25 Indo-European Baby Names With Meanings

Naming a baby is a tedious, yet exciting process as it will be the first gift that you will give him. Most of the parents look for a name that honors a loved one, has a special meaning, and sounds unique. But another tried, tested, and successful strategy is giving a name from a different country, heritage, or culture. That being said, what do you think about Indo-European baby names?

The Indo-European language is a family of 445 languages related dialects and languages, with a majority belonging to modern languages of Europe, Iran, and Asia. Even the Indo-European names are as varied as the languages.

Naming a child isn’t just about selecting some arbitrary sounds that can be associated with a child in Indo-European regions. It is about cementing the future life and reputation of the individual. Even the naming process is ritualistic in these areas. After the birth of the child, parents wait at least nine days for naming, so that the mother can recover from childbirth. On the tenth day, the child is given a name after an elaborate bathing ritual for the mother. This process can be seen in Greek, Indian, German, Iranian, and Roman cultures.

The Indo-European names reflect their values of religion, culture, battles, strength, and leadership. Scroll down to check out MomJunction's collection of Indo-European names with meanings.

ApolloThe one who is very handsome and is also a name of Greek GodBoy
AspenThe Aspen TreeGirl
DanaAnother form of Danu, a Celtic goddess of fertilityGirl
DayanaA judge; Latin of DianaGirl
DianaA divine lady; one who has magical powers; childbirthGirl
Emelinthis name means hard working.Girl
Emelinasomeone who is extremely hard working or laborious is described using this name.Girl
Emericthis name means a born leader.Boy
Emerya hardworking, brave and powerful ruler was used to be called by this name.Boy
Emesethis name means mother.Girl
Emestinethis means someone who is serious or directed.Girl
Enerstinaserious or sincere.Girl
Enerstynesignificant, consequential or serious.Girl
Ernestynaa Teutonic feminized word meaning determined, serious and earnest.Girl
Ethelheardsomeone who is noble by blood but also extremely strong.Boy
Ethelricnoble ruler.Boy
Ethelsigean Anglo-Saxon king.Boy
JupiterLight; Diety; Father; The name was borne in Roman mythology by Jupiter, the supreme godBoy
KaiyaKaiya name means ForgivnessGirl
KianaKiana means Divine and HeavenlyGirl
OdinDaffodil yellow flowersBoy
PhilipA great person who is the lover of horsesBoy
TayanaA Form of Taya; A variant form of name Tiyana which means from the house of TatiusGirl
TianaAn aunt, daughter born to royaltyUnisex
TreyThree, thirdBoy
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