76 Icelandic Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AronGiant, tall mountain; one who is exalted and loftyBoy
JokullJoyful,jolly,one who seeks happiness,pleasureBoy
Jonit means God is Gracious. They are generous and love to help people. noble and kind people who wants to spend their most of the time with family .Boy
KariAs a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremenduos in ScandinavianUnisex
KristianKristian means ChristianBoy
MikkaelIcelandic version of Michael, meaning who is like God.Boy
ViktorViktor is a form of Victor and means Victoria.Boy
AdalstiennNoble stone.Boy
AdalwardThe noble guardian.Boy
AlexanderDefender of MankindBoy
ArnarWarrior or soldier.Boy
AtliLittle fatherBoy
BaldurOne who comes from IcelandBoy
BardiOne who has a beard.Boy
BerrantOne who is like a strong bearBoy
BirkirBirch treeBoy
BirtingrA smart, capable and illustrious man.Boy
BjarkiA small bearBoy
BrynjarArmor or warrior.Boy
DagbjartDaylight, bright dayBoy
DagbjarturDaylight or bright day.Boy
DagurDay in Icelandic language.Boy
DyriDeer in Icelandic language.Boy
EgillTerror, one who terrorizes others.Boy
EirikurA man of great strength.Boy
ElvarA variant of Alvar, meaning elf warrior.Boy
ErikurA form of Eric, meaning peaceful ruler.Boy
EysteinnThe stone island.Boy
EyvindurLucky warrior.Boy
FannarSnow, warrior or army.Boy
FinnurOne from Finland.Boy
FridgeirPeace spearBoy
FridmarBrilliant or shining peaceBoy
GamliOld or something old.Boy
GegnThe one who is against or versusBoy
GeirPointed weapon used in the battle field.Boy
GreiprA man of great strength.Boy
HafocaIcelandic word meaning Havoc (originally used in the phrase cry havoc)Boy
HallbjornRock and hairBoy
HaraldurLeader of an army.Boy
HaukrHawk in the Icelandic language.Boy
HelgiOne who is blessed.Boy
HinrikA form of Henry. It means estate ruler.Boy
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