48 Oriya Baby Girl Names With Meanings


Odisha is an Indian state known for its rich cultural, historical, and religious heritage. Oriya baby girl names offer a glimpse of Odisha's traditions and values. Oriya names are versatile, and they often have deep meanings and connotations. Many Oriya names represent or symbolize one's virtue, emotions, and love for nature. Radhi, for instance, is a beautiful Oriya name that means 'achievement' or 'success,' reflecting the parents' desire for their daughter to get success in life. Zaaei is a nature-inspired name that translates to 'flower,' representing feminine attributes like beauty, elegance, and delicateness. Several Oriya names also have profound religious and mythological associations. Wamika is a timeless name in Hinduism, an alternative name for the Hindu Goddess Durga. Vaagdevi is another lyrical name in Oriya with profound significance in Hinduism. It is one of the many names of the Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of river, learning, and arts. These names carry a sense of divinity and grace, making them a popular choice for parents to name their daughters. Several Oriya names also draw inspiration from historical figures and literary influences. These names reflect peoples' pride and sense of identity in the Oriya culture. Some names in Oriya culture are passed down through generations as a part of family traditions. It connects the current generation to their ancestors and familial values. Names from Indian epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana are also common in Oriya. Since Oriya names offer so many options, parents across cultural, religious, and linguistic boundaries can embrace them. If you find the diversity in Oriya names attractive, check out the Oriya baby names and their meanings in the list below. It has many meaningful choices that stand apart. 

heart image Aalaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Home and refuge
heart image Aamodini Baby Girl Sign Girl Fragrant
heart image Aaryamani Baby Girl Sign Girl Belonging to the Sun
heart image Badarika Baby Girl Sign Girl Jujube fruit
heart image Eashita Baby Girl Sign Girl A person who desires a lot
heart image Jigya Baby Girl Sign Girl Curiosity to learn; An individual eager to explore the world
heart image Jigyasa Baby Girl Sign Girl Curiosity to learn; An individual eager to explore the world
heart image Jigyasu Baby Girl Sign Girl Curiosity to learn; An individual eager to explore the world
heart image Pritilata Baby Girl Sign Girl The love's vine
heart image Raadhi Baby Girl Sign Girl Achievement or success
heart image Rabani Baby Girl Sign Girl Divine
heart image Saagnika Baby Girl Sign Girl Fiery, passionate, or with fire
heart image Saahana Baby Girl Sign Girl Raaga
heart image Saahithi Baby Girl Sign Girl Literature
heart image Saarya Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a pious woman
heart image Saavini Baby Girl Sign Girl The month of Saavan; The fifth month of the Hindu calendar
heart image Sahaja Baby Girl Sign Girl Natural
heart image Taalika Baby Girl Sign Girl Calm or nightingale
heart image Taaraka Baby Girl Sign Girl Star or meteor
heart image Taarini Baby Girl Sign Girl One of the names of Goddess Durga; she who frees
heart image Taiunaya Baby Girl Sign Girl Absorbed in or identical
heart image Ubika Baby Girl Sign Girl Growth
heart image Uchimakali Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a Hindu goddess
heart image Udaranga Baby Girl Sign Girl A woman with a beautiful body
heart image Udbala Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong
heart image Udichi Baby Girl Sign Girl One who grows with prosperity
heart image Vaagdevi Baby Girl Sign Girl The Goddess of learning
heart image Vaagiswari Baby Girl Sign Girl The name of Goddess Saraswati
heart image Vaanya Baby Girl Sign Girl Deity of forests.
heart image Vaarahi Baby Girl Sign Girl One who rides on the Varaah; One of the Matrikas
heart image Vaarida Baby Girl Sign Girl Cloud
heart image Vaasanthi Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of the spring goddess
heart image Vadhana Baby Girl Sign Girl Bright star
heart image Waamil Baby Girl Sign Girl An extremely beautiful girl
heart image Wamika Baby Girl Sign Girl Goddess Durga
heart image Yachana Baby Girl Sign Girl Entreaty; Prayer; Pleading
heart image Yadhana Baby Girl Sign Girl Smile
heart image Yadita Baby Girl Sign Girl Lord of the night
heart image Yagapriya Baby Girl Sign Girl Name of a Raga
heart image Yagnitha Baby Girl Sign Girl Worship
heart image Yati Baby Girl Sign Girl One who strives with pertinacity of purpose. A name for Goddess Durga
heart image Yavanika Baby Girl Sign Girl Curtain of the stage
heart image Zaaei Baby Girl Sign Girl A flower in Oriya
heart image Zaanjar Baby Girl Sign Girl Anklet
heart image Zaitun Baby Girl Sign Girl Olive
heart image Zankar Baby Girl Sign Girl The woman who sprinkles gold
heart image Zankrut Baby Girl Sign Girl Auspicious
heart image Zyanna Baby Girl Sign Girl Heart of light
Oriya baby girl names are deeply rooted in Odisha's rich cultural heritage. From names rooted in religion to one's inspired by literary references, Oriya baby names offer many meaningful options. These names mirror Odisha's traditions and values. Several are nature-inspired, while some draw inspiration from Indian epics and mythologies. In short, Oriya names are a treasure trove of traditional names with deep meanings and connotations. So, take your time and review each name in the list above to find a gem that will help embellish your little princess's personality.

Infographic: Excellent Oriya Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings

Oriya, primarily spoken in Odisha, is one of the many regional languages of India. Oriya names have spiritual connotations and often relate to nature, emotions, and human virtues. So, if you are of Oriya descent or appreciate the culture, society, and rich traditions of this Indian state, these names would be perfect for your baby girl. Take a look at the beautiful Oriya baby girl names in our infographic below.

exceptional girl names of oriya origin with meanings (infographic)

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some traditional Oriya baby girl names and their cultural significance?

Lakshmi is a traditional Odiya name that means 'sign' or 'mark' in Sanskrit. It is also the name of the Hindu goddess of prosperity and fortune. Naming a baby girl, Lakshmi reflects the belief in the divine qualities associated with the goddess. Sujata, meaning 'well-born,' focuses on the importance of lineage and social standing in the Oriya tradition. Malati, which means 'Jasmine,' symbolizes beauty, grace, and purity.

2. Which Oriya baby girl names are inspired by nature or animals?

Meenakshi (or Minakshi) means 'fish eye' in Sanskrit, symbolizing a fish's beautiful eyes. Kamala, meaning 'lotus' or 'pale red,' draws inspiration from the Lotus flower, which is revered for its beauty, purity, and cultural associations like spiritual enlightenment. Madhavi, meaning 'of the springtime,' Mayuri, translating to 'peahen,' and Chandrika, meaning 'moonlight,' are some more Oriya baby girl names that represent different aspects of nature's beauty.

3. Which Oriya baby girl names have a historical significance or connection?

Utkala is a traditional Oriya baby girl name, also the name of the ancient kingdom mentioned in the Mahabharata. Kalinga is the name of a historical region between the rivers Mahanadi and Godavari, known as the throne of King Ashoka. Subarnarekha, meaning 'streak of gold,' is the name of the river that flows through Jharkhand, West Bengal, and Odisha. Prabhavati (the name of a Gupta queen and a freedom fighter from Bihar) and Kanaklata (an Indian Independence activist from Assam) are some more Oriya baby girl names with paramount cultural significance.

4. What are some Oriya baby girl names with a positive or uplifting meaning?

Harsha (happiness), Pragati (progress, development), Vandana (worship, prayer, or praise), Riddhi (fortunate), Susmita (lovely smile), and Swara (musical note) are adorable Oriya baby girl names with positive connotations and meanings.

5. Which Oriya baby girl names are easy to pronounce and spell?

Diya (lamp or light), Pari (fairy), Ria (joyful), and Tara (star) are some Oriya baby girl names that have clear pronunciation and simple spelling.

6. What modern Oriya baby girl names are currently popular?

Ananya (matchless or unique), Anushka (favor, grace), Ishita (supremacy), Navya (to be praised), and Jiya (living or lived) are among several Oriya baby girl names that have garnered popularity in recent years.

7. What are some Oriya baby girl names with a royal connotation?

Rajeshwari (queen of queens), Rajkumari (princess), Rani (queen), Amruta (immortal), and Padmavati (the name of a 14th-century queen) are among the various adorable Oriya baby girl names that exude royalty.

8. Which Oriya baby girl names are related to love?

Prema (love, affection), Sneha (love, tenderness), Priti (pleasure, joy, love), Kanta (desirable, beautiful), and Mohini (infatuating) include some of the several Oriya baby girl names that carry a sense of warmth and endearment.

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