1101 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter F

Did you know, the letter F is an ancestor of U, V, and W? It even takes on the sound of ‘V’ in a few words. So if the letter itself is so fascinating, don’t you think a name starting would be even more charming?

The letter F is equivalent to number six, which suggests love in all its forms. F people are compassionate, warm hearted, and extremely lovable. They have a high degree of understanding and a wish to keep harmony and balance in every situation. They even have a great sense of humor and love bringing people together with their entertainment and other artistic endeavors. Numerology also states that people with names starting with F are responsible, easy to get along with, and selfless to the point of being self-sacrificing.

However, this letter brings with itself a few insecurities. So you may have to remind your child regularly of his importance as he grows up. Also, the empathic nature of F people makes it difficult for them not to stick their nose in others' matters. This isn’t generally liked by everyone.

From Faadhil to Fshd and beyond, take a look at MomJunction's baby boy names starting with the letter F below.

FaChinesee name meaning a new beginningBoy
FaaA surprassing, excellent personBoy
FaadhilA generous, praiseworthy manBoy
FaaiqA person who surpasses other peopelBoy
FaaizA victorious, triumphiant manBoy
FaakhirHe is a great personBoy
FaalgunA name of the month in Hindu calendarBoy
FaareesOne who is a Knight, a good horsemnBoy
FaarehA man with a happy personalityBoy
FaarihA person who is full of joyBoy
FaarisA cavalier who is a great horsmanBoy
FaarooqA man who knows the difference between right a wrongBoy
FaateerA person who makes thinks, creatorBoy
FaatehA man who is born to conqueror thingsBoy
FaatihA person who conquers,opens and initiates thingsBoy
FaatirA maker. A person who creates things in lifeBoy
FaazA person who is a sucessful victor in lifeBoy
FaberAn occupational name, for a person who is a smithBoy
FabianHe who farms beansBoy
FabianoA man who grows beansBoy
FabienHe who grows beans for a livingBoy
FabijanSlovene form of Fabianus, meaning bean.Boy
FabioHe who owns a bean farmBoy
FabionA bean growing BoyBoy
FabiusA bean-growerBoy
FableName means a story.Unisex
FabriceA crafty man who works with his handsBoy
FabricioA man who is very craftyBoy
FabrizioA man who is a craftsmanBoy
FabyenA man who is a bean farmerBoy
FaccaThe sheep in the pasture.Boy
FacundoOne who is significant, eloquentBoy
FadahunsiThe king's favorBoy
FaddaThe flock of the sheep in the meadow.Boy
FaddeiA boy who is brave and valiant.Boy
FadeeA gallant man who is self-sacrificingBoy
FadeyA man who is bold and very braveBoy
FadeykaA man who is brave and valiant.Boy
FadeyushkaBrave and courageousBoy
FadghamA tall and handsome manBoy
FadheelerA man who always winsBoy
FadhilAn abundant personBoy
FadhilerA man of virtue and excellenceBoy
FadhiliAid, favor, compassion, and kindness.Boy
FadhlA man who is gracious and givingBoy
FadhlanA gift from GodBoy
FadiA person who redeemed himslef for previous actionsBoy
FadilA man who gives generously to othersBoy
FadlA person who outstands with his braveryBoy
Fadl AllahHe is in Alla's favorBoy
Fadl UllahThe Allah's excellenceBoy
Fadl-ullahThe excellence of AllahBoy
FadlallahTo feel the excellence of AllahBoy
FadlullahTo feel the excellence of AllahBoy
FadriOne who rules in peaceBoy
FadwaA man who is self-sacrificing and gallantBoy
FadyHe is a great savior of menBoy
FaeemA man who reached fameBoy
FaeganA joyful personBoy
FaeqOne who has the ability to surpass anyone, Excellent.Boy
FaerA man who loves to travelBoy
FaerwaldA person who is mighty travelorBoy
FafnerName of a dragon in Norse mythology.Boy
FaganOne who is a very eager childBoy
FaghyarIntelligent; Like a Scholar; WiseBoy
FahadA panter-like manBoy
FahdHe is dangerous like a panterBoy
FaheelA man of great intelligence and knowledgeBoy
FaheemA very perceptive young manBoy
FahhamA very intelligent and knowledgable personBoy
FahidA person who does something good for those who are not thereBoy
FahimScholar; Intelligent; Wise; Learned; Prudent; SagaciousBoy
FahisA man who likes to test things and to investigateBoy
FahmOne who posesses a great intellectBoy
Fahmatone who is full of understandingBoy
FahmedaA woman who is smartBoy
FahmeebOne who understandsBoy
FahmiAn understanding man.Boy
FahminMan with responsibilitiesBoy
FahreezanOne who is wiseBoy
FahrniA variant of Farni, a topographic name for someone living in an area with ferns.Boy
FahrudinPride of faithBoy
FahyimOne who is carefulBoy
FaiChinesee name meaning beginningBoy
FaibelA brilliant manBoy
FaidOne who has an advantageBoy
FaidhA favorable oneBoy
FaikOne who is moraly superiorBoy
FailA performing manBoy
FainHe who is joyfulBoy
FaineOne who has a good natureBoy
FaiqOne who is superiorBoy
FairbanksA bank along the pathwayBoy
FairehThe bringer of happiness.Boy
FairfaxOne with blonde hairBoy
FairlayA meadow of bullsBoy
FairleeA bull meadowBoy
FairleighOne who is from the ram meadowBoy
FairlieOne who is from the bull's pastureBoy

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