26 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brave And Starts With Letter M

MaamoonaA fearless, brave manBoy
MaanvirOne who is brave and courageous in mind and heart; Fearless MindBoy
MaanwithOne who has a brave heartBoy
MaaranBrave; Courageous; Powerful and Mighty Knight; Name given to temple musicians of TravancoreBoy
MadanbirA person who is both brave and lovableBoy
MadhimaranA person of great inteligence and braveryBoy
MahaaveerMost Powerful; Mighty; Bravest Warrior; Supreme PowerBoy
MahanbirA warrior known for his braveryBoy
MahbeerOne who is braveBoy
MaheerA brave bold and courageous manBoy
MahibOne who is as brave as a lionBoy
ManbirHe who has a brave heartBoy
ManimaaranA person who is known for his braveryBoy
ManinderbirA brave person who is the master of his own mindBoy
MaravanA person who is brave and fearlessBoy
MarvanA brave personBoy
MatapangHe who is brave and spiritedBoy
MattoA brave warriorBoy
MedardGermanic - Good, Brave, Hardy; A variant of MedardoBoy
MeharveerA brave and merciful personBoy
MilretOne who has independent nature and is braveBoy
ModraedBrave; Hard Strength; Latin - Painful; A Variant of MordredBoy
ModredBrave Counselor; Hard Strength; Latin - Painful; A Variant of MordredBoy
MokkaiyahA person who is intelligent and braveBoy
MoodyA brave spirit, an impulsive personUnisex
MoudeOne who battle bravelyBoy
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