2792 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter M

Baby Boy Names Starts With M

In numerology, each letter is linked to a number, which has its particular set of energies, qualities, and attributes. These influence the vibrations of the name, which can further impact the personality traits and even the destiny of the bearer. If you’re picking a baby name starting with M, find out below what it could spell out for your son’s future.

A boy with M in his initial is hard working, courageous, and intelligent. They are those people who bring the change rather than wait for it to happen. And it’s this firm resolve and self-confidence which bring success at their doorstep.

M boys are very intense and emotional. They throw their entire being into the relationship they’re involved in, which makes them reliable marriage partners. Also, the M guys do not believe in manipulating people and take each of them at face value.

On the downside, M people do not like being told what to do and can become aggressive and argumentative if they’re pushed beyond their endurance and patience.

M also happens to be one of the most common letters for baby boy names. Below MomJunction has featured tons of baby boy names with letter M, ranging from traditional Mason, Mark, and Morgan to unheard and unique Maad, Maasilan and Moalim.

MaadArabic name that means AfterlifeBoy
MaadhavOne of many names of Lord Shri KrishnaBoy
MaadhavaA person who is as sweet as honeyBoy
MaaghName of a Hindu monthBoy
MaaglantA happy and versatile individualBoy
MaahirA skilled person. Someone who is an expertBoy
MaajidOne who is honourable and splendidBoy
MaakaMaaka is the Maori version of Mark. It means consecrated to the god Mars.Boy
MaaksharthPrecious part of Mother's Heart;Boy
MaalavA keeper og the horsesBoy
MaalayA town in the hillsBoy
MaalikPerson who posseses or owns, a masterBoy
Maalik masterName of Allah; kingBoy
MaalinA gralandmakerBoy
MaalolamHe who coquered MadhuBoy
MaalolanName of Deity in Ahobilam; God in temple of Ahobilam; Lord Vishnu as beloved of Goddess LakshmiBoy
MaamarThe one who prospersBoy
MaamoonaA fearless, brave manBoy
MaamounA dependable, reliable personBoy
MaamunA loyal, trustworthy and honorable personBoy
MaanMind; Heart; Soul; From the heartBoy
MaanalA Boy who is as free as a birdBoy
MaanasOne who has a powerful mindBoy
MaanavA person who is of male genderBoy
MaandhataName of an Ancient King; Means he who protects the Jiva or SoulBoy
MaanikyYeda; Enjoyer of the Earth;Boy
MaanvirOne who is brave and courageous in mind and heart; Fearless MindBoy
MaanwithOne who has a brave heartBoy
MaanyasriA variant of name Maanya which means the respected one; Honorable and Respected personBoy
MaanyataAn alert, attentive personBoy
MaaranBrave; Courageous; Powerful and Mighty Knight; Name given to temple musicians of TravancoreBoy
MaaravHebrew - West; A variant name is MaaraviBoy
MaaraviHebrew - West; A variant name is MaaravBoy
MaardavaA gentle, tender feelingUnisex
MaariIndian name that means RainBoy
MaarijA strong fiery blazeBoy
MaarimuthuOne who prospersBoy
MaarisamiRain that brings prosperBoy
MaaroufA person who behaves in a good mannerBoy
MaartandIndian name meaning SunBoy
MaartandaThe Sun; Name of one of king of TravancoreBoy
MaartenA perrson who is good at warefareBoy
MaarufAn act of kindnessBoy
MaasilanA pure person with no blemishesBoy
MaaskelahA capable and organized leaderBoy
MaatEgyptian - Mythical goddess of order and justice; Truth; Law;Boy
MaatangA coud roamnig the skiesBoy
MaatangaIndian name meaning ElephantBoy
MaavalanProsperous; Rich; Wealthy; Well to do; HappyBoy

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