104 Baby Boy Names That Mean Excellent

AbdulalimA creative and excellent expressing ability person who serves all knowing peopleBoy
AbhangOne who is excellent in speaking.Boy
AbhanjaOne who is an excellent speakerBoy
AfdalBetter than others, excellentBoy
AfdhaalOne who excels, excellent or prominentBoy
AfjalPrincipal or chief, most excellentBoy
AfzalThe Best in Arabic; Most Excellent;Boy
Agnirameans Intelligent, Brilliant, Successful person who studies excellentlyBoy
AhinaguExcellent rayBoy
AkoniSomeone who is a brave warrior and has excellent leadership qualities.Boy
AlphaAn excellent firstborn child with leadership and chieftian qualitiesUnisex
AmjadArabic - Greater Glory; Noble; Most Excellent; More Illustrious; Skillful; ExpertBoy
AmodinFragrant; Famous; Excellent; Pleasant Aroma; Sweet Smelling; Pleasingly ScentedBoy
AnayatThe one who is praised, favour and is excellentUnisex
AnenasThe one who is praised and excellentBoy
AneshSmart One; Brilliant; Intelligent; ExcellentBoy
ApigunaAn excellent human being who is master of many attributesBoy
AresGreek - Best, Excellent; Latin - Ram; A variant of name AriesBoy
ArieHebrew - Lion of God; Latin - Ram; Greek - Excellent PurposeBoy
ArikHebrew - Lion of God; Latin - Ram; Greek - Excellent PurposeBoy
AristotleExcellent, best thinker; name of a great philosopherBoy
ArivaaliClever and intelligent; a person who is excellentBoy
ArthfoddwOne who has excellent visions; trustworthy and humbleBoy
AryHebrew - Lion; Greek - Best; Excellent; A variant of name AriBoy
AtrusA Bear man; they are excellent at analyzingBoy
AtyabNoble and an excellent BoyBoy
AvadataOne who is of a clear and excellent breedBoy
AymilMiddle Eastern form of Emil, meaning excellent.Boy
BagusHandsome or excellentBoy
BahlawanOne who is excellent in acrobatics, an acrobat.Boy
BehdadExcellent Gift; Of Good BirthBoy
BidabanBeginning of Dawn; an excellent human beingBoy
Bindusaran excellent pearlBoy
BindusaraExcellent Pearl; TruthfulBoy
BoraSnow; Excellent; BraveBoy
ChathurThe one who is excellent and intelligentBoy
CudaratnaJewel of the Crest; Excellent; Best; One who has a precious jewelBoy
DehanGood; Superior; Fine; ExcellentBoy
DoonOne who is from Doon; are excellent peopleBoy
DysonAn excellent Dennis's sonBoy
DyumatBrilliant; Splendid; Excellent; Bright; Radiant; MagnificientBoy
Emilianit means excellent or the desire to excel.Boy
FaaA surprassing, excellent personBoy
FaeqOne who has the ability to surpass anyone, Excellent.Boy
FarjaadExcellent, or eminent in learning.Boy
FudailExcellent in characterBoy
GarwenThe one who is excellent in handling spear.Boy
GhanaaghanaExcellent; Remarkable; Outstanding; Superior;Boy
GirivaraGreat Mountain; Highest or Excellent among mountain; Name of Lord Krishna given for lifting mountainBoy
GnanarajKing of Knowledge; Excellent Wisdom; Brilliant and Clever PersonBoy
GostaniThey are very systamatic,creative and intelligent.They are excellent in working and love to do difficult task.Boy
GreeleighThey have excellent qualities and love to do technical work.They are very responsible and serious.Boy
GregerThey are excellent,good learner and determind.They have a quality to solve all issues.Boy
GregorThey are excellent,good learner and determind.They have a quality to solve all issues.Boy
Gudaa variation of the name Juda, meaning Goodness, Excellence, from the Arabic word "jada", which means To Be Excellent. The name Guda is also found in Swedish origins, where it is used as a feminine, Girls name and means Supreme.Unisex
GumwantVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; Honourable; Good characteristics; Great qualitiesBoy
GunajVirtuous Maiden; An excellent, righteous and honourable personBoy
GunamayVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; Honourable; Good characteristics; Great qualitiesBoy
GunasekaranVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunashekaranVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunashrajVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunavatVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GuneetveerExcellent WarriorBoy
GuneetwantMost ExcellentBoy
GuninVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunithVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunnidhiOne who is Virtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunraajExcellent KingdomBoy
GunvantVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunvitVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GunwantVirtuous; Excellent; Worthy; Righteous; HonourableBoy
GurutejA person with Excellent Conversational skills and can often be superficial and can give hope to other who see the dark side and thing about negativity.Boy
GyanchandExcellent and Bright with Knowledge and Wisdom; IntelligentBoy
HideakiBright, ExcellentBoy
HideoExcellent male child; Excellent ManBoy
HonharExcellent; Brilliant; Intelligent; Smart; CleverBoy
JaishAn excellent armyBoy
JaynishRefers to an excellent, extraordinary or outstanding person.Boy
KalijanMen of Art; Blessed; Happy; Excellent; Auspicious; talentedBoy
KathamuthuExcellent in understanding and creating stories;Boy
Midasmomentary and excellent industry.Boy
MohammadrezaExcellent in drawing, highest quality of Art talented personBoy
NarottamaExcellent of all the menBoy
NarrottamThe excellent among all the menBoy
NatabarThe one who is excellent in dancing.Boy
NatarajWho has excellent talent in dancing.Boy
NewatThe person who is excellent in handling with left hand.Unisex
NidhishaThe excellent knowledge and skills.Boy
NisaaOne who has excellent knowledge in all matters.Boy
NowyOne who has excellent knowledge in all matters.Boy
NuveshThe one who is excellent in skills and knowledge.Boy
PilotFrench - An excellent Man; A derivative of the name PillionBoy
PravarMost excellent; Supreme; Very GoodBoy
PravarsenaExcellent army of men; Supreme WarriorsBoy
PraveerAn excellent warrior; Brave warrior; Chief Courageous Warrior; Mighty fighterBoy
PravirAn excellent warrior; Brave warrior; Chief Courageous Warrior; Mighty fighterBoy
PrayanSupreme Intelligence; Excellent Brilliance; Most knowledgeable; Very Clever; SmartestBoy
SahorOne who is excellent, piousBoy
SreyasThe most excellent man with many virtuesBoy
SudhishLord of excellent intellectBoy
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