29 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brave And Starts With Letter C

CarradosA brave counselorBoy
CarsciA fighter and a brave warrior; passionate individualBoy
CasukhelaName of son of Cadan; youthful and brave fighterBoy
CaysonA brave and vigilant BoyBoy
CenericA brave, fierce and rich rulerBoy
CenewigA brave, fierce and bold rulerBoy
CenewygA bold and brave warriorBoy
CenhelmA brave man who protectsBoy
ChalSon; a brave young boyBoy
ChandavirVery Brave; Courageous; A Buddhist DeityBoy
ChangazAn extremely brave man.Boy
CharanbirA brave, strong and easy-going individualBoy
CharanvirOne who is fast on Feet and Brave; A warrior serving God's FeetBoy
CharlesVariant of Karl; braveBoy
CharseyA brave human beingBoy
ChetakName of Rana Pratap's horse; brave oneBoy
ChetveerA brave personBoy
ClifA man who is brave, fearless, daring and boldBoy
CoenbehrtA brave and bold advisorBoy
CoenbergA bold and brave oneBoy
CoenhelmA brave and bold persinBoy
ConnA high, mighty and wise person, who is also a brave advisorBoy
ConnachtBrave; one who can tackle stressful and harmful situationsBoy
ConnollyA wise person who is also braveBoy
ConnorsA wise man who is not only brave, but is also strong willedBoy
ConnyA hero; one who is brave, courageous and is admired by menBoy
ConradBrave; able to fight against tough situations with courageBoy
ConradoA brave advisor or counsellor, who advices others in a brave mannerBoy
CurrauSicilian form of Conrad. It means brave counsel.Boy
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