141 Scandinavian Baby Boy Names With Meanings

AsvaHaving speed like a horse, one who is swiftBoy
CarsonA Scottish surname, unknown meaningBoy
Ericever or eternal ruler.Boy
Ericka word which means someone who rules the people.Boy
FinnA 'fair' or 'white' personBoy
GunnerBold Warrior or Battle StrongBoy
JakobHolder of the heel, name from the Old TestamentBoy
KristianKristian means ChristianBoy
OdinDaffodil yellow flowersBoy
OscarNoorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.Boy
Aarenthe name has several meanings In Scandinavian the meaning of the name Aaren is: Lofty or inspired. it also means high mountainBoy
AlrikA person who is a noble, gracious universal rulerBoy
AnkerA manly harvester who is strong and very braveBoy
AnsfridProtected by GodBoy
AnsgarOld Norse - God Spear; Gentle Friend; A variant name of OscarBoy
AnshelmGerman - Protected by God; A variant of name AnselBoy
AsbjornOld Norse - Divine BearBoy
AsmundCognate of Osmond; gold which is the protectorBoy
AstorOne who is looking for a prey; Hawk and thunderBoy
AxOne who like peaceful conditionBoy
AxillThey are the one who spread peace; kind of fatherBoy
AxlThey are the father of peaceBoy
AymerA noble and generous human beingBoy
BeorhthelmA protector of lightBoy
BertelotA man who is light and brightBoy
BodeScandinavian - Sheltered; A variation of name Bodi; A contraction of name BodenBoy
BodenOne who takes shelterBoy
BodieOne who is shelteredBoy
BodineTo find shelterBoy
BoeA very handsome admirerBoy
BoothHe who lives in a hutBoy
BorgeA helping personBoy
BorghildA war in the fortificationsBoy
BorgnyOne who gladly helpsBoy
BoriOne who is a father of the warriorBoy
BrageA famous, shining and popular kingBoy
BrittOne of strenghtBoy
BroderTo be someone's brotherBoy
BrynklieA woman with an armourBoy
BurrA beautiful youthBoy
CajetanA rejoiced manBoy
CanuteTo tie in a knotBoy
DagDay; PresentBoy
DagenThe one who is dark-hairedBoy
DainThe one who is from DenmarkBoy
DaubeName of a bird called DoveBoy
DenbyOne who is from Danish settlementBoy
EbbeIt means Brave like a Boar.Boy
EdzardStrong egdeBoy
EggertHardy and has a lot of potentialBoy
EilifAn immortal person who is born to do great thingsBoy
Erika ruler of the world.Boy
Eriksonson or Erik; ruler of the people.Boy
Erlea leader or nobleman or warrior or prince.Boy
Erlenda stranger.Boy
Ertha German word for earth.Unisex
Erwinekfriend at sea.Boy
Esbena divine bear.Boy
Euddogwya famous saint pilgrim of ancient times.Boy
Eudeatused to refer to a very ancient saint pilgrim.Boy
Eudelfrom the yew tree valley.Boy
Eudelmea grove of yew trees.Boy
FridtjofThe one who stoles the harmony.Boy
HannesGod is Gracious; loving and quick mindedBoy
HansonSon of HansBoy
HavardHigh guardianBoy
HendrickRules his householdBoy
HendrixxVariation of Henry which means Estate rulerBoy
JakobyOne who will supplantBoy
JansonSon of JanBoy
JensenScandinavian - Son of Jens; Son of Jan; A variant of JansonBoy
JeppeThe person who illegally holds the place of another person.Boy
JerkOld Norse - Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of EricBoy
JerkerOld Norse - Ever Ruling; Island Ruler; Ever Ruler; A variant of EricBoy
JokithIcelandic name meaning Glacier of iceBoy
JosefHebrew - Yahweh will add; God Will Multiply; God will rise; A variant of JosephBoy
KajKaj name means in Greek Earth, in Latin RejoiceBoy
KareKare means means Enormous, BigBoy
KasperKaser means A treasured secretBoy
KasynKasyn name means He is ChasteBoy
KhristosKhristos means ChristBoy
KlausKlaus means The People's VIctoryBoy
KristofferBearing Christ; Carrier of Christ; A variant form of Christopher and KristopherBoy
KristyanHe who is of Christian religionBoy
LarisTo be crowned with laurelUnisex
LarsA thriumphant, victorius oneBoy
LarsenOne who achived a great VictoryBoy
LarsonSon of a victorious, triumphant manBoy
LassenA Son of Lars. A son of a honorable and famous oneBoy
LathamA person who resides a lot in the barns, or works in a barnBoy
LiefA person first in the line of ancestry, a heirBoy
LudvigsFame or war.Boy
LulledeLegendary warriorBoy
MakaidenOne who is known as a famous warriorBoy
MartenA soldier of the God of WarBoy
MeltonCity in the mid of villages, urban in the central of parishes.Boy
MimirThe wise person, one who remembers easilyBoy
NanneMercy or caring or passionate.Boy
NansenThe son of Nan (grace)Boy
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