43 Persian Baby Girl Names Starting With Letter S

SadieA princess, noble womanGirl
SahbaOne who is like a wineGirl
SanazA flower, Rose, Full of GraceGirl
SeriyahA princess or a daughter of a kingGirl
ShadleenHappy and soft hearted women.Girl
ShadmanA happy womanGirl
ShahidaOne who is considered beautifulGirl
ShahlahOne who blushesGirl
ShahmirA woman with beautiful, magical eyesGirl
ShahnazPride and bride of the kingGirl
ShahrbanoShe is the king's wifeGirl
ShahrbanouShe is the lady of the townGirl
ShahrnazThe town's most loved oneGirl
ShahrzadiShe was born from the cityGirl
ShahwarA woman worthy of KingsGirl
ShakufaThe opening bud.Girl
ShawdiOne who feels deep joyGirl
ShayanaShe deserves nice things in lifeGirl
SheevaA charming womanGirl
ShehzadiPersian name meaning princessGirl
ShereneWoman who is pleasant to be aroundGirl
SherinA charming womanGirl
SheydaA lovesick womanGirl
ShidehThe bright oneGirl
ShirinA sweet girl in Persian. Also, name of the characted from the Resain and Turkish legendGirl
Shirin banooA very sweet young girlGirl
ShivaShe who is very charmingGirl
ShohrahA famous woman who is well-knownGirl
ShohrehShe is a very famous girlGirl
ShoukaA kind of a deerGirl
ShydiOne who brings happinessGirl
SomaiehOne who is high above othersGirl
SooriaTo be like a red roseGirl
SorayaShe is precious as a jewelGirl
Soulmaz a persianA woman who never wiltsGirl
SouriA girl who is like a red roseGirl
SoussanShe is as beautiful as the lily flowerGirl
SuraaA woman of greath power and strenghtGirl
SurayaA woman precious as a jewelGirl
SuriA girl who is like a red roseGirl
SuriaTo be like a red roseGirl
SuryShe is like the Red RoseGirl
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