2290 Hindu Baby Names Starting With Letter A

Baby Names
heart image Aadi Baby Boy Sign Boy First; Most Important,Beginning; Starting; Source form of life
heart image Aadit Baby Boy Sign Boy Peak; Shade; Sheltered; Bright; Radiant; Illuminate
heart image Aahan Baby Boy Sign Boy Iron; Sword; Symbol of military power; Inflexible and unrelenting power
heart image Aahir Baby Boy Sign Boy Dazzling; Brilliant; To impress deeply; Sparkling; Glittering
heart image Aakil Baby Boy Sign Boy Intelligent; Smart; Clever; Wise
heart image Aalok Baby Boy Sign Boy Light; Bright; Be illuminated; Radiating
heart image Aanav Baby Boy Sign Boy Humane; pertaining to life qualities
heart image Aarin Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong; Exalted
heart image Aarit Baby Boy Sign Boy One who seeks the right direction; Correct path
heart image Aariv Baby Boy Sign Boy King of wisdom; Knowledge; Intelligence
heart image Aarul Baby Boy Sign Boy being brilliant
heart image Adrika Baby Girl Sign Girl Celestial
heart image Advaita Baby Boy Sign Boy With no duality or duplicate; Lord Ganesha
heart image Advik Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique; Exclusive; Someone who has no equivalent; Unequalled; Matchless
heart image Adwait Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique; Exclusive; Someone who has no equivalent; Unequalled; Matchless
heart image Adya Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess durga
heart image Agrima Baby Girl Sign Girl Always on the forefront
heart image Ahana Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong-willed like steel; Inner light; Inner happiness
heart image Ahil Baby Boy Sign Boy Prince
heart image Akshara Baby Girl Sign Girl Letter; Syllable; Sound; Unalterable; Not perishable; One of many names of Lord Vishnu; Name of Lord Brahma
heart image Alisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble
heart image Amala Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who is pure
heart image Amaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Heavenly valley; Elevated place; Mother capital
heart image Anagha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sinless; Without Any Fault
heart image Anaka Baby Girl Sign Girl Form of Anika; Sweet-faced; Energetic
heart image Anant Baby Boy Sign Boy Infinite; One with no end; Immortal; Eternal
heart image Anantajit Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of Lord Vishnu; One who wins all
heart image Aria Baby Girl Sign Girl Lioness; Air; Melody
heart image Arika Baby Girl Sign Girl Gold; Blue water lily
heart image Arush Baby Boy Sign Boy Red horses; Mares of the sun of fire; Red; Rising sun; Dawn
heart image Aryan Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Illustrious; Honorable
heart image Astika Baby Boy Sign Boy One who believes in the authority of God and the Vedas
heart image Ayaan Baby Boy Sign Boy Watchful; Seeing
heart image Ayan Baby Boy Sign Boy Watchful; Seeing
heart image Aabavaanan Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is responsible and reliable
heart image Aabha Baby Girl Sign Girl Glow; Splendour; Light; Brilliance; Bright and Radiant; Glorious
heart image Aabharan Baby Boy Sign Boy Jewel
heart image Aabharana Baby Girl Sign Girl Valuables; Jewels; Ornaments; The person who brings prosperity, happiness, and honor
heart image Aabhas Baby Boy Sign Boy Sense; Feelings, Realization
heart image Aabhass Baby Boy Sign Boy Awareness; Realization
heart image Aabhavannan Baby Boy Sign Boy Light; also means torch bearer who brings light
heart image Aabheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Cow-herd; One who is fearless
heart image Aabher Baby Boy Sign Boy Cow-herd
heart image Aachalendra Baby Boy Sign Boy Himalayas; A person who is strong; Unchallengeable
heart image Aacharappan Baby Boy Sign Boy Restless; Proactive
heart image Aacharya Baby Boy Sign Boy Learned teacher
heart image Aachman Baby Boy Sign Boy Intake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja
heart image Aachuthan Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name for the Hindu Lord Krishna
heart image Aadalarasan Baby Boy Sign Boy Attraction; One who attracts with his dance; One of the many Lord Shiva's names in Tamil
heart image Aadalarasu Baby Boy Sign Boy The king of dance in Tamil; Lord Shiva's name as Nataraja who is considered the Lord of Dance
heart image Aadarsh Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has principles; The ideal man
heart image Aadarsha Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is ideal; Optimal; Perfect
heart image Aadarshini Baby Girl Sign Girl One who adheres to idealism; Idealistic
heart image Aadav Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Leader; Powerful
heart image Aaddhar Baby Boy Sign Boy Foundation; Groundwork of anything; Base of life
heart image Aadeep Baby Boy Sign Boy Light; Spiritual illumination; A source of radiance
heart image Aadesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Command; Message; Instruction
heart image Aadeshwar Baby Boy Sign Boy God; The one who is in a high position of authority
heart image Aadhan Baby Boy Sign Boy Be First
heart image Aadhar Baby Boy Sign Boy Base
heart image Aadhav Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler; A person who rules or governs
heart image Aadhavan Baby Boy Sign Boy Sun; Brilliant like the Sun; Lord Vishnu
heart image Aadhev Baby Boy Sign Boy First; Most eminent; Exalted
heart image Aadhi Baby Boy Sign Boy Beginning; Friendly; Imagination; Creativity; Expression; Energetic
heart image Aadhikara Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; A variant of the Sanskrit name Adhikara which means Principal
heart image Aadhikesavan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is Ideal for Others
heart image Aadhila Baby Girl Sign Girl Honesty; The one who is Scrupulous with regard to telling the truth
heart image Aadhimulam Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the beginning of everything; The source cause of everything
heart image Aadhinarayanan Baby Boy Sign Boy The First God; A name form of Lord Vishnu
heart image Aadhini Baby Boy Sign Boy Beginning; Initiator
heart image Aadhira Baby Girl Sign Girl Moon; To sentimentalize and remember nostalgically
heart image Aadhirai Baby Girl Sign Girl A Special Star
heart image Aadhiran Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader; One who is courageous
heart image Aadhiseshan Baby Boy Sign Boy Anyone; It is also considered as one of many names of Lord Vishnu
heart image Aadhish Baby Boy Sign Boy King; Emperor; Ruler, Person with supreme power
heart image Aadhishankar Baby Boy Sign Boy Sri Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaitha philosophy; A name formed after Lord Shiva as Shankar
heart image Aadhunik Baby Boy Sign Boy Modern; New; Latest; a name variant of Adhunik
heart image Aadhvi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beloved, gentle, and lively
heart image Aadhvik Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique, divine, spiritual
heart image Aadhvika Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; The first one
heart image Aadhya Baby Girl Sign Girl The first power; The beginning; Another name of goddess Durga
heart image Aadhyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex First power; Beginning of meditation
heart image Aadidev Baby Boy Sign Boy First of God; The one closest to the almighty
heart image Aadijay Baby Boy Sign Boy The first victory; Success
heart image Aadimoola Baby Boy Sign Boy Supreme being; A variant of name Aadimoolan
heart image Aadimoolan Baby Boy Sign Boy Dominant; Supreme
heart image Aadinath Baby Boy Sign Boy God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The First God
heart image Aadinatha Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name for Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna
heart image Aadipta Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright; Intelligent; Radiant; Luminous; Glorious
heart image Aadir Baby Boy Sign Boy Origin; Beginning; Point of space or time where anything begins; Source
heart image Aadish Baby Boy Sign Boy Full of wisdom; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; Noble
heart image Aadishankar Baby Boy Sign Boy Shri Shankaracharya; The Founder of Adwaitha philosophy
heart image Aadishri Baby Girl Sign Girl First; More important; Eminent
heart image Aadishwar Baby Boy Sign Boy Bhagvan; Supreme god; First Jain Tirthankara
heart image Aadita Baby Girl Sign Girl The act of commencement of action
heart image Aaditey Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Aditi; Son of the Earth; Son of Mother of God
heart image Aaditeya Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Aditi; Son of the Earth; Son of Mother of God
heart image Aadith Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the embodiment of power and intellect
heart image Aadithya Baby Boy Sign Boy The Sun; A variant of the name is Aaditva
heart image Aaditri Baby Girl Sign Girl Another name of Goddess Laxmi; The person who brings wealth and prosperity
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