233 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter Y

Baby Boy Names Starts With Y

Y, the penultimate letter of the alphabet and is one of the least used letters for boy names, making it a unique and exceptional naming option. This letter is equivalent to seven, a number with high intuitive and spiritual vibration. Boys with this initial love self-expression and freedom and abhor restraint of any kind. These guys are quick, intelligent, and adept at seeking and exposing the truth. They even excel at distinguishing facts from falsehood, no matter what the situation is. Y boys like to spend time alone to meditate, reflect, and work.

On the downside, boys with this initial can be lazy and even indecisive. They tend to teach others more than they learn themselves, which does not go well with many people. They even like solitude more than anything else and may find a bit difficult to fit in.

So if you also want your son to grow up with healing abilities, give him a name starting with the letter Y. From Yaachan to Ywain, there are scores of unique boy names with letter Y leading in MomJunction's list below.

YaajaOne of the names of Lord Shiva.Boy
YaamirThe moonBoy
YaamyaOne of the names of Lord Vishnu or Lord Shiva.Boy
YaasoobAli's TitleBoy
YaatieshLord of devoteesBoy
YacineYacine is a variant of the Arabic given name Yasin. It means happiness.Boy
YacoA leather bagBoy
YadA Lebanese word for jade.Boy
YadabYadab is the Oriya version of Yadav. It's one of the names of Lord Krishna and means descendent of Yadu.Boy
YadavYadav is a name of Lord Krishna.Boy
YadavendraLeader of the YadavasBoy
YadhavA variation of Yadav, meaning descendant of Yadu.Boy
YadhavanOne of the names of Lord Krishna, meaning descendant of Yadu.Boy
YadhuName of an ancient Indian king.Boy
YadidA beloved friend.Boy
YadielGod has heardBoy
YadnyaThe holy fireBoy
YadoName of a Kurdish leader.Boy
YaduName of an ancient king.Boy
YadunandanSon of Yadu. A name of Lord KrishnaBoy
YadunathOne of many names of Lord Krishna signifying him as Lord of YadavasBoy
YaelMountain goatBoy
YafeuA bold and strong man.Boy
YafirThe one who leaves a mark.Boy
YaghoubAssyrian form of Jacob, meaning to heel.Boy
YagilHe will rejoiceBoy
YagnakayaOne who accepts all the sacred and sacrificial offerings.Boy
YagyaA holy ceremonyBoy
YagyasenName of king DrupadBoy
YagyeshLord of the sacrificial fireBoy
YahirHe will enlightenBoy
YahyaThe almighty is graciousBoy
YajA sageBoy
YajatOne of the many names of Lord ShivaBoy
YajnadharA name of Lord VishnuBoy
YajnarupA name of Lord KrishnaBoy
YakshRepresentative of God, a demi GodBoy
YakshitWho is made forever, permanent, GodBoy
YakubGod will protect.Boy
YamajitOne of many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as conqueror of deathBoy
YamanProper nameBoy
YamarLife, alive.Boy
Yamato (やまと)Great harmonyBoy
YaminichandraA name of Lord VishnuBoy
YanBulgarian form of Ioanne, meaning Jehovah has been gracious.Boy
YanickBretons form of John, meaning Yahweh is graciousBoy

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