166 Jewish Baby Names With Meanings


Jewish baby names offer an insight into the world of names that originate from this heritage and culture, and are steeped in centuries of tradition and linked to history, religion, and varied languages.

Jewish people, also referred to as Jews, are an ethnic tribe from the Levant who descended from the ancient Israelites and Hebrews of medieval Israel and Judah.
Hebrew names are some of the oldest monikers in existence. In fact, most of the names we know today have Hebrew roots and have been trending on the Social Security Administration list for the past few years. Jewish people follow a basic tradition when it comes to naming their children. It is believed that when parents think of a name for their child, an angel comes and whispers the name to their ears. A baby boy is named at the time of his birth or circumcision. If the child is a firstborn or the redemption of the firstborn, a pompous ceremony is held. But if God forbid the baby is ill, parents can name the child, even before the circumcision, so that people can pray for the child using his name. A baby girl is named at the Torah reading right after birth. But some people even wait until Shabbat to name their children. It’s also customary for parents to name their children after deceased parents.

In this post, you will come across some popular Jewish names such as Sarah, Joseph, Tzilla, and Yedidya that have stood the test of time, crossing boundaries and representing the culture at its best. So, continue reading to discover a list of more such names with profound meanings and history that is related to the Jewish culture.

heart image Adam Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of the Earth
heart image Akyra Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Strong-willed and determined
heart image Ariel Baby Boy Sign Boy Lion of God
heart image Avigayil Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is a happy father and provides joy
heart image Azu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Blue; Serene; Peaceful
heart image Bat-Tzion Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of Zion; Daughter of excellence
heart image Bayla Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful; Dance; Bailiff
heart image Ben-Tzion Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Zion; Son of excellence
heart image Berel Baby Boy Sign Boy Bear
heart image Betzaida Baby Girl Sign Girl House of abundance
heart image Bruriah Baby Girl Sign Girl Clarity of God
heart image Calev Baby Boy Sign Boy Like a heart
heart image Carmi Baby Boy Sign Boy My vineyard
heart image Chagit Baby Girl Sign Girl Festive, celebration
heart image Chananel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is compassionate
heart image Chizkiyahu Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my strength
heart image Daniel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my judge
heart image Danzig Baby Boy Sign Boy Trading city
heart image David Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved
heart image Eitan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is steady and very bold
heart image Eldad Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved of God
heart image Eliise Baby Girl Sign Girl From Elisabeth; My God is an oath; My God is abundance
heart image Elona Baby Boy Sign Boy A tough individual; Like an oak tree
heart image Elyakim Baby Boy Sign Boy My God will establish
heart image Emunah Baby Girl Sign Girl Faith
heart image Esther Baby Girl Sign Girl Star; Hidden
heart image Faige Baby Girl Sign Girl Bird
heart image Fishel Baby Boy Sign Boy Fish
heart image Fivel Baby Boy Sign Boy Nursing
heart image Gabrielle Baby Girl Sign Girl God is my strength
heart image Gamliel Baby Boy Sign Boy God is my reward
heart image Hodaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Praise god
heart image Irit Baby Girl Sign Girl Asphodel
heart image Irving Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Green River
heart image Isabelle Baby Girl Sign Girl Devoted to God
heart image Issur Baby Boy Sign Boy Yiddish nickname for Israel
heart image Itai Baby Boy Sign Boy With me
heart image Joseph Baby Boy Sign Boy He will add; Praise
heart image Kalonymos Baby Boy Sign Boy Merciful
heart image Kenobi Baby Girl Sign Girl Brave one
heart image Koven Unisex Baby Sign Unisex At the caves
heart image Lantz Baby Boy Sign Boy Spear; Yiddish form of Lancer
heart image Leah Baby Girl Sign Girl Weary; Tired
heart image Levine Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Son of Levi
heart image Levona Baby Girl Sign Girl Tree; Frankincense
heart image Luzer Baby Boy Sign Boy Helpless, loser
heart image Machla Baby Girl Sign Girl Affliction
heart image Manoach Baby Boy Sign Boy Resting place
heart image Matitiyahu Baby Boy Sign Boy God's gift
heart image Matlin Baby Girl Sign Girl An alpine meadow; beautiful and elegant
heart image Medad Baby Boy Sign Boy Friend
heart image Meirav Baby Girl Sign Girl To maximize
heart image Menucha Baby Girl Sign Girl Tranquility
heart image Meshulam Baby Boy Sign Boy Paid for
heart image Miriam Baby Girl Sign Girl Sea of bitterness; Rebelliousness
heart image Nachshon Baby Boy Sign Boy Diviner
heart image Nechemia Baby Boy Sign Boy Comforted by God
heart image Netanel Baby Boy Sign Boy God has given; Gift of God
heart image Netanya Baby Girl Sign Girl Gift of God
heart image Noa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Movement; Motion
heart image Noam Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Pleasantness
heart image Omer Baby Boy Sign Boy Populous; Flourishing
heart image Osnat Baby Girl Sign Girl Belonging to God
heart image Ovadia Baby Boy Sign Boy A servant of God
heart image Packer Baby Boy Sign Boy A wool packer
heart image Paltiel Baby Boy Sign Boy Created by God
heart image Peretz Baby Boy Sign Boy Burst forth
heart image Perl Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Pearl; a dynamic personality
heart image Pesachya Baby Boy Sign Boy Opening or door
heart image Rachamim Baby Boy Sign Boy Compassion
heart image Rogen Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Descendant of the red-haired one
heart image Safere Unisex Baby Sign Unisex One who looks like a bird; beautiful
heart image Samael Baby Boy Sign Boy Venom of God
heart image Sarah Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess; Noblewoman
heart image Saundra Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender of the people; Warrior
heart image Saveria Baby Girl Sign Girl Brand new home
heart image Serach Baby Girl Sign Girl Free of restraint
heart image Sevil Baby Girl Sign Girl Beloved
heart image Shabtai Baby Boy Sign Boy A derivative of Shabbat
heart image Shahrzad Baby Girl Sign Girl Bringing freedom to the city
heart image Shifra Baby Girl Sign Girl Improved
heart image Shira Baby Girl Sign Girl Song
heart image Shmariyahu Baby Boy Sign Boy God's protection
heart image Shneur Baby Boy Sign Boy Two lights
heart image Sigalit Baby Girl Sign Girl Violet
heart image Solomia Baby Girl Sign Girl Peace
heart image Talia Baby Girl Sign Girl Dew from heaven
heart image Tamar Baby Girl Sign Girl Date palm; Palm tree
heart image Tanchum Baby Boy Sign Boy Consolation
heart image Tirtzah Baby Girl Sign Girl Agreeable
heart image Trumann Baby Boy Sign Boy A truthful and good natured person
heart image Tuvia Baby Boy Sign Boy God is good
heart image Tzadok Baby Boy Sign Boy Justice
heart image Tzemach Baby Boy Sign Boy Plant
heart image Tzephania Baby Boy Sign Boy Protected by God
heart image Tzilla Baby Girl Sign Girl Protection
heart image Tzion Baby Boy Sign Boy Excellent
heart image Tziona Baby Girl Sign Girl Excellent
heart image Tzipporah Baby Girl Sign Girl Bird
heart image Tzophiyah Baby Girl Sign Girl Looking toward God
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We hope that this post on Jewish baby names was able to provide you with an insight into the world of the culture, beliefs, and religion of the Jewish people. The names listed here have been carefully selected to ensure they align with your search requirements and provide you with all the options for you to make the right choice. So, take your time, discuss potential names with friends and family, research well about the name, and choose one that aligns well with your beliefs and will complement your baby best.

Infographic: Powerful Jewish Baby Names

The Jewish culture is one of the oldest in the world and has persisted to modern times. Many Jewish names and customs trace their roots back centuries. In the following infographic, we compiled a list of unique Jewish baby names and meanings, letting you select the best one for your baby.

exquisite jewish names for your baby (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some unique Jewish names?

Some unique and rare Jewish baby names are Breindel meaning freedom, Gefen meaning grapevine, Leor or Liora meaning my light, Lotem meaning a bush of golden flowers, Nuri meaning my fire, Perla means pearl, and Velvel means wolf.

2. What are some Jewish baby names inspired by Hebrew Bible characters?

Jewish names that have appeared in the Bible, both in the Old Testament and the New Testament include Jacob meaning ‘he who supplants,’ Noah meaning ‘rest,’ or ‘repose,’ and Elijah meaning ‘my God is Yahweh.’ Some feminine names include Abigail meaning ‘my father is joy,’ Ariel meaning ‘lion of God,’ and Sarah meaning ‘princess,’ ‘lady,’ or ‘noblewoman.’

3. What are some Jewish baby names strongly connected to Jewish culture and history?

Abraham or Abram is a name that strongly connects to Jewish culture and history. He is considered the father of the Jewish faith (1). Sarah, the wife of Abraham, is also considered a well-known name in the Jewish culture. Other names that depict strong connections to the Jewish community are Ami meaning ‘my people’ or ‘my nation,’ and Amichai, meaning ‘my people are alive.’

4. Can you suggest Jewish baby names with a connection to the city of Jerusalem?

Moriah, a feminine name that means ‘seen by Yahweh’ has connections to Jerusalem. It is also the name of a mountain where Solomon’s Temple is located. Zion, a masculine name, has direct connections to the city since it is a citadel located at the center of Jerusalem. Ophel, a masculine name, is used to describe two cities in the Bible, Jerusalem and Samaria.

5. What are some Jewish baby names connected to Jewish holidays and celebrations?

Some Jewish baby names connected to the holiday of Shavuot are Lila, which means ‘night,’ alluding its meaning to the ritual of staying up all night to read Jewish texts. Sivan, a feminine name referring to the ninth month of the Jewish calendar when Shavout is celebrated. Jewish baby names that are connected to the Passover include Moses or Moshe, who freed the Isrealites from Egypt, and Bithiah or Batya is the name of the Pharaoh's daughter who saved Moses from the river.

6. What are some Jewish baby names that have a connection to Jewish art and music?

Jewish baby names like Shira, Shir, Liron, Roni, Renana, Eliron, Zemira, and Zimra are all connected with a similar meaning ‘my song’ or ‘song of praise.’ Jewish names like Hyman can be connected to the painter, Hyman Bloom (2). Ibram is another masculine name that was borne by sculptor Ibram Lassaw (3).

7. Can you suggest Jewish baby names inspired by Jewish philosophers or scholars?

Aaron is a name that was borne by many Jewish philosophers like Aaron ben Mordecai of Rödelheim, Aaron Moses ben Mordecai, and Aaron of Neustadt. Abba, a masculine name that means father, was also born by scholars like Abba bar Kahana and Abba Kohen Bardela. Also, Yitzhak is a name connected to Yitzhak Baer, a German-Israeli historian.

8. What are some Jewish baby names popular among Jewish celebrities?

Jewish baby names like Asher, Noah, David, Joshua, and Levi can be connected to popular Jewish celebrities like Asher Angel who has appeared in films like Shazam! and on Disney’s Andi Mack, Noah Schnapp who played Will Byers in Stranger Things, Joshua Rush, an actor on Andi Mack, and Ben Levi Ross who appeared in the musical Dear Eva Hansen


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