24 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter X

Most parents, if not all, start regretting soon after giving their child a name that’s too trendy. But this can be avoided if you choose a distinctive and edgy baby name. Wondering where to find such a moniker? Well, that’s quite easy! Just pick any name starting with the letter X, and it will be a head turner. The first name that comes to our mind when we think about X names is Xander. This short form of Alexander came into the spotlight via famous television series, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Apart from Xander, Xenon, a name with multiple meanings, is another beauty from this letter. It’s not just the names, even the characteristics associated with this letter are positive and uplifting. X is associated with six, a number which symbolizes care, harmony, and love. X people are generally very traditional people and are happiest when they’re in familiar and conventional surroundings. They are rarely selfish and readily take on the burdens of others. On the downside, X boys can become anxious and opinionated when insecure. Boy names starting with X drip with machoism and you’ll see exactly what we mean as you make through MomJunction's list below.
heart image Xanadu Unisex Baby Sign Unisex A place in China, which was once Kublai Khan's Yuan dynasty.
heart image Xander Baby Boy Sign Boy Defending men
heart image Xantheus Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is golden haired.
heart image Xanthippos Baby Boy Sign Boy Yellow horse
heart image Xanthos Baby Boy Sign Boy Yellow
heart image Xanthus Baby Boy Sign Boy A river god.
heart image Xavier Baby Boy Sign Boy New house or Bright
heart image Xenocrates Baby Boy Sign Boy Foreigner or guest power
heart image Xenos Baby Boy Sign Boy Stranger
heart image Xhiva Baby Boy Sign Boy Assamese version of Lord Shiva. It means benign, kind, auspicious
heart image Xicohtencatl Baby Boy Sign Boy Angry bumblebee
heart image Xihuitl Baby Boy Sign Boy comet
heart image Ximeno Baby Boy Sign Boy Son
heart image Xipil Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble One, of Fire
heart image Xipilli Baby Boy Sign Boy Jeweled prince
heart image Xiutecuhtli Baby Boy Sign Boy Gentleman of the fire
heart image Xobeen Baby Boy Sign Boy Spear
heart image Xochipilli Baby Boy Sign Boy God of love and flowers
heart image Xochiquen Baby Boy Sign Boy Flower garment
heart image Xochitl Baby Boy Sign Boy Flower
heart image Xoese Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Believe
heart image Xolotl Baby Boy Sign Boy Precious twin
heart image Xurxo Baby Boy Sign Boy Farmer
heart image Xzavier Baby Boy Sign Boy Variation of Zavier which means New house or Bright
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