68 Irish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter D

DanielA ProphetBoy
DaciPossibility; providing hopeBoy
DaghanGood hearted personBoy
DahiQuick oneBoy
DaileyCollect togetherBoy
DalThe blind oneBoy
DalanBlind oneBoy
DallanBlind individualBoy
DallenBlind oneBoy
DallesOne from the meadowUnisex
DallinBelonging to the meadowUnisex
DallonThe blind manBoy
DalyTogether foreverBoy
DamanOne who can be tamedBoy
DamanaTo be tamedBoy
DamanjitTame; loyalBoy
DamettaA SaintBoy
DaraghAn OakUnisex
DarayDark skinnedUnisex
DarraghRascal; fertileBoy
DarrahWealthy and BlackBoy
DarryRed haired, richBoy
DawayneThe one who is dark hairedBoy
DaylannA steady and strong individual; blindBoy
DeaglanName of a Saint who is filled with goodnessBoy
DecklanA majestic and caring SaintBoy
DeclanOne who prays and full of goodnessBoy
DeklanA Date tree; tall oneBoy
DelaneyOne who performs dark challengesBoy
DelanyOne who comes from a riverBoy
DempseyA proud and creative individualBoy
DiarmaidIrish King; they are without envyBoy
DiarmidThey do not have any envy; a warriorBoy
DiarmuidA great warrior who are without envyBoy
DiedreA beautiful melancholy of a broken heartBoy
DierdraOne who has a raging attitudeBoy
DillanA loyal person; one who has calmness and patienceBoy
DillenOne who is like a Lion; mightyBoy
DillonA faithful and loyal friend of lighteningBoy
DilynnA loyal individual; embodiment of mercyBoy
DodoIt means precious Gift of God; his uncleUnisex
DolanUnlucky , Unfortunate; a black haired personUnisex
DonaghBrown Haired warrorBoy
DonalStranger ,Great ChiefBoy
DonavanDark Brown haired ChieftenBoy
DonavonDescendent of DonndubhanBoy
DonleyRuler of the WorldBoy
DonnachaThe one who is a brown haired warriorBoy
DonnaganA brown haired man who is also a chiefBoy
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