1996 Spanish Baby Names With Meanings


Spain is a beautiful country with rich history and culture dating back thousands of years, and Spanish baby names are a testament to the country's diversity and heritage. Generally, Spanish names are longer than those found in other cultures. And by longer, we don't mean more letters. Their names consist of more words. At the time of birth, Spanish babies are given one or two given names and two surnames. The first surname is the father's paternal surname, whereas the second is the mother's paternal surname. However, an individual can use their mother's family name as their first name if they wish. So in a family, the mother, father, and children can have different surnames. Also, women are not required to change their surname after marriage. The full names are used only in formal, legal, and document-related matters, while given names or first names are used for daily communication or social purposes. The majority of the Spanish population is Catholic. In Christian communities, a customary practice involves assigning Spanish female individuals composite names from revered saints and local patrons, such as María de los Ángeles. Here, María is derived from Virgin Mary, whereas De los Ángeles is a suffix emphasizing the individual's connection to the divine. Generally, women with Marian names are addressed with the last portion of the suffix, which is Ángeles in this case. However, they can also be addressed with the first name 'María.' The exclusive utilization of "María" for girls is infrequent, contrasting with its role as a middle name among Spanish males (1). If you are looking for distinctive names that exude Spain's elegance and flair, explore the list of Spanish baby names with meanings below. The list contains names from diverse origins and significance, which add to their beauty and distinctiveness.

heart image Abad Baby Boy Sign Boy Someone who is everlasting; Eternal
heart image Abejundio Baby Boy Sign Boy Relating to bee or abaje
heart image Abelardo Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Generous; Strong
heart image Abelino Baby Boy Sign Boy Unsure; Pet form of Avila
heart image Abigeal Baby Girl Sign Girl The father's rejoice
heart image Abilo Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is skilled and proficient in whatever he does
heart image Abrienda Baby Girl Sign Girl The opening or the inauguration
heart image Abril Unisex Baby Sign Unisex To open
heart image Acela Baby Girl Sign Girl A flower from the God or the ash tree
heart image Acha Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The holly bushes or plants
heart image Adalberto Baby Boy Sign Boy The bright noble or the shining noble
heart image Adalira Baby Girl Sign Girl A kind person; Noble
heart image Adamari Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Admirable
heart image Adamo Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of red Earth; First man to come to life
heart image Adan Baby Boy Sign Boy Man; Son of the red earth
heart image Addis Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Adam; Son of the red Earth; A derivative of name Adam
heart image Addolorata Baby Girl Sign Girl Our lady of the sorrows or grief; The Virgin Mary
heart image Adelina Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble; Nobility
heart image Adelio Baby Boy Sign Boy An honorable and kind person
heart image Adolfo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Noble wolf
heart image Adoncia Baby Girl Sign Girl A sweet girl, sweet like honey
heart image Adoracion Baby Girl Sign Girl An act of religious worship
heart image Adrian Baby Boy Sign Boy Water; Sea
heart image Adriana Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Woman from Hadria
heart image Adrix Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Gentle
heart image Aelger Baby Girl Sign Girl A bright or merry person
heart image Aelina Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright shining light; A torch
heart image Afonso Baby Boy Sign Boy Ready; Noble person
heart image Agapito Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is dearly loved, precious, adored, cared for, treasured, cherished and one's favourite
heart image Agata Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is good at heart and mind; Pure; Kind; Gentle; A nature lover
heart image Agnese Baby Girl Sign Girl A variant of Agnes; Lamb
heart image Agueda Baby Girl Sign Girl Spanish and Portuguese form of Agatha
heart image Agustin Baby Boy Sign Boy Dignified; Holy
heart image Agusto Baby Boy Sign Boy Venerated; Majestic; Dignified
heart image Ahovira Baby Girl Sign Girl In a while; Later; Eventually
heart image Ahtziry Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Dewdrop
heart image Ahvana Baby Girl Sign Girl The capital city of Cuba
heart image Aidette Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Princess; Noble helper
heart image Ailyn Baby Girl Sign Girl Meaningful; Unique; Feminine
heart image Aimon Baby Girl Sign Girl Homebody
heart image Aina Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful eyed woman
heart image Ainara Baby Girl Sign Girl The swallow bird; Queen of Swallow
heart image Ainhoa Baby Girl Sign Girl Virgin Mary
heart image Aire Unisex Baby Sign Unisex From the east wind
heart image Aitana Baby Girl Sign Girl Our people
heart image Aixa Baby Girl Sign Girl Asturian form of Aisha; Living; Alive
heart image Alamar Baby Boy Sign Boy Coated in gold
heart image Alameda Baby Boy Sign Boy From the popular tree; Promenade
heart image Alamo Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Cottonwood tree
heart image Alandra Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Protector of mankind
heart image Alano Baby Boy Sign Boy Harmony and strength
heart image Alarico Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble Ruler who is the ruler of all; energetic
heart image Alas Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Expression of grief, pity, or concern
heart image Alatea Baby Girl Sign Girl Truth
heart image Alba Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Sunrise
heart image Albano Baby Boy Sign Boy Man from Alba ; A variant of name Alban
heart image Alberto Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Bright; Famous individual
heart image Albinus Baby Boy Sign Boy White; Blond; Fair one; A variant of name Albus
heart image Aldonza Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who is sweet and nice towards others
heart image Alegra Baby Girl Sign Girl Joyful; Cheerful
heart image Aleja Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Defender; Helper of mankind
heart image Alejandra Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender of mankind
heart image Alejandro Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Alejo Baby Girl Sign Girl Defender of mankind
heart image Alessandro Baby Boy Sign Boy Defender of mankind
heart image Aletia Baby Girl Sign Girl Honest; Candid; Sincere
heart image Alexia Baby Girl Sign Girl Guardian of mankind
heart image Aleyda Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble, bright, and beautiful
heart image Alf Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble; Ready; Inspired; Advice; Old peace; Derived from Alfr; Elf; A variant of name Alfonso and Alfie
heart image Alfons Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Alfonso; Noble; Ready
heart image Alfonso Baby Boy Sign Boy Ready; Prepared
heart image Alfonsus Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Alfonso; Noble; Ready
heart image Alfonzo Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Alfonso; Noble; Ready
heart image Alford Baby Boy Sign Boy Variant of Alfred; Old river crossing; Inspired advice; Old peace
heart image Alfredo Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf counsel
heart image Alheli Baby Girl Sign Girl wallflower
heart image Alicia Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble
heart image Alisha Baby Girl Sign Girl Noble
heart image Alita Baby Girl Sign Girl Of a noble kind; Little winged girl; Noble; Honorable; A variant transcription of Adela
heart image Allegra Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy; Delight; Joyfulness
heart image Allegria Baby Girl Sign Girl Happiness; Pleasure; Cheerfulness
heart image Allmira Baby Girl Sign Girl From Almeira
heart image Alma Baby Boy Sign Boy Nourishing; Fostering; Kind
heart image Almeria Baby Girl Sign Girl Aristocratic lady
heart image Almira Baby Girl Sign Girl Princess; Truthful
heart image Aloise Baby Boy Sign Boy Famous warrior
heart image Alondra Baby Girl Sign Girl Lark; Helper; Defender of mankind
heart image Alonso Baby Boy Sign Boy Ready for battle; Noble
heart image Alonzo Baby Boy Sign Boy An inspirational dashing noble; Ready for battle
heart image Alphonso Baby Boy Sign Boy A noble prompt person ready for struggle and war
heart image Alphonsus Baby Boy Sign Boy Noble and ready
heart image Alpine Baby Boy Sign Boy Blonde; White; Fair one
heart image Alta Unisex Baby Sign Unisex High; Elevated
heart image Altagracia Baby Girl Sign Girl A person having supreme grace like that of Jesus' mother Mary
heart image Aluino Baby Boy Sign Boy Magical, noble friend
heart image Alva Unisex Baby Sign Unisex His highness; Sublime; Elf
heart image Alvaro Baby Boy Sign Boy Elf army; All guard
heart image Alvera Baby Girl Sign Girl Variant of Elvira; Dearly loved; Gothic; True to all; Truly foreign; Truly lively
heart image Alvira Baby Girl Sign Girl Dearly loved; Truly foreign; Truly lively; Gift of God
heart image Alwar Baby Boy Sign Boy Guard for all
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Spanish baby names are as unique as the country's cultural heritage. They effortlessly interlace complex meanings, echoing spiritual beliefs and virtues. Their phonetic sound and pronunciation add to their refinement and charm and help them stand apart. Parents looking for meaningful names can explore the list of Spanish baby names shared above. These names offer options that can allure parents across cultures and linguistic backgrounds. So explore the list to find the perfect name that carries a piece of Spain's linguistic and cultural legacy.

Infographic: Spanish Names To Consider For Your Precious Baby

Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the world. The language spread across parts of the Americas with the Spaniards, expanding the spread of the language. If you are exploring a Spanish name for your baby because you speak the language or are charmed by its allure, then read on. We present an infographic with a list of superb Spanish names you may consider for your baby.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Spanish baby names differ from names in other European cultures?

Spanish baby names are distinct from other European names because of the number of given names. The first given name would usually be given as a form of reverence to a saint, believed to protect them, and would rarely be used to refer to the person (2). They would more likely be referred to by their second or third given name.

2. How do baby names reflect the historical roots and cultural diversity of Spain?

The historical origin of Spanish names can be attributed to the multiple cultural influences brought about by Jewish, Latin, Germanic, Arabic, and Catholic traditions (3). Some examples are Ada, a shortened form of the Germanic name Adelaide which means ‘nobility’ or ‘nobleness.’ Casilda is a name with Arabic origins that could mean ‘battle’ or ‘poem.’ Cecilia is a name with Latin roots meaning ‘blind.’

3. How have Spanish baby names changed over time?

There have been gradual but noticeable changes in the Spanish naming system, which took over three centuries to develop. Initially, most people had only one name, but keeping records was deemed necessary with the increase in population. By the 1100s, the naming system was well-established in Spain. Only one family member usually took up surnames, but later on, the names became hereditary. Surnames were generally borne by the wealthy class and later by the lower classes (2).

4. Who did the Spanish descend from?

Like most of the European population, the Spaniards came from three distinct groups, the Mesolithic hunter-gatherers, the Neolithic early European farmers, and the Yamnaya Steppe herders. But the genetic pool of the Spaniards consists mainly of the pre-Roman settlers in the Iberian peninsula, specifically the Iberians, Vettones, Aquitani, and Turdetani. There were also the Celts like the Gallaecians, Celtici, Celtiberians, and the Turduli (3).


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