1356 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter L

Baby Boy Names Starts With L

What would be your reaction if we told you that your name can influence not just your daily choices, but even life shaping decisions? Yes, your name, particularly its initial can affect your personality, individuality, and even future. So if you’re planning to give your child a name starting with the letter L, we think it would be wise for you to know what it holds for your son in the future.

L is quite a positive letter, as it radiates imagination, dedication, and wisdom. A boy with this letter in his name is destined to achieve everything that he has set out for. He even understands the importance of family, friendship, and every relationship he is in.

However, the greater knowledge and understanding of the world can make an L baby insensitive to the opposing views around him. So your primary responsibility should be teaching your son to be modest and humble at every stage in life.

With all these qualities, we think a name starting with L would make a wonderful option for your baby boy. And you don’t have to move even a bit to find good names. Whether you are looking for popular and classic names such as Lachlan, Lucas, Logan or uncommon names such as Laajbir, Labrencis, or Lac, you’ll find them all in MomJunction's list below.

LaabhProfit; Yield; Earned;GainBoy
LaaiqThe name means Suitable, EligibleBoy
LaajbirThe name means Highly RespectfulBoy
LaalLovely; Beloved; Dear One; Red Colour; Pampered; Close to heartBoy
LaalitLoved; Pampered; Beloved; Close to heart; Dear OneBoy
LaalityaLoved; Pampered; Beloved; Close to heart; Dear OneBoy
LabakaMelodious Sounds; One with sweet voiceBoy
LabanLaban means WhiteBoy
LabangaLabanga means ClovesBoy
LabeebLabeeb means The Sensible OneBoy
LabhProfit; Yield; Earned;GainBoy
LabhshaLovely Person; Good hearted; Kind SpokenBoy
LabibLabib means He is a person of great IntelectBoy
LabidLabid means He is a great CompanionBoy
LablabThe name means IvyBoy
LabonLabon means White, BrightBoy
LaborThe name means TO WorkBoy
LabrencisLatvian variant of Lawrence. It means laurel or bay.Boy
LabukiMusical Instrument; MelodiousBoy
LacLac comes from a town name in NormandyBoy
LachLach means Person who lives near a WaterBoy
LachanBright Eyes; Brilliant and Beautiful Eyes; One with attractive eyesBoy
LacheLache means His habitat is near WaterBoy
LachlanThe name means The NorwegianBoy
LachmanA name of younger brother of Ram; Variant spelling is LakshmanBoy
LaciLaci means The Glory of the RuleBoy
LaciannLaciann means The Famous RulerBoy
LadLad means Young Man, ManservantBoy
LadainianOne who is from Denmark and follower of ChristBoy
LadanLadan means WitnessBoy
LadariusThe name means The Upholder og God, The One who ProtectsBoy
LadbrocLabroc means He Lives on the Path that is beside the brookBoy
LaddLadd means Young ManBoy
LaddeThe name means He who AttendsBoy
LaddeyThe name means ManservantBoy
LaddieLaddie means young Boy, a manservantBoy
LaddyThe name means small Boy, a ladBoy
LadenLaden means The one who WitnessedBoy
LadinasThe name means Warrior ChiefBoy
LadislasLadislas means The Good RulerBoy
LadislausThe name means The Glorius RulerBoy
LadislavLadislav means The Ruler who found GloryBoy
LadoShort form of Vladimir, meaning great or famous rulerBoy
LadonName of a River GodBoy
LaduKing; Ruler; Emperor; Leader; ChiefBoy
LaecA person who lives in the proximity of the WaterBoy
LaeeqSomeone who is eligible and posesses a lot of skillsBoy
LaefertunA man who comes from the Rush FarmBoy
LaelA Man who Belongs to GodBoy
LaertesFather of Odysseus, hero from Greek MythologyBoy

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