40 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brave And Starts With Letter H

HachimBrave breaker or destroyer of evilBoy
HakambirBrave Ruler; Courageous and Fearless leaderBoy
HalburtConqueror, Brave Man, SuparmanBoy
HamamPeaceful nature, Brave, Leader of the nation, DoveBoy
Hamascourage, zeal, bravery and strengthBoy
HameesOne who is brave, courageous and bold.Boy
HardenBrave, hardy, a place name in West YorkshireBoy
Hardienickname for a brave or hotheaded manBoy
HardinHarding variation, A pet (French) brave, strong GermanBoy
HardingBrave, hardy, strongBoy
HardulphBrave wolf, old Anglo Saxon the hillBoy
HardwinBrave friend, Daring FriendBoy
Hardybrave, heroic, daringBoy
HarinderbirBrave as the Lord; Courageous and mighty like the LordBoy
HarmohanjitWarrior Captivating God; One who enchants God with his bravery;Boy
HarshbirA Brave warrior who is Cheerful; Happy; Joyful; DelightedBoy
HartStrong, brave, stagBoy
HartwinGermanic - Brave Friend; Derived from Germanic elements Hard meaning Brave and Win meaning FriendBoy
HarveerWarrior of God; Brave Defendant for the Lord; One who is victorious over destruction; A variant of HarvirBoy
HarvirWarrior of God; Brave Defendant for the Lord; One who is victorious over destruction; A variant of HarveerBoy
HarwinA friend of the hare, a brave friendBoy
HashimProphet Mohammed's grandfather, brave destroyer of eviBoy
HatitosaNot afraid of troubles; Fearless; BraveBoy
HeardBrave, HardyBoy
HeardwineBrave FriendBoy
HeardwulfStrong wolf, braveBoy
HelmandCourage, bravery,Boy
HelmuttBrave, FearlessBoy
HerbertusBrave ArmyBoy
HerebeardA brave man of the armyBoy
HeroldBrave FighterBoy
HetbirLove of the Brave; Loving Warrior; Courageous and Brave GuardianBoy
HigueidOne who is brave in the warBoy
HimatStrong; BraveBoy
HimmatpalProtector of Courage; Defender of Courage; Brave GuardianBoy
HimmatsinghBravery; Courage; Protector; Defender; GuardianBoy
HowieHeart BraveBoy
HrikinPowerful; Strong; Brave; Courageous; MightyBoy
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