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The letter G represents instinctive and intellectual people who love doing things their way. They are creative, imaginative, insightful, and have a unique ability to find out the truth. Furthermore, they are highly capable of judging, analyzing, and discriminating lies from truth.

The letter G also symbolizes stability. So if your baby is influenced by the letter even in the slightest way, he’ll be self-sufficient and will look forward to learning more about himself. This will let him make the best of his natural skills and talents.

Numerology wise, the letter G is equivalent to seven, a number that represents mysticism and spirituality. These people feel happy and satisfied doing work for themselves, rather than expecting great rewards in exchange.

On the downside, G people do not like unsolicited advice and interpret it as interference. It would be challenging to convince a G person on anything that’s beyond their opinion. This often leads to a spat with other people. This also brings solitude with itself as G people are noted to lead a lonely life, that too, by choice.

If you are in search for a beautiful baby boy names starting with the letter G, then look no further. From Gabriel to Gertrude, MomJunction has an amazing line up of baby boy names starting with G below.

GaabaGreenlandic variant form of Kaapa, meaning God is my strong man.Boy
GaabrielA form of Gabriel, meaning man of God.Boy
GaalavaKind of Ebony; The Lordhra tree (Lotus Bark Tree); Name of Rishi(Saint); A pupil of Vishvamitra;Boy
GaarwineA close mate with a spear.Boy
GaayanaMusic; Singing; One who has a sweet melodious voice and can sing wellBoy
GabbaThe whirling waterBoy
GabeFrom the name gabrielBoy
GabinoMan originally coming from Gabium or Gabio.Boy
GabirThe one who gives relaxation.Boy
GableJunior Gabriel or Son of Gabriel.Boy
GaborGod is my strength and might.Boy
GabranOne who stays close to GodBoy
GabrianThe man who always stay close to God.Boy
GabrielGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrielaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrieleGod has given me great power.Boy
GabriellHeroine of GodUnisex
GabriellaGod is my strengthUnisex
GabrielloA champion of God.Boy
GabrijelCroatian form of Gabriel, meaning God is my strong man.Boy
GabrioGod is my strength and shield.Boy
GabrooYoung Man; Proud; A variant spelling is GabruBoy
GabryjelGod is my shelter.Boy
GacokiHe returns.Boy
GadOne of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
GadaaWeapon of Lord Hanuman; A lrlace; Club; Sword of stateBoy
GadaadharOne who carries a Gadaa; One of many names of Lord Hanuman signifying his form carrying Gadaa;Boy
GadabhrtOne who manipulates a club.Boy
GadadharOne of Lord Chaitanya's Associates; One who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weaponBoy
GadadharaOne who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weaponBoy
GadambarOne who wields the mace; One who has gadaa (club) as his weaponBoy
GaddRefers to thorns or point.Boy
GadgeGod is my strength; God's Able Bodied One;Boy
GadharOne of many names of Lord Narayan; A Bengali name for Lord NarayanaBoy
GadhiOne who Seeks Knowledge; One who earns for Wisdom; Name of Father of Vishvamitra;Boy
GadhijaAnother Name for Sage Vishvamitra; One who is wise and knowledgeableBoy
GadiPositive fortune or profitable future.Boy
GadielGod is my fortuneBoy
GadilGod is my prosperity or mammon.Boy
GadinOne of many names of Lord Krishna; One who is armed with a club; One who wields the maceBoy
GadivaMost powerful bow of Arjuna.Boy
GaelenThe one who keeps his mind firm under difficult situation.Boy
GaenaOne who loves nature and out doorUnisex
GaenbaldA person who is a reserved and respected personBoy
GaenbealdOne who is versatile and religious personBoy
GaenburhAn alluring, noble and high spiritedBoy
GaeraA person who is respectable and nobleBoy
GaerwnThe fortress which reflects in white color.Boy
GaerwulfOne who is easy going and helpful by natureBoy
GaetanThe one who is from Gaeta, Italy.Boy
GaetanoGaeta is my home town.Boy
GaeteA refined and attractive individual; tactfulBoy
GafaAn understanding and involved personBoy
GafurInvincible; Unconquerable; Undefeatable;Boy
GaganachandraThe Moon in the Sky; Bright and radiant like moon in the skyBoy
GaganadhvajaBanner of the Sky; The Sun; A cloud;Boy
GaganakundaSky; Heaven; Paradise; Abode of God; Pool of the skyBoy
GaganavihaareeWandering in Heaven; One who is free to roam in HeavenBoy
GaganavihariWandering in Heaven; One who is free to roam in HeavenBoy
GaganbirA brave person from sky or heavenBoy
GaganchandraThe Moon in the Sky; Bright and radiant like moon in the skyBoy
GagandeepA lamp in the sky; Light in the sky; Glorious flame in the sky;Boy
GagandeepakLamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;Boy
GagandhwajSun; Brightness of the sky; Radiant and Glorious Sun in SkyBoy
GaganeshOne of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as the supreme Lord of the skyBoy
GaganinderThe master of heavens.Boy
GaganjeetThe one who overcomes the sky.Boy
GaganjeevThe one who lives in the sky.Boy
GaganjitOne who wins over the skyBoy
GaganjotLamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;Boy
GaganjyotLamp of the sky; Light of the sky; Glorious flame of the sky;Boy
GaganmeetThe one who is very closer to the sky.Boy
GaganpreetThe one who like the sky a lot.Unisex
GagansindhuOcean of the Sky; Ocean of the heavenBoy
GaganvihariOne who Stays in Heaven; God; One whose abode is paradiseBoy
GageOf the pledgeUnisex
GagneshOne of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as the supreme Lord of the skyBoy
GahName for a sword and pondBoy
GahanRefers to the person who is unable to understand.Boy
GahanaDeep; Impassable; Ornament; Precious JewelUnisex
GaheresA sensitive, mature and loyal personBoy
GaherietAn inspiring and affectionate personBoy
GaherisSons of Lot, who was an old testament man in the bible.Boy
GahlotWild; A name associated with Rajput Community; Variant names are Gehlot, Gohil or GuhilotBoy
GaidarThe one who expresses joy.Boy
GaidonOne who appreciates life and beautyBoy
GaigeOf the pledgeUnisex
GaihargambhirBottomless and thoughtful.Boy
GaihomA sensitive, refined and practical personBoy
GailenThe one who is peaceful and quiet.Boy
GaillardPerson who is bliss and strong.Boy
GailynRefers to a visitor or guest.Unisex
GaincarloItalian - God's Gracious Gift; Free man; Man; Name is combination of Gianni and CarloBoy
GainesFraud or dishonesty.Boy
GainorBorn son of a person who is very fair in complexion.Boy
GaiozGeorgian form of Gaius, meaning to rejoiceBoy
GaisThe one who is pleased and cheerful.Boy
GaishTempest; Commotion; BlizzardBoy

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