55681 Baby Boy Names With Meanings


Heartiest congratulations and all the best for welcoming a baby boy into the world. Now that you know 'it's a boy,' the endeavor for searching baby boy names begins. You must have decorated the nursery by now and purchased all the baby gear. But selecting a name is one of the first big decisions for your child. The pressure that comes with the ideal name gets hectic when friends and family get into the action. If you’re having a tough time deciding a name for your baby boy and need some help with selection, look at the name list below. From trendy to edgy and traditional names rooted in your culture, you’ll find them all in this extensive baby name list. This exhaustive list includes names starting with all alphabets, right from A to Z. So, if you're looking for a name starting with any particular letter, the list has everything. Several names in the list also have mythological associations, such as ‘Aadalarasu,' a Hindu name referring to the lord of dance, Natraja, who is also an alternative form of the Hindu deity, Lord Shiva. There are also names from specific origins, which can make a unique yet meaningful name for your baby boy. For instance, 'Abiola' is a unique African-Yoruba name that means 'born during the first days. Similarly, you can also find baby boy names specific to certain religions, cultures, and regions. Also, the list has occupational, habitational, and geographical-inspired names for boys. Each name has meanings to help you categorize your search, whether you're looking for names with a specific meaning or other aspects. So, take your sweet time to go through our extensive list to come up with the best name for your baby boy.

heart image A-wut Baby Boy Sign Boy Weapon
heart image Aaaqil Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is wise and intelligent
heart image Aaarabisk Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is wishful and healthy
heart image Aaban Baby Boy Sign Boy Name of an angel; 8th Persian month; Angel of iron; Spontaneous and versatile
heart image Aabavaanan Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who is responsible and reliable
heart image Aabdar Baby Boy Sign Boy Moonlight; Early; Quick; The name of a famous battle
heart image Aabharan Baby Boy Sign Boy Jewel
heart image Aabhas Baby Boy Sign Boy Sense; Feelings, Realization
heart image Aabhass Baby Boy Sign Boy Awareness; Realization
heart image Aabhavannan Baby Boy Sign Boy Light; also means torch bearer who brings light
heart image Aabheer Baby Boy Sign Boy Cow-herd; One who is fearless
heart image Aabher Baby Boy Sign Boy Cow-herd
heart image Aabid Baby Boy Sign Boy Powerful; Complete; Worshipper of Allah; The one who is good intellectually and requires several outlets of energies
heart image Aabideen Baby Boy Sign Boy Ornament of the worshippers
heart image Aabinus Baby Boy Sign Boy Ebony; Dark-colored
heart image Aabis Baby Boy Sign Boy Lucky; Grim-faced; Fierce-faced
heart image Aabraham Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of many
heart image Aace Baby Boy Sign Boy Unity; Luck; Excellence
heart image Aachalendra Baby Boy Sign Boy Himalayas; A person who is strong; Unchallengeable
heart image Aacharappan Baby Boy Sign Boy Restless; Proactive
heart image Aacharya Baby Boy Sign Boy Learned teacher
heart image Aachman Baby Boy Sign Boy Intake of a Sip of Water Before a Yagya or Puja
heart image Aachuthan Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name for the Hindu Lord Krishna
heart image Aad Unisex Baby Sign Unisex The man; In the beginning
heart image Aadalarasan Baby Boy Sign Boy Attraction; One who attracts with his dance; One of the many Lord Shiva's names in Tamil
heart image Aadalarasu Baby Boy Sign Boy The king of dance in Tamil; Lord Shiva's name as Nataraja who is considered the Lord of Dance
heart image Aadam Baby Boy Sign Boy Father of mankind
heart image Aadan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is adorned; One who brings beauty
heart image Aadarsh Baby Boy Sign Boy One who has principles; The ideal man
heart image Aadav Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Leader; Powerful
heart image Aaddhar Baby Boy Sign Boy Foundation; Groundwork of anything; Base of life
heart image Aadeel Baby Boy Sign Boy Righteous and just; One who acts with justice and fairness; Excellent in character
heart image Aadeep Baby Boy Sign Boy Light; Spiritual illumination; A source of radiance
heart image Aaden Baby Boy Sign Boy Fire and flame; Warmth of the home
heart image Aadesh Baby Boy Sign Boy Command; Message; Instruction
heart image Aadeshwar Baby Boy Sign Boy God; The one who is in a high position of authority
heart image Aadhan Baby Boy Sign Boy Be First
heart image Aadhar Baby Boy Sign Boy Base
heart image Aadhav Baby Boy Sign Boy Ruler; A person who rules or governs
heart image Aadhavan Baby Boy Sign Boy Sun; Brilliant like the Sun; Lord Vishnu
heart image Aadheen Baby Boy Sign Boy Obedient; One who complies with commands and is submissive
heart image Aadhev Baby Boy Sign Boy First; Most eminent; Exalted
heart image Aadhi Baby Boy Sign Boy Beginning; Friendly; Imagination; Creativity; Expression; Energetic
heart image Aadhikara Baby Boy Sign Boy Lord Shiva; A variant of the Sanskrit name Adhikara which means Principal
heart image Aadhikesavan Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is Ideal for Others
heart image Aadhil Baby Boy Sign Boy The one who acts with justice and fairness; Moderate; Virtuous; Excellent in character
heart image Aadhimulam Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the beginning of everything; The source cause of everything
heart image Aadhinarayanan Baby Boy Sign Boy The First God; A name form of Lord Vishnu
heart image Aadhini Baby Boy Sign Boy Beginning; Initiator
heart image Aadhiran Baby Boy Sign Boy Leader; One who is courageous
heart image Aadhiseshan Baby Boy Sign Boy Anyone; It is also considered as one of many names of Lord Vishnu
heart image Aadhish Baby Boy Sign Boy King; Emperor; Ruler, Person with supreme power
heart image Aadhishankar Baby Boy Sign Boy Sri Shankaracharya; Founder of Adwaitha philosophy; A name formed after Lord Shiva as Shankar
heart image Aadhunik Baby Boy Sign Boy Modern; New; Latest; a name variant of Adhunik
heart image Aadhvi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Beloved, gentle, and lively
heart image Aadhvik Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique, divine, spiritual
heart image Aadhvika Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; The first one
heart image Aadhyan Unisex Baby Sign Unisex First power; Beginning of meditation
heart image Aadi Baby Boy Sign Boy First; Most Important,Beginning; Starting; Source form of life
heart image Aadidev Baby Boy Sign Boy First of God; The one closest to the almighty
heart image Aadijay Baby Boy Sign Boy The first victory; Success
heart image Aadil Baby Boy Sign Boy Righteous; High in moral and virtue; Sanctimonious
heart image Aadimoola Baby Boy Sign Boy Supreme being; A variant of name Aadimoolan
heart image Aadimoolan Baby Boy Sign Boy Dominant; Supreme
heart image Aadinath Baby Boy Sign Boy God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; The First God
heart image Aadinatha Baby Boy Sign Boy Another name for Lord Vishnu or Lord Krishna
heart image Aadipta Baby Boy Sign Boy Bright; Intelligent; Radiant; Luminous; Glorious
heart image Aadir Baby Boy Sign Boy Origin; Beginning; Point of space or time where anything begins; Source
heart image Aadish Baby Boy Sign Boy Full of wisdom; Intelligent; Knowledgeable; Noble
heart image Aadishankar Baby Boy Sign Boy Shri Shankaracharya; The Founder of Adwaitha philosophy
heart image Aadishwar Baby Boy Sign Boy Bhagvan; Supreme god; First Jain Tirthankara
heart image Aadit Baby Boy Sign Boy Peak; Shade; Sheltered; Bright; Radiant; Illuminate
heart image Aaditey Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Aditi; Son of the Earth; Son of Mother of God
heart image Aaditeya Baby Boy Sign Boy Son of Aditi; Son of the Earth; Son of Mother of God
heart image Aadith Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is the embodiment of power and intellect
heart image Aadithya Baby Boy Sign Boy The Sun; A variant of the name is Aaditva
heart image Aaditva Baby Boy Sign Boy The Sun; A derivative name from the name Aadithya
heart image Aaditya Baby Boy Sign Boy Belonging to Aditi or Sun
heart image Aadityapal Baby Boy Sign Boy The one having superior social standing; Exalted; Of high esteem
heart image Aadityesh Baby Boy Sign Boy The ultimate power of the sun; The God Sun
heart image Aadiv Baby Boy Sign Boy Delicate; Sensitive; Mindful of other's feelings
heart image Aadiya Unisex Baby Sign Unisex First or beginning
heart image Aadiyapadham Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is very active; Quick
heart image Aadne Baby Boy Sign Boy Eagle; In Norway, it is the variant spelling of Adne
heart image Aadrik Baby Boy Sign Boy The rising sun between the mountains
heart image Aadrit Baby Boy Sign Boy Resilient; Determined; Ambitious
heart image Aadriti Baby Boy Sign Boy Beloved, noble leader
heart image Aadroop Baby Boy Sign Boy Embodiment of the beginningless
heart image Aadurusta Baby Boy Sign Boy one who is fortunate or lucky
heart image Aadvay Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique; unparalleled; exclusive; having no like or equal
heart image Aadved Baby Boy Sign Boy Unequaled or unmatched in the whole Universe
heart image Aadvi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Unique; Gift of God
heart image Aadvik Baby Boy Sign Boy Unique, divine, first-born
heart image Aadyant Baby Boy Sign Boy Eternity or beginning and end
heart image Aadyot Baby Boy Sign Boy one who is surrounded by light
heart image Aafaaq Baby Boy Sign Boy Horizons
heart image Aafiya Baby Boy Sign Boy A person who has a very sound body and health
heart image Aaftab Baby Boy Sign Boy Sunlight; The Sun
heart image Aagar Baby Boy Sign Boy A person having an interest in Music; Excelling in music
heart image Aagha Baby Boy Sign Boy TSomeone in control over something; Lord; Chief
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As you start your parenting journey, we hope our well-curated list of baby boy names would help you come up with a perfect name. From simple and common names to complex and unique ones, and those with cultural, religious, and geographic significance, our list is extensive. Also, the names are of several different origins and are given with meanings to make your decision a little easier. So, go through the names in the list and pick the best name that satisfies everyone at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can boys have two first names?

Yes, boys may have two names that can combine their grandparents' names or parents' choices. Their names may also be a hyphenated form of two beautifully linked names with relative meanings.

2. What baby boy names mean gift from God?

Baby boy names such as Nathaniel, Matthew, Yanis, Zebadiah, and Theodore refer to the gift of God or His graciousness.

3. How can I choose a baby boy's name with a spiritual or religious meaning?

You can look for names inspired by holy books or important religious figures. Consider names representing good qualities or values related to spirituality, such as Gabriel, Elijah, or Abraham.

4. How can I choose a baby boy's name with a positive or optimistic meaning?

You may explore names that represent happiness, joy, or positivity in their meanings, such as Felix, meaning lucky; Asher meaning blessed or happy; or Isaac meaning one who laughs and rejoices. Select names that inspire optimism and reflect your hopeful wishes for your child's future.

5. How can I choose a baby boy's name that has a unique or creative meaning?

When picking a special and imaginative name for your baby boy, you can explore names from various cultures and find inspiration in nature or art to select names with uncommon meanings. This way, you can discover a unique name that reflects your desire for something original and creative.

6. What are some baby boy names with meanings related to the ocean or water?

Some baby boy names that represent the ocean or water are Kai, Alon, Jordan, Dylan, and Kelby. These names remind us of the beauty and strength of water and the different water bodies, their waves, and their movement.

Infographic: Ultimate Delightful Baby Boy Names

We know how exciting it is to explore and choose a name for the little one swaddled in your arms. But sometimes, the yearning to find trendy and timeless names can feel never-ending. There's an almost endless variety of names on the planet. So figuring out the ideal one is certainly no child's play. Hopefully, this infographic reduces your effort and gives you a smile of accomplishment.

trendy boy names for your handsome little one (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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