60 Baby Boy Names That Mean Brave And Starts With Letter E

EalhhardA brave and kind individualBoy
EallardOne who is a brave personBoy
EalricThey are very brave, wise and happyBoy
EasharbirBrave and a very Godly person.Boy
EawartIt means a very brave and courageous person.Boy
EbbeIt means Brave like a Boar.Boy
EberardoIt means Brave in Spanish.Boy
EberhardtDerived from the word eberhart it means Brave or Strong.Boy
EberhartEberhart means brave or strong in German.Boy
EberlyA pet form of Eberhardt, meaning brave or hardy.Boy
EbertIt means Brave or Strong.Boy
EcgbaldA brave friend; they are clever mindedBoy
EckardtA brave; edge pointBoy
EckartAn edge; one who is powerful and braveBoy
EckertStrong and pointed as braveBoy
EckhardtA pointed edge; brave and strongBoy
EddisBrave and powerful son of EdwardBoy
EdelThe noble one who is also brave heartedBoy
EdgardA brave and strong spearmanBoy
EdwyName of a king; one who is brave heartedBoy
EferhardBrave and efficient warrior; they have powerBoy
EgidioA shield bearer; name of a brave kidBoy
EhliiA noble and brave hearted personUnisex
EilertA edge of sword; brave and strongBoy
EirikAn eternal ruler who is forever strong and braveUnisex
EkambirOne who is a brave GodBoy
EkaveerOne King; One Emperor; One Ruler; One Leader; One Chief; Bravest of the BraveBoy
EkavirBravest of the Brave; One Leader; One Chief;Boy
EkaviraBravest of the Brave; One Leader; One Chief; Name of Lord Shiva's ChildBoy
EkbirThe one who is the only brave personBoy
EkkehardA brave and hardy personBoy
EllardA brave, noble and gentle beingBoy
ElltonOne who is a brave God's fighterBoy
EloiThe one who has a restless and brave spiritBoy
EloisA brave and famous warriorBoy
Emerithis is a name for someone who is thought to have brave powers.Boy
Emersonthis name is often used for describing a strong and powerful leader who is extremely brave.Boy
Emerya hardworking, brave and powerful ruler was used to be called by this name.Boy
Emmersonone who is brave and powerful.Boy
Emmersynthis name signifies someone who is powerful and brave at heart.Boy
Emmettsomebody who has a lot of power and is brave.Boy
Emorybrave, powerful, industrious leader.Boy
Enapaybrave and powerful.Boy
Engelardbrave and illuminating like light.Boy
Eoforwealda brave leader.Boy
Erardobrave and honourable.Boy
Erhardtbrave, hardy, honour and respect.Boy
Erolit means brave.Boy
ErzhanBrave and courageous husbandBoy
EsharbirBrave as god.Boy
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