15 Best Transformer Toys To Buy For Kids In 2021

Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Ironhide… Wondering what or who they are? Ask any kid, and they will tell you that they are only some of the most popular Transformers!

The successful Transformers movie franchise has a huge fan base among children. The popularity of the franchise, not so surprisingly, led to the introduction of Transformers merchandise that includes toys.

If your child is one of the many who love the shape-changing robots, this post is for you.

15 Best Transformers Toys For Kids 

1. Transformers Generations Titans Return Fortress Maximus

 Transformers Generations Titans Return Fortress MaximusBuy-Now

The name of the character is Fortress Maximus and belongs to the category of ‘Titans’, which consists of giant Transformers.


  • This Transformers kids toy consists of a two-feet tall Fortress Maximus figure, Cerebros action figure, and a Titan Master Emissary figure.
  • The Transformers toy set also comes with a collector card, labels, and other accessories that fit into the toy.
  • The Cerberos action figure transforms into the head of Fortress Maximus.
  • There are several lights and sounds components in the toy that are powered by three AAA-size batteries, which you have to purchase separately.
  • Several parents liked the quality of the plastic and found the toy to be durable.


  • The toy stands two feet tall and is too large for young kids to handle. Ideal for older kids and teens only.

2. Transformers Studio Series Sideswipe

Transformers Studio Series SideswipeBuy-Now

This action figure is that of Sideswipe, one of the Transformers seen in the live-action film called ‘Transformers: Dark of the Moon.’


  • The set consists of a Sideswipe action figure, four accessories for the action figure, and an illustrated backdrop, which is a scene from the film.
  • The backdrop allows the child to place the action figure in various poses along with its accessories.
  • The weapon accessories are completely modeled around the ones used by the Transformers in the original film.
  • The 4.5-inch tall Sideswipe transforms into a silver Chevrolet Corvette Stingray toy car.


  • Transforming Sideswipe into a Corvette takes eighteen steps and require some practice and probably some adult guidance, at least initially.

3. Playskool Heroes Transformers Boulder the Construction-Bot

Playskool Heroes Transformers Boulder the Construction-BotBuy-Now

The toy’s appearance is based on the character named Boulder shown in the animated show called ‘Transformers: Rescue Bots.’


  • It takes one step to convert the figure from a robot into a toy bulldozer.
  • A driller accessory can be placed in the hands of the Transformers action figure.
  • The simple conversion process and the lack of any complex parts make it an ideal Transformers toys for younger kids.


  • A few parents felt that the toy’s size was too small.

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4. Transformers Generations Voyager Class Onslaught Figure

 Transformers Generations Voyager Class Onslaught FigureBuy-Now

The Onslaught character is from the ‘Transformers Generations’ line of toys.


  • The toy can transform from the robot mode to a tank mode in a few simple steps.
  • It is playable in both modes. Features like large guns and rugged wheels in the tank mode make it an excellent choice.
  • The action figure comes with a collector card.


  • A few buyers found the connectors of the parts to be delicate, which may cause the limbs of the toy to feel floppy.

5. Transformers Generations Dinobot Snarl

 Transformers Generations Dinobot SnarlBuy-Now

Dinobot Snarl is known for its ability to change its shape into a dinosaur.


  • The Transformers toy changes its shape into a stegosaurus dinosaur in 13 easy steps.
  • The toy comes with an armor and weapon accessory. A collector card is also shipped with the toy.
  • It is playable in both the robot and dinosaur mode.


  • A few users felt that the toy could have been better packaged.

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6. Playskool Heroes Medix The Doc-Bot

 Playskool Heroes Medix The Doc-BotBuy-Now

Medix the Doc-Bot is the medic in the Transformers Rescue Bots team.


  • The robot mode converts into an ambulance in a single step. The ambulance mode is chosen because Medix the Doc-Bot is a medic.
  • A press of a button facilitates the conversion of the toy from robot mode to an ambulance mode.
  • The four limbs of the robot transform into the four wheels of the ambulance. The wheels allow Medix to be used as any other toy vehicle.


  • The toy may come across as small for older children.

7. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blurr Figure

 Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Blurr Figure


The Blurr action figure is based on its appearance in the show ‘Transformers: Rescue Bots.’


  • The character quickly transforms from the robot mode to the car mode in a single step.
  • The toy is playable in both robot and car mode.
  • Some parents reported that the toy is durable and can withstand drops without any damage.


  • Parents felt that the size of the toy could have been larger for the price paid.

8. Transformers Punch-Counterpunch and Prima Prime

 Transformers Punch-Counterpunch and Prima PrimeBuy-Now

The toy set comes with two actions figures from the world of Transformers.


  • The main action figure is that of a character called Punch-Counterpunch. The smaller action figure is that of Prima Prime.
  • The Transformers toys set for kids comes with two accessories right out of the box.
  • The large Punch-Counterpunch figure can transform into an Autobot or a Decepticon. The main body can be transformed to change the appearance of the toy according to the version you choose.
  • The toy also transforms into a car in a few easy steps.


  • Buyers felt that the quality of the toy could have been better. A few buyers also found the moving parts to be clunky.

9. Playskool Heroes Optimus Prime Racing Trailer

 Playskool Heroes Optimus Prime Racing TrailerBuy-Now

The Transformers toy set comes with a trailer and two Transformers toys based on the characters seen in the ‘Transformers Rescue Bots’ animated television series.


  • The toy set comes with an Optimus Prime and a Blurr action figure. Blurr transforms into a car while Optimus Prime transforms into a truck that pulls the toy trailer.
  • Blurr robot can convert into car mode and can be stored inside the trailer. It may help reduce the risk of misplacing one of the toys.
  • A part of the trailer’s base can be removed to create a ramp, which can then be used for stunt play with Blurr in its car mode.
  • A launcher at the end of the ramp allows Blurr to be pushed down the ramp.
  • The transformation of all the toys is simple and can be achieved in a few simple steps.


  • Parents felt that the quality of the toy’s plastic could have been better for the price paid.

10. Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime

 Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus PrimeBuy-Now

It is the version of Optimus Prime as seen in the animated TV show named ‘Transformers Rescue Bots.’


  • It takes a single step to transform the toy from its robot version to a compact towtruck version.
  • The towtruck has realistic details, including a tow hook at the back of the toy. The wheels spin, letting one play with the toy as they would with a toy vehicle.
  • Many parents reported that the transformation process is straightforward, and children figured it out quickly.


  • A few buyers felt that the toy could have been a bit larger for the price paid.

11. Transformers Knight Armor Turbo Changer Megatron

 Transformers Knight Armor Turbo Changer MegatronBuy-Now

The action figure is based on the appearance of Megatron in the live-action film ‘Transformers’ The Last Knight.’


  • Megatron converts from robot mode to jet mode in four steps. This conversion process is the same as the one seen in the movie.
  • A switch allows putting the knight armor on the character while it is in its robot mode.
  • Many parents shared that the transformation process of the robot is easy for children to understand.


  • Some buyers felt that the quality of the product could have been better since parts tend to break when applied too much pressure.

12. Transformers Toys Autobot Team Combiner Pack

 Transformers Toys Autobot Team Combiner PackBuy-Now

The toy combines four action figures to create one large Transformers action figure.


  • It comes with four Transformers named Bumblebee, Strongarm, Grimlock, and Sideswipe. The four action figures can be hooked to one another to create a large Transformers figure called Combiner.
  • Each action figure works as a small Transformers character with folding arms and parts.
  • Three Transformers toys transform into an automobile while one of them converts into a dragon-like figure. The variety in the shapes of the Transformers is likely to make the child excited.
  • It comes with a sword accessory, which attached to the large Combiner figure.


  • A few parents found the toy to be a bit fragile and felt that the quality could have been better.

13. Playskool Heroes Optimus Prime Action Figure

 Playskool Heroes Optimus Prime Action FigureBuy-Now

The compact Optimus Prime figure is inspired by Transformers Rescue Bots animated television show.


  • The two modes of play include the truck mode and the open robot mode. The toy can be transformed into a truck or robot in just one step.
  • It comes with a rescue saw accessory, which can be attached to the toy in both robot and vehicle mode.
  • The toy can work with other “Energize”-branded accessories from Playskool.
  • The Transformers toy is entirely functional in truck mode. The four wheels allow the toy to move on the ground like any other toy truck.


  • A few parents felt the size of the toy was on the smaller side.
  • Children may get bored with the simple one-step transformation soon.

14. Transformers Power Charge Bumblebee

 Transformers Power Charge BumblebeeBuy-Now

This version is based on Bumblebee’s appearance in the live-action film ‘Transformers: Bumblebee’.


  • Bumblebee converts into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle in a few steps. The toy is playable in both robot and car mode.
  • A wheel on the chest of the action figure activates lights and sounds that are powered by a battery.
  • The electronic module can play more than 25 sounds, including some music.
  • The action figure comes with a mask, which can be placed on the face with a flick.


  • Parents shared that the transformation process of the toy is a bit difficult, and the child is very likely to require an adult’s help initially.

15. Transformers: Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and Aerobolt

 Transformers Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and AeroboltBuy-Now

This Transformers toy for kids is based on the animated characters shown on the show named ‘Transformers: Robots in Disguise.’


  • There are two Transformers characters in the pack. One is the Optimus Prime robot while another is the robot bird named Aerobolt.
  • Aerobolt folds into a compact shape and attaches on the front of Optimus Prime. Attaching the toy opens a latch and releases the wings of Optimus Prime automatically.
  • Optimus Prime robot transforms into a large playable truck.
  • The child can play with Aerobolt separately too.
  • The toy comes with sword accessory for Optimus Prime. You also get a battery to power the various lights and sounds of the robot.


  • Transforming the robot into a truck requires moving several parts, which the younger children can find challenging.
  • Some parents were not happy with the quality of the product and expected it to be more durable.

What Are Transformers? 

Transformers are fictional shape-shifting robots that usually transform themselves into a vehicle to cover their identity. Inspired by the characters, the Transformers toys have several joints and moving parts that allow them to change the shape to become a car or a truck, depending on the character. The shape-changing ability is what makes the characters and the toys quite enticing. Having a Transformers toy is like having two toys (a robot and an automobile) in one.

Safety Measures To Take While Playing With Transformers Toys

The Transformers toys usually come with several joints that are bent or folded to change the toy’s shape into that of a robot or a car. Some toys are simple and ideal for younger kids, while others can be complicated and suitable for teens. Some parts of these toys may come off easily or may be removable too. These parts may pose a risk of choking, especially for young children, and must be avoided.

Transformers toys with a simple folding mechanism and without any removable parts may be the ideal choice for young children.

Transformers toys for kids make for a great pass time. You may want to sit with your child and help them find the right way of transforming the toy. Once your child gets it right, they can play safely on their own.

Which Transformers toy does your child love? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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