107 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter U

Baby Boy Names Starts With U

Parents who want an original name for their baby boy should look no further than the letter U. For ages, the letter U has ranked as one of the favorite letters to begin a baby boy name. That’s primarily because this letter has some of the most distinctive names in its kitty, which can make anyone stand out from the crowd.

One of the most widely recognized names beginning with U is Urien, an Old Testament name of Hebrew origin, which is also used as a variant of Uriel and Uriah. This moniker has been used in Britain since the Middle Ages and has started gaining favor in America as well.

Another familiar name with this letter is Ulysses, the Latin variation of the Greek name Odysseus. This distinguished and weighty name is associated with the protagonist of the James Joyce novel of the same name.

But the list doesn’t end here. There are hundreds of unique and unusual baby boy names starting with U, which are probably undiscovered. And MomJunction has listed almost all of them in its baby name tool. Not just the name, we’ve even included meaning and origin of each of these names. So take a look!

UbaidaServant of GodBoy
UbertoBright mind; Intelligent; Italian form of Hubert; Bright Spirit;Boy
UchadevOne of the names of Lord Vishnu.Boy
UdaiTo rise, the risingBoy
UdakiName of the king of Minni.Boy
UdandaNemesis of evils and vices.Boy
UdantThe correct messageBoy
UdarathiOne of the names of Lord Vishnu.Boy
UdarchisA name of Lord Shiva.Boy
UdayachalThe eastern horizon.Boy
UdbhavCreation or to arise from.Boy
UdgamRising starBoy
UdoOne with great fortune.Boy
UdolfA wolf rulerBoy
UdumebrayeMy presence gives them heartacheBoy
UemanVenerable timeBoy
UggiFear of something, phobia, fearBoy
UgyenTo growBoy
UhwokoriThe one who is born in UhwokoriBoy
UjeshThe one who gives light.Boy
UjjalBright, clean, lovelyBoy
UjurakUjurak is a variant of Ujarak. It means rock.Boy
UlaganA worldly manBoy
UlbrechtGermanic - Famous for his inheritance; Nobly Famous; Aristocratic and bright; A variation of AlbertBoy
UlfertProtector of the inheritanceBoy
UlfhrafnA combination of the words wolf and raven.Boy
UlfredWolf of peaceBoy
UlhasDelight or joy.Boy
UliA noble leaderBoy
UlisesVariation of Odysseus which means WrathfulBoy
UlissesAngry or to hateBoy
UlmanGermanic - Man from Ulm; Germancy; A variation of Ulman is UllmanBoy
UlohoIroko treeBoy
UlrichProsperity and power.Boy
UlugbekGreat chieftainBoy
UlzhalgasSon or boy that continues prolongationBoy
UmakantA name of Lord Shiva. It means husband of Uma.Boy
UmangaEnthusiasm or excitement. One who is full of enthusiasm.Boy
UmarUmar is a variant of 'Omar' and means flourishing.Boy
UmarahA non-mandatory pilgrimage made by Muslims to Mecca.Boy
UmeshOne of the many names of Lord Murugan. It means God of Uma.Boy

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