15+ Fun Bible Games And Activities For Teens And Youth

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The Bible is the repository of wisdom and knowledge. However, getting your teenager to read the holy book can be quite a task as they are busy in their world. Motivating them to indulge in Bible games for teens can be an effective way to make them read the book, which teaches them the important lessons of life. So, keep reading this post as we bring you a collection of Bible activities and games that will make your teen fall in love with the holy book.

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15+ Best Bible Games For Teens

Bible games and activities can also be a fun way to promote spiritual growth and teach the importance of salvation, forgiveness, grace, hope, and peace. These activities can be incorporated during Bible class, Sunday class, Bible book club meeting, or even family Bible fun time.

1. Bible Jeopardy

Bible Jeopardy game for teens

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • A piece of paper to write the clues
  • A bowl
  • Money

How To:

  • All the players have to sit in a circle and choose the clues from the bowl. They need to frame questions from clues.
  • Teens can play the game in the same format as shown on the television. (1)
  • It is a buzzer round, meaning one who hits the buzzer first gets to answer the question.
  • The amount of money to be won or lost can increase when it comes to ‘Double jeopardy’.
  • The fun heightens when it comes to the last clue where all the contestants can bet the amount won and this is called the ‘Final Jeopardy’.
  • Creating and playing this game is very easy and the enjoy quotient is way too high.

2. Bible Hangman

You Will Need:

  • A blank board

How To:

  • It is one of the easiest and most enjoyable games among the Bible games.
  • The players can write clues on a board and ask others to fill in with letters.
  • Whenever one misses a letter or uses the wrong one, other players can draw the hangman.
  • To make the game even more enjoyable, the teen can think of adding a wheel which can be spun to earn money; thus making it look similar to the ‘Wheel of Fortune’.

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3. Bible Charades

You Will Need:

  • Cut-outs of Bible characters
  • A piece of paper

How To:

  • Similar to dumb charades, all your teen needs to do is cut out pictures of the characters and hand them to the groups to act, while the others can guess and answer.
  • To make it simpler, they could write the names of characters on small pieces of paper.
  • Can be played in groups or individually, this game hones your acting skills too.
protip_icon Point to consider
Play these games if your child is less enthusiastic about studying the Bible. This will bring them closer to the Lord and help them become responsible individuals.

4. Biblical 20 Questions

You Will Need:

  • A piece of paper to write down the questions

How To:

  • This game can be played with just 20 questions. But the only criteria is that the characters should be taken from the pages of Bible.
  • Make sure that you tell the participants which part of the Bible, the characters are taken from.
  • The opponents can ask random questions to find out who the character is. Add the point system to make this game even more enjoyable.
  • It can be played in small or large groups.

5. Bible Paintings

You Will Need:

  • Drawing tools
  • Paper cut-outs

How To:

  • There goes a bit of preparation in this game. It has to be well researched.
  • The participants have to figure out the characters or verses within the allotted time. This increases the difficulty level of the game.
  • The participants need to bring their drawing tools, or they can be supplied by the organizers.
  • One team should draw the topic given to them, and the other team has to guess from the painting.
  • If the answering team cannot guess the characters correctly, a clue is provided.

6. Bible Bingo

Bible Bingo game for teens

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • Printing paper
  • Computer
  • A bowl

How To:

  • This game requires a lot of planning and patience as it is protracted.
  • Your teen needs to make cards based on Bible characters and topics, and the cards have to different from each other, and then printed.
  • Take the large bowl containing the cards and jumble them before playing Bingo.
  • A quick run through online should help you understand how to make these cards.

7. Bible Ladder

You Will Need:

  • A Ladder
  • Blocks painted with Bible characters
  • Cardboard pins

How To:

  • As the name suggests, in this game the kids need to climb a ladder and arrange the thing in the right order.
  • Each of the teams will receive a stack of blocks, paintings (based on Biblical topics which can be both events or characters) and they would have to arrange them based on the chronology.
  • Though teens can also play the game individually, it is more fun to play it in groups.
  • They can use simple cardboard pins or Velcro tapes to make the events appear in order.

8. Bible Book It

You Will Need:

  • Paper to write the clues

How To:

  • In this game the host needs to give clues about a character or an event and the participants need to understand the clues, find the right character and event, and answer the book from which the question has been taken.
  • The host needs to predetermine the book as if the characters and events have occurred or appeared multiple times.

9. Bible Bee

How To:

  • It is a simple game, which does not require any preparation.
  • The contestants need to quote verses from the Bible till it happens that one of them is unable to quote any. That contestant is then ruled out, and the game starts again.
  • One of the best ways to remember the quotes, the last man standing wins the game.

10. Pass The Parcel

You Will Need:

  • Small paper box
  • Cardboard cutouts

How To:

  • Instead of the traditional pillow passing, as the music plays, the game requires you to pass parcels which contain letters.
  • The one who has the parcel, when the music stops, leaves the game and gives out the hidden letter in the parcel.
  • It continues until all the letters are revealed or the last man is standing.

Paul Turner, a youth pastor, introduces a game called Pass It On to a group of youngsters. He explains, “You can play with any size youth group… the larger the group, the more fun the game can become.” He gives everyone 11 seconds to pick up an item in the room. He elaborates on the two rules, “Number one, the item you pick cannot be broken if you were to drop it… The other rule is no duplicates, if somebody brings a duplicate, you take that item away from them and give them a chair. It is super fun to watch them pass that chair around.” The goal is to keep passing the items around without dropping them. If they drop it, they are out but the item remains. This purpose of the game is to bear each other’s burdens regardless of the size to fulfill the law of Christ, according to Galatians 6:2 (i).”

11. Bible Jigsaw

Bible Jigsaw game for teens

Image: IStock

You Will Need:

  • Cardboard cutouts
  • A stop-watch

How To:

  • This game requires minimum preparations.
  • They can simply write verses on papers or cardboards and then cut or tear them, and jumble them up.
  • The task is to set the jumbled pieces in a proper order. This should be a time allotted game.
  • Smaller verses can be made to increase the difficulty level in the game.

12. Bible Darts

You Will Need:

  • Paper cutouts to print the Bible characters
  • Balloons
  • Darts

How To:

  • Teens can play the fun dart game with Bible verses than characters.
  • Your teen needs to choose two different verses, write or print them in separate colored papers, and insert them into balloons.
  • After the balloons are inflated, stick them high up in the wall.
  • Two teams have to throw the darts at the balloons and bring out the hidden verses.
  • Make sure that no one goes close to the wall when the darts are being thrown, as it might hurt someone.

13. Bible Relay Race

You Will Need:

  • Blackboard
  • A Bible

How To:

  • Two teams get two different verses, which have to be memorized.
  • The participants need to run from a starting point to a board and right only one word of the verse at a time and come back to the same point. Once back, another participant from the same team would repeat this.
  • This continues until the team writes the whole verse correctly.
  • To add to the fun quotient, you can replace running with hopping, jumping, running with a sack, as in sack races.

14. Bible Newspaper Slice

You Will Need:

  • A Bible
  • Newspapers
  • Scissors

How To:

  • Choose verses which you would like in the game.
  • Divide the verses into smaller sections, and distribute newspapers to the group.
  • The teams have to cut out words from the newspapers which will help make a verse.
  • It can get creative, and some words may not be there in modern English, which would make the task more difficult.
  • The team which does it earlier or makes it more creative that the opponent, is the winner.
  • Letters instead of words can be cut out. This would make the game more difficult.

15. Bible Eat Out Memory Verse

You Will Need:

  • Bowls to stack the foods
  • Dry food like chips, cereals and waffles

How To:

  • It can be hysterical as the teenagers get to eat along with this game.
  • Your teen has to choose two different verses, preferably the long ones and cut and jumble them into two separate sets of bowls.
  • The verses have to be hidden in these bowls by pouring cereals, chips or other such dry food.
  • The food should be eaten to retrieve the verses, which then have to be arranged.
  • It is safe to check that the foods you keep do not give allergy to anyone.

16. Bible trivia game

You will need:

  • Bible questions
  • Answer sheets
  • Bibles
  • Buzzers

How to:

  • Begin the Bible Trivia game by selecting questions either randomly or organizing them into categories to create a diverse challenge.
  • Let your teens engage in thoughtful answering, jotting down their responses within a set time frame.
  • The scoring system rewards correct answers with points, determining the ultimate victor — be it an individual or a team — based on the highest score.
  • Post-question rounds, encourage lively discussions about the correct answers, fostering a valuable learning experience for all involved.
  • This gameplay ensures a mix of competition and educational engagement throughout the Bible trivia experience.

5 Interesting Bible Activities For Teens

Bible study is an important part of many teens’ spiritual lives. It allows them to deepen their understanding of their faith and grow closer to God. Many churches offer opportunities for teens to engage in worship and outreach activities. Making bible activities a part of these events can help them to strengthen their faith and give back to their communities.

The Bible activities are perfect for youth groups or even people belonging to late teens. The activities can help them learn more about different Bible verses and characters. They are a relief from the monotonous Bible lecture and extended discussion.

1. Apostle, King,Or Prophet:

Apostle, King,Or Prophet activity for teens

Image: Shutterstock

You Will Need:

  • A piece of paper
  • Pens

How To:

  • The Bible has many characters, which are apostles, kings, or prophets.
  • Teens need to jot down these names along with several other names which are not in the Bible or are apostles, kings, or prophets.
  • Once done, one person calls out the names and the others have to write those names below the designations.
  • This activity is very simple and can help kids a lot to memorize the names and their designations and importance.
  • If you can throw some light on these characters, it would be an added advantage.

2. Bible Relation:

You Will Need:

  • A piece of paper

How To:

  • It will require a lot of research.
  • Your teen needs to find several pairs of characters from Bible who do not have a direct connection between one another.
  • The connection is via others or some conversation where one says about the others. The teams need to find the link.
  • If the teams can find more than one connection, it will help everyone know more about the character.
protip_icon Do remember
These Bible activities help develop your children’s research skills, critical reasoning, and problem-solving skills.

3. Bible Application Pictures:

You Will Need:

  • Cardboard cut-outs
  • Color pens

How To:

  • It can either be done by showing pictures with references from the Bible or drawing them on the board.
  • The groups have to describe the teachings and lessons derived from the picture, and their application in daily life.
  • This activity serves a dual purpose of memorizing the verse correctly and realizing the true meaning of the verse.
  • Not just the host, the participants can draw the pictures too.

4. Bible Songs:

Bible Songs activity for teens

Image: IStock

You Will Need:

  • Music system

How To:

  • The groups, no matter how many, are given different Biblical verses and they need to present the verses in different genres of music like soap opera themed music, country music, high school music, rap music, simple advertising songs or jingles, etc.
  • The songs can be recorded and played in the future to rehearse and remember the verses. The creativity in creating the songs makes it a great fun activity.
  • There are CD-s available in the market where the songs are made to teach verses.

5. Bible Skits:

How To:

  • There can be as many groups and each group receives verses, which have to be enacted.
  • The acts could be funny, serious, adapted, anything. Props can also be used.
  • The activity does require one to understand the meanings of the verses.

Does your teen get indulged in Bible games during his Sunday school? Which game does he love to play the most? Do you have more games to share? Do mention in the comments box below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can Bible games help me connect with other Christian teens and build community?

Bible games are a fun way to unite Christian teens and build community. When playing these games, you can bond over their faith while learning about each other’s beliefs and perspectives. Fellowship is also an important aspect that can be fostered through these fun Bible games and activities for teens and youth. Participating in these games together can create a sense of community and encourage young people to support and learn from one another in their faith journeys.

2. How can Bible games help teens and youth strengthen their relationship with God and develop their spirituality?

Teens and youth can learn about different teachings and stories in the Bible through games, which can help strengthen their relationship with God and grow in their spirituality in a fun and engaging way. These games can help them meditate on Bible verses and scriptures and teach prayer.

3. What are some tips for finding the best Bible games for my age group and interests?

Bible games can vary for different age groups. For example, you may include games that incorporate small Bible verses, pictures, stories, or quizzes depending on the age and knowledge of the group.

4. How can I use Bible games to engage with non-Christian friends and share my faith in a non-threatening way?

While sharing your testimonies is the best way to share your faith with your non-Christian friends, Bible games are also fun to engage with non-Christian friends. You can use the game to ask questions and potentially pique their curiosity and interest in Christianity. However, it helps if you also respect their beliefs and opinions.

Reading the Bible can produce positive outcomes such as increased empathy, intelligence, social skills, as well as coping skills. Introducing bible games to teens can be an interesting way if you want them to develop an interest in Bible and religion, and experience the joy that comes with learning more about faith. They may be already familiar with some of these games if they attend Sunday school. These activities and games can also be a fun way to interact with each other during family gatherings and other events.

Infographic: Exciting Bible Games For Teenagers

Learning the Bible brings the family together, but keeping your teens interested can be a challenging task. In this infographic, we list some of the most engaging Bible games and activities that your teen will enjoy.

fun bible games to play for teens (infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

Key Pointers

  • Bible games are a fun way to teach teenagers about God’s words and wisdom.
  • Bible games also improve bonds among family members and teens in youth groups and help adults teach essential lessons in a relaxed and enjoyable way.
  • Games like Biblical 20 Questions, Bible Charades, and Bible Bee do not require much preparation or materials.

Let your kids have fun while learning about the Bible with these five fun Band-Aid games! Perfect for Sunday school or at home.

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