1959 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter N

Baby Boy Names Starts With N

The symbolism of the first letter of a name has always been significant. Its importance can be traced back to the time when letters had values like numbers. It was a form of numerology, officially known as Gematria. So if you want to construe the meaning behind the letter N, you’ve landed at the right place.

The letter N represents fun, freedom, and imagination. Guys with this initial are daring, active, unpredictable, unconventional, and attracted by indulgences. These freedom loving people hate following the crowd or any accepted modes of life. They want to be free enough to express themselves in their own creative ways and are always in need for change and activity in their lives.

The energy of five, the number it’s linked with, encourages N people to be pragmatic, opportunistic, and even persuasive. These intelligent and investigative individuals are natural researchers and can easily find out the truth.

While N people are extremely communicative and intuitive, they can be predisposed to jealousy and envy. This can be reversed if you foster a sense of gratitude in your child right from the very beginning.

If you’re on the hunt for unique baby boy names beginning with N, then your search ends here. MomJunction's list has some great names with N such as Nathaniel, Noah, Nick, and Nayab to make your quest easier.

Na yabAn uncommon or most treasurable.Boy
Naabhithe middle part of the body.Boy
Naabihwell-known, celebrated, notable, bright.Boy
NaadeA boy who is born in royalty.Boy
NaadimA repentant or remorseful individualBoy
NaadirA beloved or rare, a precious one.Boy
NaagThe huge snake, a serpentBoy
Naag-raajThe King of the serpents, one who possess serpents.Boy
NaagarjunThe superior among the serpents.Boy
NaagchandThe serpent, the serpent possessor.Boy
NaagdharRefers to the Lord Shiva, who wears the cobra around his neck.Boy
NaagendraThe Lord of the peak of serpents.Boy
NaageshThe god of the serpents. One of the name of Lord ShivaBoy
NaagpalThe person who is the redeemer of the serpents.Boy
NaagpatiThe ruler of the serpents.Boy
NaagraajThe serpent KingBoy
NaagrajThe monarch of the serpents.Boy
NaaibA representative or a leader.Boy
NaailWage earner, Receiver, Award, Capacity.Boy
NaajiA valuable or favourable personBoy
NaajyFree from danger or the threat of damage.Boy
NaakeshThe brightful moon in the sky.Boy
NaalA well-known birth that is highly celebratedBoy
Naamadharthe protector or defender of the name.Boy
Naamadolfirming in name, the firm nameBoy
Naamaharthe one who is endured by name.Boy
Naamanthe person who is being harmony with his taste or likings.Boy
Naamanandthe one who finds ecstasy in name.Boy
Naambhagatfollower of the Lord.Boy
Naambirthe bold one who think of the Lord.Boy
Naamcheetthe one who is remembering the name of the Lord.Boy
Naamchetanthe one who is alert of name.Boy
Naamdarshanthe revelation of the name.Boy
Naamdeepthe spotlight of name.Boy
Naamdeva writer or a saint.Boy
Naamdhanthe person who is receiving the fortune of the name.Boy
Naamdharamthe Spiritual celebration of name.Boy
Naamdheerthe one who is committed to his name.Boy
NaamdhianThe person is engaged with his name.Boy
NaamdhunThe tune or song of the name.Boy
NaamgeetThe tunes and melodies of name.Boy
NaamjasRecommendations of name.Boy
NaamjeevFascinated by the name.Boy
NaamjeevanOne who possess only the name in his life.Boy
NaamjodhThe soldier who is engaged in name.Boy
NaamjogComing together with name, who love the nameBoy
NaamjotBright or nimble of the name.Boy
NaamkamalBlossoming via the name.Boy
NaamkeeratOne who sing the glories of nameUnisex
NaamleenFascinated by the name.Boy

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