403 Baby Boy Names That Mean Famous

AabdarName aabdar has a quranic origin which means Moon light, early, quick. It is derived from the B-D-R root which is used in the Quran in verse 3:123 in the word Badr, which means "full moon" and is the name of a famous battle.Boy
Aakhya (आख्या)one who has high reputation and fame; state of being famousBoy
AakhyaanLegend; Story of Famous Person inscriptionBoy
AakramaName of a famous companion of Prophet Muhammad.Boy
AbadiyaName of a famous author known for his unique styleBoy
AbanindranathA variant of name Abanindra which means sky; A famous Bengali painter had this nameBoy
AbdulmagidA devoted individual who helps glorious and famous oneBoy
AbheenuAn individual who is famous and reliantBoy
AbhinabhasFamous; renownedBoy
Abhinamin (अभिनमीन)One who is renowned or a famous nameBoy
AdalbertGermanic (Nobly famous); Noble; Honorable; FamousBoy
AdelmarA very famous noble personBoy
AelmerA famous nobleman for his nobilityBoy
AindhadiFamous starBoy
AjanthaHe who is creative. Also the name of a famous Buddhist cave.Boy
AjapalaA banyan tree which is famous in Buddhist literature, goatherd or shepherd in SnskritBoy
AjkhyatFamous; Popular; Well Known;Boy
AkyathFamous; Popular; Well Known;Boy
AlajosFame and War; famous holinessBoy
AlaoisFamous in war; enjoys perks of lifeBoy
AlbertoNoble, bright and famous individualBoy
AlbertusGerman - Nobly Famous; A derivative of name AlbertBoy
AlbieMy heart, noble and famous; bright and brilliant beingUnisex
AlbrechtGerman - Nobly Famous; A derivative of name AdalbertBoy
AlbrektNoble, bright and famous individual who likes to travelBoy
AlburtGerman - Nobly Famous; A derivative of name AlbertBoy
AldemarFamous for nobility or famous for his experienceBoy
AlesGerman - Nobly Famous; Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant name of Albert and AlexanderBoy
AlmarGerman - Nobly Famous; A variant of name AdelmarBoy
AlmoNoble; Famous; PopularBoy
AloisGerman - Famous Warrior; A variant of name AloysBoy
AloiseFamous in battle. Feminine of AloysiusBoy
AlojzFamous WarriorBoy
AlojzijeA famous warrior.Boy
AlojzyFamous Warrior; Fame and WarBoy
AloysA famous warrior, a quick thinker and a very warm hearted individualBoy
AloysisusGerman - Fame and War French - Famous Warrior; Latinised form of the name LouisBoy
AloysiusA strong and famous warrior with a conservative and reliable beings.Boy
AlphonseA famous name bearer meaning noble being ready for warBoy
AmodinFragrant; Famous; Excellent; Pleasant Aroma; Sweet Smelling; Pleasingly ScentedBoy
AndoniosA famous bearer who is pricelessBoy
AnsonThe son of God; he is very strong and a famous bearerBoy
AnssonThe son of God; he is very strong and a famous bearerBoy
AntarArabic - Strong One; Famous Warrior Sikh - Inner HeartBoy
ArapetaNoble and famous. A famous man.Boy
ArashTruthfulness and righteousness. It's also the name of a famous archer of ancient Iran.Boy
AriyaratnaOne who is famous for his noble deeds;Boy
ArjunanFamous for art archeryBoy
AshharFamous, renownedBoy
AthmarrA noble and a famous personBoy
AtreyiName of a famous riverBoy
AustellA Cornish place and a name of a famous SaintBoy
AyllmerA noble and famous personBoy
AylmerEnglish - Nobly Famous ; Derived from Adal - Noble and Meri - Great; A variant of ElmerBoy
BaalayyaA famous comedy King; determined and lovelyBoy
BachaBacha, also the name of a famous Pashtun leader, means kingBoy
BadikhImportant; Prominent; Significant; FamousBoy
BahzName of a famous Hakeem; faithfulBoy
BaldemarMeans 'a famous ruler'. Symbolizes being bold and renowned.Boy
BalmikiThe name means Prophet. It is the name of a famous poet.Boy
BannruodFamous CommanderBoy
BehlolLeader; A Famous SaintBoy
BeorhtmaerOne who is famous for his brightnessBoy
BeorthmaerHe sho is a Famous BearBoy
Bertienobly famous; famous Northman; bright raven, wise person; bright famous one; famously famous; angle; hook; army-bright, bright army; famous landowner; rich, powerful, ruler; bright shield; will.Boy
BertlOne who is famous for nobility.Boy
BertschyA variant of Germanic name Bertwald, meaning bright and famous.Boy
BetonA surname, meaning a bright and famous oneBoy
BhadrabahuName of a famous Jain Acharya from medieval India. It means a pious and blessed man.Boy
Bobbbright famous one; famously famousBoy
BogumirBogumir is derived from the elements bogu which means "god" and meru, which means "great, famous" or miru "peace, world".Boy
BorislawA variant of Borislav, meaning famous battle.Boy
BrageA famous, shining and popular kingBoy
BreockA famous and mighty princeBoy
CapuletAn Italian surname, made famous in Romeo and JulietUnisex
CaruyasasA man who is famous for his charmBoy
CazOne who famously destroyes the peaceBoy
ChannaRenowned; Famous; Well Known; Character of Buddha; Beautiful; CheerfulBoy
ChlodwigA famous German warriorBoy
ChubinOne having a wooden club, bat or mace. It's the nickname of the famous General Bahram of King Khusru Parvez who had a wooden club.Boy
ChuckFamous bearer; one who gives or yields upholdsBoy
ClairOne who is clear, bright, shiny; one who is famousBoy
ClarembaldA bold and famous oneBoy
ClaudasDerived from the name of a famous kingBoy
ClayreOne who is not only bright, but also famous and known by allUnisex
CleonOne who hails from the cliff; famous and illustrious in GreekBoy
ConranDescendant of a famous king named ConaranBoy
ConyersA famous city in GeorgiaBoy
CoshelDerived from the name of a famous Indian saint, who was considered divineBoy
CristianoItalian and Portuguese form of Christianity. A famous bearer is Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo (1985); Follower of ChristBoy
CudbertThe famous oneBoy
CudbrihtA dependent, bold, famous personBoy
CuithbeartA famous and clever personBoy
CuithbrigA famous individualBoy
CunogususFamous; BrilliantBoy
CuthbertBright and famousBoy
CvlidoriThe famous one; steadyBoy
DanhOne who cannot be explained; famousBoy
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