299 Yoruba Baby Names With Meanings


Yoruba baby names are rooted in West Africa’s rich cultural heritage. To the Yoruba, a name isn't just a word or an identity. It's an embodiment of lineage, history, and family. As per the Yoruba custom, Yoruba kids are named in a ceremony held seven days after birth. In ancient times, the names were found by divination performed by traditional Ifa priests, called Babalawo, locally. But now, the names are suggested by the ranking members of the family, which include the mother, father, grandparents, or relatives. A private ceremony is held for the parents and close family members where the child is bestowed the name. A public ceremony, with entertainment and feasting, is held by parents to celebrate the baby's arrival a few days after the private ceremony. Yoruba names are classified into five categories – Oruko Amutorunwa or destiny names, Oruko Abiso or acquired names, Oruko Oriki or Panegyrics, Oruko Abiku, and Oruko Inagije or alias. Many Yoruba believe a name can influence a child's behavior and destiny (1). Hence, choosing the right name for the child is considered a crucial responsibility of the parents. Parents seek guidance from elders and family members to fulfill this duty and select names that convey specific meanings or attributes. Yoruba girls are named after the circumstances in which their birth took place or as a reflection of the wealth they bring to their families. Modern or Christian parents use Christian forms of traditional names, while Muslim Yoruba parents give their children Arabic names with Yoruba phonetics. Other factors influencing parents' name choices include cultural values, numerology, aesthetic appeal, and pleasant sound. Moreover, Yoruba names are generally gender-specific, meaning specific names are reserved for boys and girls. Hence, knowing a name's meaning and cultural significance is crucial in Yoruba culture. Understanding this, we have curated a comprehensive list of the best Yoruba baby names with meanings.

heart image Abayomrunkoje Baby Boy Sign Boy God won't allow humiliation
heart image Abebi Baby Girl Sign Girl We asked for a girl child
heart image Abegunde Baby Boy Sign Boy One born during the holiday
heart image Abeo Baby Boy Sign Boy The bringer of happiness
heart image Abiade Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is born to royal parents
heart image Abidemi Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl born during father's absence
heart image Abidugun Baby Boy Sign Boy One born before the war
heart image Abiodun Baby Boy Sign Boy One born at the time of festival
heart image Abiola Baby Boy Sign Boy Born in Honor; Born during the first days
heart image Abiona Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is born during a journey
heart image Abioye Baby Boy Sign Boy The son of royalty; A Variant of Abiola
heart image Adankwo Baby Girl Sign Girl One born on the fourth day
heart image Adaoma Baby Girl Sign Girl A good and virtuous lady
heart image Adaora Baby Girl Sign Girl Daughter of all
heart image Adebamgbe Baby Boy Sign Boy A Nigerian term meaning royalty dwells within me
heart image Adebiyi Baby Boy Sign Boy The royal one
heart image Adedayo Baby Boy Sign Boy The crown has turned to joy
heart image Adefolake Baby Girl Sign Girl Your wealth supports us
heart image Adeleke Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Noble, brave, born into wealth, strong
heart image Ademola Baby Boy Sign Boy Crown is Added to My Wealth
heart image Adeniyi Baby Boy Sign Boy The value or honor of a crown
heart image Adepero Baby Boy Sign Boy The crown has brought peace
heart image Aderiyike Baby Girl Sign Girl The pampered crown
heart image Adesanya Baby Boy Sign Boy My pains have been compensated with the arrival of this child
heart image Adeshola Baby Boy Sign Boy One who is crowned to bring wealth
heart image Adesina Baby Girl Sign Girl She opens the way
heart image Adesola Baby Boy Sign Boy A child crowned with wealth
heart image Adesuwa Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Royal wealth
heart image Adetayo Baby Boy Sign Boy Crown has brought us great joy
heart image Adetokunbo Baby Boy Sign Boy A Nigerian name of Yoruba descent in which the word Ade means crown
heart image Adetola Baby Boy Sign Boy The crown can be measured to wealth
heart image Adetope Baby Boy Sign Boy The crown is worthy of praise
heart image Adetosoye Baby Boy Sign Boy The crown is entitled to the throne
heart image Adeyemi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Royalty or crown brings honor
heart image Adisa Baby Boy Sign Boy Clear spoken person
heart image Adunni Baby Girl Sign Girl A daughter of a sweet person
heart image Aega Baby Girl Sign Girl A palm bird; A tiny bird
heart image Aina Baby Girl Sign Girl Beautiful eyed woman
heart image Ajayi Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Born face-down
heart image Akala Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Bright; Clear
heart image Akanni Baby Boy Sign Boy Strong, brave warrior
heart image Akin Baby Boy Sign Boy Brave; Heroic; Man
heart image Alake Baby Boy Sign Boy One to be honored
heart image Amoke Baby Girl Sign Girl Loving stroke or to pet her
heart image Apara Baby Boy Sign Boy Matchless; Unique; Exclusive; Has no equivalent
heart image Atinuke Baby Girl Sign Girl One who has been taken care of right from conception
heart image Ayinde Baby Boy Sign Boy We gave praise and he came
heart image Ayobami Baby Girl Sign Girl One asking for wealth
heart image Ayodele Baby Boy Sign Boy Joy has returned; A variant of name Ayotunde
heart image Ayokunumi Baby Girl Sign Girl Overwhelmed with wealth
heart image Ayomide Unisex Baby Sign Unisex My joy has arrived
heart image Ayomisioluwakonitan Baby Girl Sign Girl The Joy of the Lord will never diminish in my life
heart image Ayoola Baby Girl Sign Girl The joy of wealth
heart image Ayotola Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy is enough wealth
heart image Ayotoluwafunmi Baby Girl Sign Girl The joy that the Lord has given me
heart image Ayotomiwa Baby Boy Sign Boy Wealth has returned
heart image Ayotunde Unisex Baby Sign Unisex Joy has returned; A variant of name Ayomide
heart image Ayotundun Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy is sweet
heart image Ayowonuola Baby Girl Sign Girl Joy enters wealth
heart image Ayowunmi Baby Girl Sign Girl A girl who loves joy
heart image Babasolaf Baby Boy Sign Boy Father's wealth has arrived
heart image Babatunji Baby Boy Sign Boy The father returns again
heart image Bandele Baby Girl Sign Girl Born Away From Home
heart image Banjoko Baby Boy Sign Boy Don't ever leave me
heart image Bankole Baby Boy Sign Boy Build a home for me
heart image Bayode Baby Boy Sign Boy He who brings joy with himself
heart image Bayowa Baby Boy Sign Boy He has come with joy
heart image Bere Baby Girl Sign Girl First daughter of the family
heart image Bidemi Baby Girl Sign Girl Born awaiting me
heart image Bimpe Baby Girl Sign Girl One who is gorgeous and beautiful
heart image Bisi Baby Girl Sign Girl She who is a first-born daughter in the family
heart image Bmidele Baby Girl Sign Girl A Yoruba term meaning follow me home
heart image Bodunde Baby Girl Sign Girl Came with christmas or one who was born during christmas
heart image Bolade Baby Boy Sign Boy Honor will come.
heart image Bolanle Baby Girl Sign Girl One who finds wealth at home.
heart image Bolatito Baby Girl Sign Girl A Yoruba term meaning how joy sanctifies me.
heart image Boluwaji Baby Girl Sign Girl Rise up with Lord
heart image Boluwatife Baby Girl Sign Girl As God wishes; One who follows the will of God
heart image Bosede Baby Girl Sign Girl A daughter that came to world on a Sunday
heart image Bunmi Baby Girl Sign Girl To be my gift
heart image Busayo Baby Girl Sign Girl Adds to joy
heart image Damola Baby Boy Sign Boy Mixed with wealth
heart image Dideoluwakusidede Baby Girl Sign Girl The coming of the lord is at hand
heart image Diekololaoluwa Baby Girl Sign Girl God's blessing isn't small
heart image Diekololaoluwalayemi Baby Girl Sign Girl The wealth of god in my life cannot be measured
heart image Doyinsola Baby Girl Sign Girl My wealth is sweet
heart image Durojaiye Baby Boy Sign Boy One who waits for the joy of life
heart image Durosinmi Baby Boy Sign Boy Wait to rest
heart image Duru Baby Girl Sign Girl Strong or firm
heart image Ebunoluwa Baby Girl Sign Girl God's gift
heart image Emilohi Baby Girl Sign Girl Only God is great
heart image Emiola Baby Girl Sign Girl The honorable one; An honorable man
heart image Eniafe Baby Girl Sign Girl A beloved man
heart image Eniiyi Baby Girl Sign Girl A person of integrity
heart image Enitan Baby Girl Sign Girl Person of the story or person with a history
heart image Eriifeoluwa Baby Girl Sign Girl The evidence of God's love
heart image Eromidola Baby Girl Sign Girl My thought has become wealth
heart image Esupofo Baby Boy Sign Boy The devil has lost
heart image Eyitope Baby Girl Sign Girl This is worthy of praise
heart image Fadekunmi Baby Girl Sign Girl Add crown to me or add crown for me
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Yoruba baby names carry profound meanings and cultural associations. They offer a captivating insight into the vibrant heritage of the Yoruba tribe and its people. If Yoruba culture's values and ethics resonate with you, the above list of Yoruba names with meanings has several options you may consider to name your baby. These names serve as an enduring connection to the past and hold relevance in the present. So pick a name as per preference and embrace the spirit of ancestral legacy.

Infographic: Culturally Significant Yoruba Baby Names

The Yoruba culture of Nigeria consists of philosophy, religion, and fascinating folktales. It's one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa, with names of immense cultural significance. Exploring Yoruba names will give you a glimpse of rich traditions and beliefs. In this infographic, we've listed the most popular names from this culture.

lively yoruba names for boys and girls (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Yoruba names mean peace?

A popular Yoruba name that means peace is Alafia. It is a gender-neutral name. Ìdẹ̀raolúwa is another name that means ‘peace of god.’ Ifelayo is another Yoruba name that implies ‘love is peace.’

2. Are Yoruba names unisex?

Most of the names in Yoruba culture are unisex. Names like Bolu, Bola, Dare, Yinka, Tola, Sola, and Tade are unisex and are fully acceptable by the cultural law of this place. The Yoruba language classifies pronouns according to a person and number and not based on gender (2). However, you will also find many gender-specific names.

3. What are twins known as in Yoruba?

The first-born twin in Southwest Nigeria, irrespective of gender, is always called Taiwo. It means 'having the first taste of the world.' The second twin is called Kehinde. It implies 'arriving after the other.' Between both, the firstborn, or Taiwo, is regarded as the younger twin sibling (3 ).

4. Which Yoruba names mean favor?

In the Yoruba culture, Olúwasanmí means 'God favors me' or 'God rewards me.' It is made of olúwa, which means God; san, which means benefit or favor; and mí, which means me.

5. Which Yoruba names mean moon?

Kamari is an African name that means 'moon.’ It has many variations like Kamaria, Kam, and Mari. Mawu, in the Yoruba language, is also associated with the moon. It's the name of a creator goddess linked to the Sun and Moon.

6. What role do religious or cultural traditions play in selecting Yoruba baby names?

Religious and cultural traditions play a significant role in selecting Yoruba baby names. These names tell the story of the socio-economic backgrounds of families and showcase their religions and customs. Children are often named after significant cultural events surrounding their birth so they can recall the memories later. The names are important means of communication and sources of gender differentiation (4). There is also a tradition in the Yoruba culture about naming according to the background of a family, religion, or antecedents. Some examples include Ògúndìran, which means 'Ogun has become a living tradition in the family,’ and Ayanlowo, which means 'Ayan drumming tradition is honorable.'

7. What are the historical and cultural origins of Yoruba baby names?

According to the Yorubas, a given name has a profound effect. They have always believed that the name that a child bears can influence their entire life cycle from their behavior, profession, and success. From the beginning, Yoribas have regarded a name as representing the socio-economic and cultural characteristics, family background, occupation, place of origin, and political and economic class. Some examples of these names include Abiodun, which means 'born during a festival,' and Abosede, which means a child born on the first day of the week (5).


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