14 Persian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter T

Tabnak Hot too much appealing Boy
Tahib Observing someone or something closely Boy
Tahmaseb Name of character in Shahnameh Boy
Tahmores Resembling a strong wild dog Boy
Taimur Iron, as strong as iron. Boy
Tajbakhsh Protector of the king Boy
Tajwar King who is crowned, who has the power, the ruler Boy
Tamaz Georgian form of Tahmasp, meaning strong, brave and valiant Boy
Tamerlan A man of iron Boy
Temuri Georgian form of Timur, meaning iron Boy
Tigran Shooting or fighting with arrows Unisex
Tirdad Name of a character in Shahnameh Boy
Tooraj A brave man, founder of Turan, Central Asia from Persian mythology Shahnameh Boy
Touran The land or Tur, an ancient Persian kingdom Boy
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