25 Persian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter J

JasperOne who brings treasureBoy
JavionOne who is made out of clayBoy
JavonA name fro GreeceBoy
JaavedOne who is eternalBoy
JaduOne who is MagicalBoy
JaghanEverything in the worldBoy
JahandarHe posseses the worldBoy
JahangirThe World's conquerorBoy
JahangirkhanHe who conquered the worldBoy
JahanshahAn Emperor of the worldBoy
JavaanA variant of Javan which means young in Persian; Young ManBoy
JavadA liberaBoy
JavaidOne who is eternalBoy
JavanaYoung man; A name derived from Persian word Javan meaning YoungBoy
JavedOne who is aliveBoy
JaveedLiving Forever; Immortal; Eternal; A variant of JavedBoy
JawedThe eternal oneBoy
JehangirThe champion of the world.Boy
JihanThe World; Universe; Land; Name of a river in IranBoy
JubinHonorable; Righteous; A variant form is Zubin which means one who touches the skyBoy
JudeaThey are very kind to others, believe in charity, nobel, blessed and honored by othersBoy
JudeeThe one who is optimistic who grasp the standards of sympathy and pardoning. They are likewise inventive and creative that gives them an aesthetic ability.Boy
JudgeThe one with passionate soul and reserved nature, will keep calm, stritct and ambitious throughout the life.Boy
Judhailthe descendant of Goda, The person who lives with and after us, Who will help everyone, keep happy everyoneBoy
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