeenA man of good reputation.Boy
ShimtaAll the time.Boy
ShlemunAssyrian form of Solomon, meaning peace.Boy
ShninaSharp edgeBoy
SimelaName of an Assyrian cityBoy
SorishuHope of JesusBoy
TagaraA merchantBoy
TakhanaA millerBoy
TamrazA strong dog.Boy
TamuzaName of a Sumerian god. It means July.Boy
ToumaAssyrian form of Thomas. It means twin.Boy
TurgalGreat chiefBoy
TurgalA storm God.Boy
UdakiName of the king of Minni.Boy
UrasThe God of light.Boy
YaghoubAssyrian form of Jacob, meaning to heel.Boy
YavThe InundatorBoy
YokhannaJehovah has been gracious.Boy
YomadanGiven by GodBoy
YonandamJehovah has given. It is a form of Jonathan.Boy
YosepAssyrian form of Joseph, meaning God will increase.Boy
YouelA form of Joel. It means Yah is God.Boy
YounanAssyrian form of Jonah. It means dove.Boy
YusefA form of Joseph. It means God will increase.Boy
ZabelName of a king of the country of the Dimamai.Boy
ZayaAn Assyrian saint nameBoy
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