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Origin, Meaning, And History Of Natalio

The name Natalio has multiple meanings and origins that vary with the language and culture. The prominently associated meaning for the word Natalio is ‘born on Christmas day.’ In the Latin origin, Natalio is a late Latin form of Natalia, which means ‘Christmas day,’ which corresponds to natale domini in Latin. The meaning of Natalio in Italian and Portuguese origin is the same as that in Latin and is often conferred to boys born during Christmas.

In Spanish, the name Natalio is derived from the Latin name Natalis, which means ‘of or related to birth.’ The Christian association of the name has led to the interpretation of the name as ‘Gift of God’ or ‘God’s Gift’ in some African languages.

It is a rare and versatile name and is mostly used in Spanish-speaking countries, especially Argentina. It is a masculine form of the name Natalia, which is commonly conferred to girls. Natalia was the name of Saint Adrian of Nicomedia’s wife in the 4th century. This name has been in use for many centuries, and several notable people bear the name, including artists, athletes, and politicians. Actress Natalie Wood, an American actress of Russian and Ukrainian descent, helped popularize the name in the United States.

The name Natalio is phonetically spelled as NA-TA-LYO. Nat, Natey, Nati, Lino, and Talio are some nicknames that can be used for Natalio. Natele and Natalius are the Italian and Late Roman equivalents of Natalio.


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Came to this earth on Christmas day.
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How To Pronounce Natalio?


Famous People With The Name Natalio

  • Natalio Lorenzo PoquetA Spanish professional footballer who plays as a forward for Real Avilés CF
  • Natalio Félix BotanaAn Uruguayan journalist and entrepreneur who founded Crítica in 1913, an Argentine newspaper
  • Natalio Agustín PesciaAn Argentine football midfielder who played for Boca Juniors, Argentina, during his entire club career
  • Natalio Alberto NismanAn Argentine lawyer who worked as a federal prosecutor, famous for being the chief investigator of the 1994 car bombing of a Jewish center in Buenos Aires
  • Natalio PerinettiAn Argentine footballer who spent 17 years of his career for Racing Club won 12 titles with the club

Natalio On The Popularity Chart

Natalio being a rare and unique name, may not be popular among parents. Let’s find out how the name Natalio has fared in popularity and rank from the below graphs.

Popularity Over Time

The popularity of the name Natalio has remained comparatively the same over the years. It can be seen from the graph that popularity slightly increased in 2003.

Source: Social Security Administration

Rank Over Time

The ranking of the name Natalio has declined over the years, clearly indicating that the popularity of the name has decreased over time.

Source: Social Security Administration

Names With Similar Sound As Natalio

Do you like how Natalio sounds? If so, find below some names that sound similar to Natalio.

Names With Similar Meaning As Natalio

Other names that share the same meaning as Natalio are given below. Pick the best one you like.

Name Numerology For Natalio

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