62 Persian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter N

NaadiyaThe one who calls, or the one who announceGirl
NaaheedThe star Venus, an elevated personGirl
NaasihaProfessional in giving truthful guidance to others.Girl
NaazneenStunning and fascinating lady.Girl
NaderehNot widely known to others.Girl
NaghmahA melody or a songGirl
NagmaThe tune or the melodyGirl
NahalA young plantGirl
NaheedThe planet Venus of the solar systemGirl
NaheedaA delightful personGirl
NahidThe Second planet of the solar system; VenusGirl
NahidaPlanet Venus, Referred in ShahanamaGirl
NahidahA delightful and beautiful girlGirl
NareenGood natured, tolerance of delay or incompetence.Girl
NargesA flower of a shape of eyeGirl
NargisThe eye-shaped flowerGirl
NarinaFresh, pomegranate flowerGirl
NarjisA sweet smelled flower, narcissusGirl
NarmeenPleasing to the senses, delicateGirl
NarminSoft and gentle girlGirl
NashadAn unhappy person, who is not happyUnisex
NashahA judge, a fair or just personUnisex
NasreenA white colored wild flowerGirl
NasrinA Jonquil flowerGirl
NasrineA beautiful white flowerGirl
NastaranA flower like a wild roseGirl
Nazanin ZahraNazanin means sweetheart, lovely, and, delightful, Zahra means flower, blossom, or beauty.Girl
NazhinName of a particular treeGirl
NazillaA cute person, pleasingGirl
NazisThe proud or something that can be proud ofGirl
NazishSomething to proud, full of proudGirl
NazveenA beautiful lady, queen of delicacy and charmGirl
NegarThe one is very loving and close to heart.Girl
NeginThe priceless gem or valuable gemstone.Girl
NeginaThe precious gemstoneGirl
NerminaA variant of Nermana, meaning hero.Girl
NestaniA form of Nestan, meaning uniqueGirl
NihadaCharacter, temperGirl
NijazaWish or needGirl
NikooThe most dearly one.Girl
NikouThe most dearly one.Girl
NiloferLilly flowers that flourishing in the water places.Girl
NiloofarA beautiful flower of LilyGirl
NiloufarThe lily floras which are prospering in the water ponds.Girl
NilouferSaintly, holy, Godly, spiritually, heavenly.Girl
NilufarThe lily flower that grows in the lakes or ponds.Girl
NirupeshHoneyed, sugary, sweet flavoured.Girl
NirushInitiator of joy and bliss.Girl
NirutHoneyed and sweet smelling.Girl
NirvikalpaThe new or the recent oneGirl
NisreenAn plant full of aromaGirl
NisrinAn aromatic plantGirl
NisrinaA girl who is aromatic as a flowerGirl
NiyooshaA patient listener, a careful listenerGirl
NizhaA delightful, clean or cleanlinessGirl
NoushaHoneyed, sugary, sweet flavoured.Girl
NoushafarinInitiator of joy and bliss.Girl
NoushinHoneyed and sweet smelling.Girl
NoushinehA musical tone of old Persian music.Girl
NowThe new or the recent oneGirl
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