27 Persian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter K

KasperKaser means A treasured secretBoy
KaamranProsperous; Successful; Blessed; Fortunate; A variant of name KamranBoy
KacperKacper means TreasurerBoy
KamranKamran name means Fortunate and SuccessfulBoy
KamshadKamshad means Desire, A wish that is happyBoy
KamyarKamyar means Is SuccessfulBoy
KardarKarad means ExperiencedBoy
KasparKaspar means TreasuerBoy
KavaKava name means Hero of Ancient TimesBoy
KavehRoyal; Ancient Hero; A Character in Shahnameh;Boy
KayanKayan means Important PersonBoy
KayvanKayvan means The UniverseBoy
KeshwarA country or a territory, a state, ruled by a kingBoy
KeyvanKeyvan name means UniverseBoy
KhasharThe name means brave BoyBoy
KhawajaMister; A Spiritual Title; An Iranian title for Master, LordBoy
KhortdadThe name means Man without a FlawBoy
KhusroKing; Ruler; A variant of KhusruBoy
KhusruKing; Ruler; A variant of KhusroBoy
KhwajaKhwaja means a Maser, He Who OwnsBoy
KirusBretons form of Cyrus, meaning sunBoy
KiyanThe name means Royal OneBoy
KoroshKorosh means YoungBoy
KouroshFirst King of Iran; The Sun; Historically translated into English and Latin as "Cyrus"Boy
KurusName of many Persian Kings and RulersBoy
KushaadaHaving a lot of capacity, capaciousBoy
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