24 Persian Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter F

FairehThe bringer of happiness.Boy
FarbodOne who protects the gloryBoy
FarhadA feeling of great happinessBoy
Farhang GoodOne of good-breedingBoy
FariborzOne who possesses a big honor and mightBoy
FaridoonOne who is the thirdBoy
FarjaadExcellent, or eminent in learning.Boy
FarjadOne who is endowed with wisdomBoy
FarnazOne who is from hgh status and greatBoy
FaroqhA good and blessed manBoy
FarrokhzadOne who was happily bornBoy
FarrukhAn auspicious and fortunate manBoy
FarshidA spedour bright as a sunBoy
FartashA being, an existenceBoy
FarvardinOne who protects the good and the pureUnisex
FarzaanAn intelligent wise personBoy
FarzadOne of splendid birthBoy
FarzamA befitting and worthy manBoy
FarzanA man with great experience and intelligenceBoy
FereydoonThe third manBoy
FinnA 'fair' or 'white' personBoy
FinneasThe Oracle; Biblically, the son of Eli; Dark-skinned( Egyptian)Boy
FirojA winner, successful personBoy
ForooharIt means quintessence or intrinsic natureBoy
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