1572 Baby Boy Names That Start With Letter E

Baby Boy Names Starts With E

E, the second vowel and the fifth letter of the alphabet describes a loving, warm hearted, and compassionate human being. They are naturally kind and like pleasing people and winning their affection. Numerology also says that people with this initial in their name are enthusiastic, freedom loving, and outgoing. They are always on the look out for excitement and can even be a risk taker sometimes.

E people are even flexible and well equipped to making and accepting changes, no matter how difficult it may seem. They are incredibly imaginative and are naturally able to solve even the most complicated problems through their unconventional way of thinking. These keen and quick thinking peeps are clever observers and cannot get deceived easily.

The letter E is equivalent to 5, which conveys excellent communicators. They are the champions of free speech and flourish in the company of others. These bundles of energy love traveling and have a burning desire to see the world. So you’ll have to keep your child active if you want to see him happy.

If you’ve set your mind on this letter and are looking for some incredible naming options, take a look at MomJunction's list below. We’ve got hundreds of names starting with E for your baby boy.

EardlyOne who is from a capable and efficient familyBoy
EardnothA direct, natty and artistic beingBoy
EardwulA happy-go-lucky person.Boy
EardwulfAn idealistic and inspirational person .Boy
EarlIt means king,warrior or chief in different languages.Boy
EarleIt means chief or nobleman.Boy
EarleyIt means eagle wood.Unisex
EarlieDerived from the word earl it means a noble person.Boy
EarlyIt means 'Noble Leader'.Boy
EarnA serious minded individualBoy
EarnestSerious minded and spiritual beingBoy
EarnmundAchievers and high rankersBoy
EarnwulfEthical, wholesome and noble beingBoy
EaronFrom the River TownBoy
EarpwaldA well bred, philosophical personBoy
EarthAdaptation of the English word, meaning the planet or the soilBoy
EarvinA thrifty friend; they are happyBoy
EarwineThe one who is white river; a friend of seaBoy
EarwynOne who is the friend of seaBoy
EasaanasivamGod; Supreme Being; Creator and Protector of this universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
EasauThe acts; a hairy individualBoy
EashGod; Supreme Being; Creator and Protector of this universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
EashanOne of many names of Lord VishnuBoy
EashanaGod; Supreme Being; Creator and Protector of this universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
EasharA very Godly person.Boy
EasharbirBrave and a very Godly person.Boy
EashardeepIt means Godly Light.Boy
EasharjeetIt means God's VictoryBoy
EasharjotGod's LightlyBoy
EasharnaamIt means 'Absorbed in God's Name 'Boy
EasharpreetIt means Lover of God.Boy
EasharpremIt means Lover of God.Boy
EashartekIts means God's Suport.Boy
EasharveerIt means God's warrior.Boy
EashavSpecial; Gifted; ExceptionalBoy
EashwarGod; Supreme Being; Creator and Protector of this universe;Boy
EashweraGod; Supreme Being; Creator and Protector of this universe; One of many names of Lord ShivaBoy
EasonIn Irish the name eason means 'Protector'.Boy
EastanDerived from the word easton it means 'From the East'.Boy
EasterwineA person who is a quick thinker and appreciates arts .Boy
EastmanGrace-protector; It also means nature lover.Boy
EastonIt means 'From the East Town'.Boy
EastorwineA person who has quailities of a leader.Boy
EastreThe bright Moon; contentBoy
EaswaranGod; Supreme Being; Creator and Protector of this universe;Boy
EataIts derived from the word eta which means to shine.Boy
EathanIt means an optimistic and strong person.Boy
EatonIt means a riverside village.Boy
EattonDerived from the word eaton it means island settlement.Boy

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