365 Hindu Baby Names Starting With Letter H

Baby Names
heart image Haroon Baby Boy Sign Boy Warrior lion; A variant spelling of Harun; A form of Aaron
heart image Hrehaan Baby Boy Sign Boy God's chosen
heart image Haarika Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Divine, creative, sincere
heart image Haasini Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Delicate, beautiful, pleasant
heart image Hababa Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Attractive; Gorgeous-looking
heart image Habakkuk Baby Boy Sign Boy Wrestler, He who embraces
heart image Habbab Baby Boy Sign Boy Friendship; Lovable personality; Polite; Gentle
heart image Habbie Baby Boy Sign Boy A pet name from Hab; A variant of Robert; Famous; Bright
heart image Habeeb Baby Boy Sign Boy Sweetheart; Beloved; Dearest
heart image Habeeballah Baby Boy Sign Boy God's beloved; Loved by God
heart image Habeel Baby Boy Sign Boy One of the sons of prophet Adam
heart image Haben Baby Boy Sign Boy Pride; Pleasure; Satisfaction
heart image Habi Baby Girl Sign Girl Picture; Image; Depiction
heart image Habiba Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved; Lover; Darling; Sweetheart
heart image Habibah Baby Girl Sign Girl Favorite; Dearest; Beloved
heart image Habiballah Baby Boy Sign Boy Loved by god; God's beloved
heart image Hacket Baby Boy Sign Boy Norman personal name
heart image Hackett Baby Boy Sign Boy Scottish and Norman person's name
heart image Hackit Baby Boy Sign Boy The names of Scottish personnel
heart image Hackitt Baby Boy Sign Boy The old name of Norman and Scottish person
heart image Haden Baby Boy Sign Boy Hay clearing
heart image Hadewisa Baby Girl Sign Girl Roger of Mortimer's wife
heart image Hadi Baby Boy Sign Boy One that guides towards the right or righteous
heart image Hadil Baby Girl Sign Girl Acquire; Obtain; Achieve; The voice of a dove
heart image Hadiqa Baby Girl Sign Girl Garden; Flower garden; Garden with roses
heart image Hadis Baby Boy Sign Boy History; Belief; Tradition; Custom
heart image Hadiya Baby Girl Sign Girl Guidance of good value; High calibre; High quality
heart image Hadley Baby Boy Sign Boy Heather field
heart image Hadria Baby Girl Sign Girl A town in northen Italy, Dark; Shady
heart image Hael Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Halo around the moon
heart image Haemgils Baby Boy Sign Boy Woody hill; Forrested hill
heart image Hafi Baby Boy Sign Boy Greetings; Good wishes; Compliments
heart image Hagos Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy; Happiness; Pleasure
heart image Haira Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Little noble one; Princess
heart image Haizley Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Contemporary
heart image Halana Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Gracious; Noble
heart image Halani Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Breath of heaven; Heavenly home
heart image Haleema Baby Girl Sign Girl Patient; Sympathetic; Gentle; Mild; Humane
heart image Haleemah Baby Girl Sign Girl Kind; Enduring; Caring
heart image Haliana Baby Girl Sign Girl Graceful and noble
heart image Hallwell Baby Boy Sign Boy Lives pass by Holy Spring
heart image Halsted Baby Boy Sign Boy From the Manor Grounds
heart image Halsy Baby Boy Sign Boy From Hal's isle
heart image Halton Baby Boy Sign Boy From the Hill-slope Estate
heart image Haluin Baby Boy Sign Boy An English male name with a lost meaning
heart image Halvard Baby Boy Sign Boy Rock Defender; Guardian of the Rock
heart image Halvor Baby Boy Sign Boy protector of the Rock; Rock warden
heart image Halward Baby Boy Sign Boy Custodian of the Hall
heart image Halwell Baby Boy Sign Boy Saintly well
heart image Halyat Baby Girl Sign Girl Jewel; Gemstone; Ornament
heart image Ham Baby Boy Sign Boy Home; Heads; Chief, Warm or Hot
heart image Ham raz Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A friend who knows every activity of yours; Close friend
heart image Hama Baby Boy Sign Boy Verily; Truly; Shower; Rain
heart image Hamad Baby Boy Sign Boy To praise anyone
heart image Hamadi Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is Praised
heart image Hamasi Baby Girl Sign Girl Exciting; Zealous; Thrilling
heart image Hamazan Baby Boy Sign Boy Walking on the ground and making Footmarks
heart image Hamazat Baby Boy Sign Boy Strength; Power; Vigor
heart image Hamblin Baby Boy Sign Boy Committed to the welfare of the home
heart image Hambly Baby Boy Sign Boy Home within an enclosed space
heart image Hamd Baby Boy Sign Boy Praising; Commendation of God
heart image Hamdan Baby Boy Sign Boy The Praised One
heart image Hamden Baby Boy Sign Boy Praised
heart image Hamdev Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord of Gold
heart image Hamdhan Baby Boy Sign Boy Praising; Admiring
heart image Hamdhy Baby Boy Sign Boy Sympathy; Kindness; Blessing
heart image Hamdi Baby Boy Sign Boy Commendable; Of praise
heart image Hamdiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl One who praises lots
heart image Hamdrem Baby Boy Sign Boy Admired; Praiseworthy
heart image Hamdun Baby Boy Sign Boy Honored; Praised
heart image Hameed Baby Boy Sign Boy Friend; Praising God
heart image Hameen Baby Boy Sign Boy Intimate friend; Close friend
heart image Hameer Baby Boy Sign Boy Very Rich King
heart image Hamidi Baby Boy Sign Boy To be commended; Praise
heart image Hamidullah Baby Boy Sign Boy The Appreciation Of Allah SWT
heart image Hamil Baby Boy Sign Boy Carrier; Bearer
heart image Hamill Baby Boy Sign Boy Hill with Grass
heart image Hamilton Baby Boy Sign Boy Mutilated; Crooked and dun; Hill
heart image Hamim Baby Boy Sign Boy Close friend; Devoted friend
heart image Hamima Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Hamimah; Trustworthy friend
heart image Hamo Baby Boy Sign Boy House or Home
heart image Hana Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace
heart image Hanaa Baby Girl Sign Girl Happiness; Pleasure
heart image Hanadi Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful face; Lovely smell
heart image Hanafi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex True believer; One important sect of Islam
heart image Hanai Baby Girl Sign Girl Flower well; Off Happiness; Work
heart image Hanalei Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Polynesian paradise
heart image Hanan Baby Boy Sign Boy Compassion; Sympathy; Love
heart image Hananan Baby Boy Sign Boy Generous; Charitable
heart image Hanash Baby Boy Sign Boy An Islamic hadith was narrated by him
heart image Hanaya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Flower shop
heart image Hane Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Feather; Wing
heart image Haneefa Baby Girl Sign Girl Upright; Honest; True
heart image Hanima Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Blessed
heart image Hanit Baby Girl Sign Girl A beautiful diamond
heart image Hanka Baby Girl Sign Girl Grace or favor
heart image Hann Baby Boy Sign Boy Gift from God
heart image Hansl Baby Boy Sign Boy The lord is gracious
heart image Hanvika Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique and graceful
heart image Hanvitha Baby Boy Sign Boy Graceful; Filled with grace
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