2278 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter P

Baby Boy Names Starts With P

All these days, if you were under the impression that choosing a meaningful name would be enough, then you are wrong. If you wish to know how your son will turnout to be in the future, then you must have a thorough knowledge of the first letter of his name. Each letter of the alphabet has a numeric value, which reflects certain character tendencies and aptitudes of the bearer and the letter P is no different.

The letter P suggests spiritual people with a keen desire for attaining wisdom and knowledge. They have strong psychic abilities and use their natural senses to gain knowledge into the unseen, spiritual and metaphysical realms. At times, it may seem that these guys are not interested even a wee bit in what you’re doing or saying. But in reality, they’re excellent observers and do not miss even the minutest of details. In short, P people have all the abilities that can help them be a great teacher in any field.

But on the downside, P people can appear a bit flaky and selfish. That’s probably because of their aloofness and introvert nature.

Below is MomJunction's comprehensive list of baby boy names starting with the letter P, ranging from classics like Peyton, Paul, and Patrick to trendy ones like Pacen, Pablo, and Polk.

PaalA great keeper or a protectorBoy
PaamannanKing of Poetry; One who is talented with words;Boy
PaanduA pale yet intelligent individualBoy
PaandurangName of Lord vishnu; a deityBoy
PaanineeA scholar; an easy going individualBoy
PaaniniName of a great scholar; grammarianBoy
PaarasName of a stone whic turns metal to goldBoy
PaarbrahmOne who is born with supreme spiritBoy
PaarthOne of many names of Arjuna given by Lord Krishna signifying his skills in archery; One who never misses his targetBoy
PaarthaName of Son of Pritha; PandavasBoy
PaarthavOne who is born with stable, expressive and cool nature; EarthBoy
PaarthibanA name of King Arjunan; brave and powerfulBoy
PaarthivName of the Prince of Earth; braveBoy
PaarushA person who is born with a quick and active mindBoy
PaarvendanLeader; Ruler of the World; King of the world; Emperor of the worldBoy
PaavakOne who is pure, brilliant and majestic like fireBoy
PaavakaOne who can judge; has the power to purifyBoy
PaavanPure; Sacred; Holy; Divine; InnocentBoy
PaavanaPurity; Holy; Divine; Innocent; SacredBoy
PaavendanOne who is called the King of poetryBoy
PaavoAnother word for smallBoy
PaawanOne who is clever and clean sighted; windBoy
PaawanjeetVictory of the Pure; Victory of Innocence; Sacred or Divine VictoryBoy
PabitraOne who is born pure and saneBoy
PabloBorrowed; A variant of Paul which means small, humble,Boy
PabokOne who is born out of fireBoy
PaceOne who has a peaceful natureBoy
PacenSon of Peace; A variant form of name PaysonBoy
PaceyOf Easter; A variant of Pascal; Pacey is a form of PacyUnisex
PachaiA youthful person who is joyous in natureBoy
PachaimaniA resourceful person; very noble at heartBoy
PachaimuthuA young and resourceful personBoy
PachakAnother name of digestive powderBoy
PachimOne who is fatBoy
PachimaOne who belongs to the west townBoy
PachuaFeathered water snakeBoy
PacificoPeaceful and serene; Peace Loving;Boy
PackardFrench - From Picardy, France; A variant of PicardBoy
PackerA professional name for a wool packerBoy
PackstonOne who belongs to the peaceful farmBoy
PacoGermanic - Frenchman; Free One; A diminutive of the name FranciscoBoy
PadakA medal; one who is very preciousBoy
PadamLotus; The beautiful flower marked on the right foot of Lord KrishnaBoy
PadamabhuOne who came out of LotusBoy
PadamadevOne who is Lord of Lotus; Lord VishnuBoy
PadamjitVictory of the Lotus; Victory of Lord Krishna;Boy
PadamjotLight of the Lotus; Brilliance and Radiance of Lord KrishnaBoy
PadampalProtector of the Lotus; One of the many names of Lord KrishnaBoy
PadampreetLove for the Lotus; One who loves and adores Lord KrishnaBoy
PadampremLove for the Lotus; One who loves and adores Lord KrishnaBoy

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