356 Persian Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Persia has had a glorious past and has been an example of the most developed culture in ancient times. Persia’s heritage and traditions are deep-rooted, but thanks to globalization, certain traditions in the region are changing. The changing trend is evident in how babies are given modern names that are inspired by other cultures and not strictly Persia.

Persian baby girls have unique names inspired from Arabic and Catholic cultures. While their literary masterpiece, Shahnameh is their source of most traditional Muslim names, the Persian Christian culture is the inspiration for the modern names. If you’ve been considering giving your little girl a Persian name, this MomJunction post is for you. Here, we list the most popular Persian baby girl names along with their meanings.

DariaTrustworthy natured personGirl
DarienRoyal giftGirl
EstherSweet; Star; Planet Venus; The Babylonian goddess of love; Fifth Century Queen of PersiaGirl
JasminA name of the flowerGirl
JasmineName of the Jasmin flowerGirl
JazminTall plant that has beautiful flowers which give sweet fragrance.Girl
KyraKyra means Throne, SunGirl
YasminaJasmine flowerGirl
YasmineJasmine flowerGirl
AafreenAfareen is a Persian name for girls, sometimes also used for Boys, that means "to praise", "to give thanks", "to congratulate", it is also an expression of praise and gratitudeGirl
AbnusA dark colored wood that do not sink, ebonyUnisex
AbreshminaA spotted gemstone, a gemstone that has spotGirl
AbruAn honour or the dignity of a personGirl
AdhOne who is from or of someone or somethingUnisex
AfriName of a character in Shahnameh, Siamak's daughter-in-lawGirl
AfsanehA story about fairies.Girl
AfsararaA person who is serving a crown.Girl
AfshanehSprinkling or scatteringGirl
AghighName of a stone. A stone that is precious, treasured, priceless, immeasurable and rare.Girl
Ahoodeer, gazelleGirl
Ahoudeer, gazelleGirl
AllysiahDistinguished; KindGirl
AlmiraOf Higher Birth OrderGirl
ArmaniFaith; Persian - Desire; A variant form of name ArmanGirl
ArshaPersian - Man; Hindi - Prayer Ceremony; Also means from the RishisUnisex
ArsiaPersian - Throne; One who is worthy of Throne; A variant spelling of the name ArshiyaGirl
AryanaUtterly pure; noble and pure individualGirl
ArzuDesire or wishGirl
AstrellaA form of Esther, meaning star.Girl
AtoosaName of Kourosh's daughterGirl
AtossaName of Kourosh's daughterGirl
AvaleighA beautiful individual; desired songGirl
AvaleyOne who is pretty as a bird with soundGirl
AvalieThe one who has huge strength and desireGirl
AytanPersian - Moonlike; Beautiful; Brilliant; SereneGirl
AzadehPersian - Dry Earth; Detached; Free of Material Things; NobleGirl
AzitaNoble; High-born; Humble; Free; Name of an Iranian PrincessGirl
AzizahArabic - Dear; Beloved; Esteemed; Precious; CherishedGirl
BaharSpring, Prime, Bloom, Beauty, Glory, Delight; YouthGirl
BaigumA title for high officialsGirl
BakhitaThe fortunate oneGirl
BanoGirl; Lady; Princess; BrideGirl
BerinBlond, fair; quick and active individualGirl
BerinaBest, highestGirl
BolourA woman who is like a crystalGirl
CasparaShe who is the keeper of treasureGirl
CyraMoon facedGirl
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