42 Irish Baby Boy Names Starting With Letter R

RadmundA wise protectorBoy
RaferIrish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A pet form of RaffertyBoy
RaffertyIrish Gaelic - Rich and Prosperous; A variant name is RaferBoy
RaylandOne who is from the Island meadowBoy
ReaganA descendant of the impulsive personBoy
ReagenFrom the name Regan, meaning the little kingBoy
ReardenA little king who is a poetBoy
ReghanA regal baby BoyBoy
ReilanA person who is from the Island fieldBoy
ReileyA brave, couragious beingUnisex
ReilleyA valiant, courageous maleBoy
ReillyA rey as in an edible grainBoy
ReilyA valiant manBoy
RhylandOne who comes wrom the field of ryeBoy
RiaanA young KingBoy
RiainOne who is a young, little kingBoy
RianA King, a Ruler, a royal oneBoy
RiddickOne who comes from the clear, smooth fieldsBoy
RigwareAn Irish baby Boy nameBoy
RionA name of the pagan giantBoy
RiordanOne who is a bard of royalBoy
RoarkHe who is famous as a leader and rulerBoy
RobersA renown and glowing manBoy
RoewynA red-haired BoyBoy
RoganA reddish-haired manBoy
RonanTo make a promising oathBoy
RooneyA Boy with red, ginger hairBoy
RoreyA Red King of menBoy
RoriHe who is a red kingBoy
RourkeA name of an ancien Irish clan, mostly used as a surnameBoy
RowynOne whose hair is a colour redBoy
RowynnOne of ruby red hairBoy
RuaidhriThe Red King of the Irish peopleBoy
RuairíThe red-haired royal rulerBoy
RuariAn Irish red-haired rulerUnisex
RuaridhA ruler of red hairBoy
RuathyA woman of red hair who is a ruler of peopleBoy
RumonHe who is like a little sealBoy
RyanLittle kingUnisex
RylandAn island meadowBoy
RyneVariation of Ryan which means Little kingBoy
RyonsHe is KinglyBoy
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