293 Anglo Saxon Baby Boy Names With Meanings

CeolweardName of a King; they are belovedBoy
CeolwulfA beloved KingBoy
CerdicName of King; the beloved oneBoy
ChadwikThey are warriorBoy
ChadwyckThe dairy farm of CeaddaBoy
CoelfridOne who comes from the coal fieldsBoy
CoenbehrtA brave and bold advisorBoy
CoenbergA bold and brave oneBoy
CoenburgHe is bold like a fortressBoy
CourtnayLives in the court; CourtdwellerUnisex
CovingtonHabitational name from 'Covinton' in Lanarkshire and Old English form 'Cofington'.Boy
CrewsA family which once had lived as dwellers at a cattlepen or a cattlefoldUnisex
CromptonOriginated from the word "Crumpton" which implies bowed or malformed; Could be used to refer to a person from the winding farmBoy
CrostonA farm or a settlementBoy
CroydonA ValleyBoy
CuddieThe bright oneBoy
CuinA reasonable free manBoy
CusickA harsh termBoy
CuthredA counselBoy
CuthwulfWolf; one filled with powerBoy
CyneagilsThe Royal RulerBoy
CynefridThe one who is kinglike and a noble beingBoy
CynegilsName of a born KingBoy
CynericThe one who has powerBoy
CynerikA royal and powerful personBoy
CynesigeThe one who always winsBoy
CynewulfAn elegant royal KingBoy
DaegalNight dwellerBoy
Dalstonthe one from Dougal's placeBoy
DodsonA determined and pratical person by natureBoy
DuntonA settlement name; hillBoy
DurwinA good and dear friendBoy
DurwynOne who is the friend of a DeerBoy
DykeDike or ditchBoy
EadbehrtEad means 'Blessed' and behrt means 'Bright'Boy
EadbertName of a KingBoy
EadberthIt means a blessed person.Unisex
EadhelmA friendly and social person.Boy
EadmaerThe one who comes from riches and greatnessBoy
EadredA rich, happy and eager personBoy
EadwacerHeaven-watcher; A person who is of expressive nature.Boy
EadwigIt means a rich or prosperous person.Boy
EaldgythAn old battle maid; the noble oneBoy
EalhredA hall or a big placeBoy
EalhstanThey are stone hard and temple pureBoy
EarconbertOne who has many qualities and personal insightBoy
EarleIt means chief or nobleman.Boy
EcgbertA sharp edge of a swordBoy
EcgfrithA born leader; name of a kingBoy
EdburgaThe great, guardian protectorBoy
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