132 South Indian Baby Names With Meanings

Indian names are as diverse as the country itself. Each caste, religion, family, and community has its own set of naming conventions and customs. In South India, a baby is named after much thought and discussion. The first names in the South Indian community are influenced by the culture, religion, and virtues that parents desire for their children.

The surname convention of South Indians is very different from the naming practices found in other parts of India. In South India, the ancestral town or village or the father’s name is generally used as the last name. Another thing to note is that all the names (ancestral town, village, or father’s name), expect the given name are abbreviated. Also, a person is identified only by his given name. Only in the legal documents, the last name or names are fully expanded.

A South Indian girl takes her father’s surname name at the time of birth. After the wedding, she sheds that to take her husband’s family surname name. But the woman also has a choice of retaining her maiden surname. Have a look at MomJunction's glossary of South Indian baby names with meanings.

Abhinavan (अभिनवन)Young, fresh or modernBoy
Abhinayan (अभिनयन)One who is an actor, one who actsBoy
AbhisekaThe method of purifying and cleaningBoy
AbhithaA fearless or a courageous womanGirl
AbijithThe one who conquers, or victoriousBoy
AbiramiA pleasant and beautiful girlGirl
AchyutamOne who cannot be destroyed or decayedBoy
AdalarachanThe monarch or king of danceBoy
AdalarasenThe master of dance or king of danceBoy
AdaleruA brave man, on who never been destroyedBoy
AdhibhanA leader or one who is born to winBoy
AdhibuOne who is superior of allBoy
AdhiyamaanThe king of the sun, a solar kingBoy
AdithanThe leader who belongs to the SunBoy
AsisthaVery quickGirl
BhaanumatiFull of lusterGirl
BhaanupriyaBeloved of the sunGirl
EashwariA name of Goddess ParvatiGirl
JeyasilanA victorious warrior; Lord ShivaBoy
KaalappanThe father of time or the Lord of timeBoy
KoyilkaniBeautiful voice like koyal, gift from GodBoy
Krishna-dwaipayanaA dark wise or sage VyasaBoy
KuppuramThe princely state, or the highest kingBoy
MeyappanA true person, who always honest and trueBoy
MooppanA prime person, a head of communityBoy
MoorthyAn idol, mainly of a GodBoy
MoovendanA ruler of the rulers, one who rule the other kingsBoy
NakkiranA brave poetess who writes against evils of societyGirl
NalladuraiWho possess love for mankind, honest personBoy
NallaiyanAn honest person, having disposition of goodBoy
NallalaganA very handsome and smart manBoy
NallamuthuA gracious pearlBoy
NallanbanA pleasant forestBoy
NallannanGracious brotherBoy
NallaperumalThe gracious Lord VenkateshwaraBoy
NallappaA graceful father or parentsBoy
NallappanFather who is very gracefulBoy
NallarasanThe great taste juice, tasty juiceBoy
NallasivanThe graceful Lord ShivaBoy
NallathambiGraceful young brotherBoy
NallavanA generous personBoy
NallenanA person with good deedsBoy
NalliA healthy person, free from diseasesGirl
NallisamiThe possessor of good healthBoy
NallusamiOne who is always free from illnessBoy
NamberumanA colored person, referred to Lord ShivaBoy
NambiSelf-confident person, also a curative herbBoy
NambiyandanA well known or renowned personBoy
NambuThe God, the creator of mankindBoy
NambudiriOne who has completed all the VedasBoy
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