49 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brave And Starts With Letter K

KabiliName Kabili means Honest, BraveUnisex
KadarPowerful; Mighty; Brave; Strong; Courageous;Boy
KalbKalb name means Dog, BraveBoy
KalbirBrave of the Family; Warrior of time; Defender of timeBoy
KallinikiA beautiful victor warrior, beautiful an d braveBoy
KamalvirKamalvir means Brave LotusBoy
KanwalbirThe name means Brave LotusBoy
KanwarbirThe name means Brave PrinceBoy
KarambirThe name means Brave with the Gods GraceBoy
KaranveerKaranveer means Brave and Kind as the WarriorBoy
KaranvirKaranvir means Brave as the Warrior KaranBoy
KarikaalanKarikaalan is a name of the Wise and Brave Chola KingBoy
KarikalanName of the Chola King known for his wisdom and bravery; He was named as he had charred legsBoy
KaysieKaysie name means Watchful and BraveUnisex
KeananCeltic - Little ancient one; Greek - Man; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant is KeandreBoy
KeandreCeltic - Little ancient one; Greek - Man; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant is KeenanBoy
KeenanKeenan means Acient, The Descendant of the Brave oneBoy
KekoaKekoa means Brave WarriorBoy
KelceeThe name means BraveBoy
KellyKelly means The Brave WarriorBoy
KelseyKelsey means He who is BraveBoy
KelyKely means Brave WarriorBoy
KenardOld English - Bold; Keen; Royal; Warden; Guard; Brave; HardyBoy
KendonKendon means The Brave Chief, The Brave RulerBoy
KendricKendric means Brave and Fearless ChiefBoy
KendrickThe name means He is a Brave LeaderBoy
KendryckKendryck means Son of Hary, A Brave Lader of TribeBoy
KendulKendul means Chief is BraveBoy
KenewrecKenewrec means Royal and BraveBoy
KennardKennard mens Bold and Brave LeaderBoy
KenricusThe name means Brave RulerBoy
KenwayKenway means The Warrior who is Bold and BraveBoy
KewalbirThe name means Indenpendent and BraveBoy
KhasharThe name means brave BoyBoy
KhembirKhembir means Brave and full of JoyBoy
KhundmirOne who is powerful and brave individualBoy
KhushvirThe name means a Boy who is brave and brings joyBoy
KimKim means Noble or BraveBoy
KlaA brave and bold man.Boy
Klaew KlaOne who is brave and daringBoy
KoenKoen means The Brave CounselerBoy
KoenraadThe name means The Brave CounselBoy
KomalbirKomalbir means Soft and BraveBoy
KomaljeetKomaljeet means Brave VictoryBoy
KonradThe name means Brave AdviserBoy
KraiseeLion, as brave as a lion.Boy
KrishnaveerOne who is brave and courageous like Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
KulaviraThe bravest of the generation, a brave personBoy
KymmyMeans Bold, BraveBoy
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