16 Persian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter P

Painda A wise and intelligent man. Boy
Parvage One who is born fortunate and always wins Boy
Parvaiz One who comes out victorious Boy
Parveneh The one who is like a butterfly Boy
Parviz Lucky; Fortunate; Victorious; Boy
Pašaga Higher rank official in the Ottoman Empire Boy
Payam One who an interesting message Boy
Pedram One who is successful in life Boy
Pejman Desire; Wish; Broken-hearted; Sad; An Islamic surname; A variant of name Pezhman Boy
Persian A master who is like the shining Sun Unisex
Peyman One who has made a promise and an oath Boy
Pirzada He is son of a saint Boy
Poria A Persian mythical Warrior's name Boy
Pouyan To Search; Searcher; To Seek; Seeker; To Run; Runner Boy
Pridon Georgian form of Fereydoun, meaning third in Persian Boy
Pridoni Georgian form of Fereydoun It means third in Persian Boy
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