1564 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter E

Baby Boy Names Starts With E

E, the second vowel and the fifth letter of the alphabet describes a loving, warm hearted, and compassionate human being. They are naturally kind and like pleasing people and winning their affection. Numerology also says that people with this initial in their name are enthusiastic, freedom loving, and outgoing. They are always on the look out for excitement and can even be a risk taker sometimes.

E people are even flexible and well equipped to making and accepting changes, no matter how difficult it may seem. They are incredibly imaginative and are naturally able to solve even the most complicated problems through their unconventional way of thinking. These keen and quick thinking peeps are clever observers and cannot get deceived easily.

The letter E is equivalent to 5, which conveys excellent communicators. They are the champions of free speech and flourish in the company of others. These bundles of energy love traveling and have a burning desire to see the world. So you’ll have to keep your child active if you want to see him happy.

If you’ve set your mind on this letter and are looking for some incredible naming options, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve got hundreds of names starting with E for your baby boy.

EaFire,A person on whom others can rely on.Boy
EabbaIt is derived from the hebrew word abba which means 'Father'Boy
EabbeIts derived from the hebrew word abbe which means "Father of extreme happiness"Unisex
EachannIt means 'Horse-Lover' in IrishBoy
EadbaldA person who enjoys beauties of nature.Unisex
EadbealdA heavenly lightBoy
EadbehrtEad means 'Blessed' and behrt means 'Bright'Boy
EadbeorhtThe name eadbehort means 'Wealthy'Boy
EadbertName of a KingBoy
EadberthIt means a blessed person.Unisex
EadbhardIt means rich protector.Boy
EadburtIts derived from the word eadbert which means wealthy.Boy
EadelmarrA person who is noble.Boy
EadfridA serious-minded and responsible person.Boy
EadfrithThey are generous human beingsBoy
EadgarIt means a very powerful person.Boy
EadgerOne who is fortunate and powerfulBoy
EadheardEthical and easygoing personBoy
EadhedOne who has earned respect of manyBoy
EadhelmA friendly and social person.Boy
EadhereA self-centered person.Boy
EadlacA happy and content personBoy
EadmaerThe one who comes from riches and greatnessBoy
EadmerA respected and diplomatic personBoy
EadmodA homestead; providing protectionBoy
EadmundOne who has riches and is a protectorBoy
EadnodAn energetic and alluring beingBoy
EadnothAn ethical and analytical personBoy
EadredA rich, happy and eager personBoy
EadricThey are manly and wealthy rulerBoy
EadseleOne who is from Edward's estateBoy
EadsigeAnalytical, smart and intellectual beingBoy
EadstanA superior personBoy
EaduinAn idealistic,prosperous and inspirational person.Boy
EadulfA person who has an intense desire to serve others and be the helping hand in the society.Boy
EaduuardA majestic personalityBoy
EadwacerHeaven-watcher; A person who is of expressive nature.Boy
EadwaldDerived from the word eadweald it means 'Rich Ruler'.Boy
EadwardGuardian; The derived meaning from German is 'Strong as a boar' indicating a strong personality.Boy
EadwardsoneA person with the desire to serve humanity.Boy
EadwealdIt means 'Prosperous Ruler'.Boy
EadweardEd means 'Rich' and weard means 'Guardian'.Boy
EadwiellaIt means 'From the Old Spring'Boy
EadwigIt means a rich or prosperous person.Boy
EadwinIt means a person who is a blessed friend and valued for in the society.Boy
EadwineIt means 'Happy Friend'.Boy
EadwinnIt means a 'Wealthy Friend'.Boy
EadwoldAn independent and a very tolerant person.Boy
EadwulfA person who is idealistic and has inspirational qualities; Its derived meaning from Old English where ead mean 'Fortune'and wulf means'Wolf'Boy
EadwynIt means a valued friendBoy

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