21 Buddhism Baby Names Starting With Letter W

Baby Names
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Wang Fang
Baby Girl Sign Girl King, monarch; Fagrant, virtuous, and beautiful
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Wang Jing
Baby Girl Sign Girl King, monarch; Quiet, still, gentle, essence, spirit, clear, and crystal
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Wang lei
Baby Boy Sign Boy King, monarch; Thunder, bud, or pile of stones
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Wang Li
Baby Girl Sign Girl King; Monarch; Beautiful; Reason; Logic; Establish; Black; Dawn
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Wang Wei
Baby Boy Sign Boy King; Monarch; Power; Pomp; High; Extraordinary
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Wang Xiu
Baby Girl Sign Girl King; Monarch; Develop; Luxuriant; Beautiful; Elegant; Outstanding
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Wang Yong
Baby Boy Sign Boy King; Monarch; Brave; Eternal
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex King
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Power; Pomp
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Holy place; Sanctuary
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong-willed and industrious
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Bright
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Baby Girl Sign Girl Joyful, blessed, friend
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Intelligence; Knowledge; Understanding
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wister's flower
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Wild; Strong; Intelligent hunter
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex First or leader
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex King; Royal
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Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Tough; Rugged; Adventurous
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Awakened to emptiness
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Baby Boy Sign Boy Gold
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