39 Persian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter S

SaadeeThe lord or the masterBoy
SabghtaColor given by Allah, true faith,Boy
SaeedHappy; Fortunate; Felicity; A variant spelling is SayidBoy
SafanHe who is brave, bold, and courageous,Boy
SahasanOne who is the finder of Sasani dynastyBoy
SajeelAlluring and beautiful personBoy
SamsherOne who is like a swordBoy
ShadCommanded by akuBoy
ShadhanA joyfull, happy personBoy
ShahA surname meaning KingBoy
ShaheenOne who is liek a royal falconBoy
ShaheryarHe is the kingBoy
ShahjahanHe is the King of the WorldBoy
ShahkamAs the King wishesBoy
ShahouThe best and most valuable pearl. A variant of Shahu.Boy
ShahpurPrince, son of a king.Boy
ShahrdadHe is the town's giftBoy
ShahrokhOne who has a royal faceBoy
ShahroozOne who is like a great riverBoy
ShahruzOne who is like a great riverBoy
ShahryarA Kingly personBoy
ShahuThe best and most valuable pearlBoy
ShahyarA friend of the KingBoy
ShahzoreA powerful kingly person with great strenghtBoy
ShahzuinaA kingly oneBoy
ShamshadA tree that looks like a pineBoy
ShamsherHis choice of weapon is the SwordBoy
ShamsheraOne who choses the SwordBoy
ShayanA person who is worthy and deserves good things in lifeBoy
SherPersian name meaning lionBoy
SiavashOne who is a keeper of dark horsesBoy
SiavoshA name of the character in ShahnamehBoy
SiminOne who is made of silverBoy
SiyamakOne who enjoys solitaryBoy
SiyavashOne who has many black stallionsBoy
SoheilTo be on the same level, to be evenBoy
SohrabOne who is a hero, a living legendBoy
SoroushHe who is a happy manBoy
SyrusThrone or LordBoy
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