Aries and Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

The air sign Aquarius and fire sign Aries have their own personality traits. So, if you want to explore Aries and Aquarius compatibility, this post is for you.

An Aquarian loves their freedom and often comes across as shy and quiet. They sometimes do not like to express their true personality. However, they are also deep thinkers and intellectuals who fight for idealistic mindful causes.

An Aries, on the other hand, is bold, dynamic, and ambitious. They are passionate, confident, motivated, and natural-born leaders who can build the community with zeal.
The relationship between these two signs can be exciting, fun, and intense as both these signs have free-spirited personalities. But are they compatible? Read on to find out Aquarius and Aries compatibility in life, love, and bed.

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Are Aries And Aquarius Compatible?

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In astrology, the Aries Aquarius match is highly compatible. The high degree of compatibility makes these zodiacs experience a very dynamic and captivating romance. These zodiacs share a desire for adventure and have great ambitions. Both signs also value honesty, good communication, and independence.

Aries and Aquarius are unique, and they appreciate each other in a way no one else can do. The impulsive ram and the intellectual water-bearer do not have many differences, and they share many similarities that help in balancing their relationship and make their astrological compatibility high. Based on natural chemistry, air fuels fire. Both these are masculine signs, and have a great amount of energy, stamina, stubbornness, and their own individuality. They trust each other, which allows them to develop a warm and wholesome connection. Aries provides energy and passion, while Aquarius provides new ideas and inspiration to be more at the moment. These signs will be honest with each other about every aspect of their relationship. They don’t hold back their feelings even if it makes things awkward between them.

Aries and Aquarius share a strong convivial relationship and a special connection. Both share similar values and perspectives about life. Both the zodiac signs are good at communication and constantly crave a stimulating feeling. Mediating a debate between Aquarius and Aries can be exciting as they love to debate. While Aquarius maintains things at a practical and rational level, Aries is more aggressive and passionate.

An Aries-Aquarius relationship can be associated with tolerant strength because both lack the tenderness and compassion needed for a harmonious relationship. This relationship is a combination of vision and action. Both the signs may not run out of things to talk about as Aries comes up with new adventures, and Aquarius is a great conversationalist. The wedding bells of these signs are rare, but they can beat the odds if they could try reconciling their differences and build a strong foundation.

Reasons Aries And Aquarius Compatibility Might Work

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Let’s see what makes these two signs close to each other.

  • The Aries Aquarius match is very compatible on the intellectual front. They have strong opinions from different angles and so, their intellectual conversation is a stimulating one. This relationship can be like yin and yang, with Aquarius being the yin as they are sensitive, peaceful, and unique, and Aries being the yang with a boss-like mentality that is pleasing to Aquarius.
  • Aquarius is independent and helps the Aries’ combative tendencies. The water-bearer can stand up to the ram and let them know they are false, and the ram is cooperative as Aries is wise and trusts Aquarius’ intelligence. Also, Aquarius does not entertain ridiculous conflicts. They can forge a wall between themselves and their fellow sun sign if the situation needs it. But in the end, they bring it down because they cherish an Aries partner.
  • The best part of this relationship is the power of manifestation. Aries helps Aquarius bring out their best, while Aquarius helps Aries to be peaceful. Aquarius reminds Aries that there is a beautiful garden rather than war, while Aries helps Aquarius be a peaceful warrior. Both these signs help each other accomplish their goals. Aries aligned with Aquarius would help manifest peace, their creative side, and strength. Additionally, Aquarius also brings the quality of perseverance to this healthy relationship. This aspect of the Aries Aquarius compatibility bears fruitful results for both zodiacs.

Problems An Aries And Aquarius Compatibility Might Face

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As with every other relationship, this couple could face some issues too.

  • When two people with different personalities, opinions, and dreams are brought together, there will be a few obstacles along their path. Aries may become possessive often and constrict the freedom of Aquarius, which can lead to challenges in the relationship.
  • Both these signs are highly emotional. Aquarius can stay peaceful and absorb emotions, which eventually turns them into a mover and shaker. Aries is also an emotionally absorbent personality and would start experiencing bold emotions, which can suddenly turn into the sky’s thunder. This can lead to a lack of tenderness and emotional compatibility issues. However, the Aquarius man is usually straightforward. If the female Aries is sad, he will deal with it sensibly and practically. He won’t become emotional himself.
  • Aries is sharp-tongued, which can hurt Aquarius’ feelings. Both of these signs can sometimes be so restless that they get bored of each other and break it off, or they may freak out and run away for fear of losing their freedom and independence.
protip_icon Quick fact
Aries and Aquarius may find it difficult to open up to each other, but once they do, they share a good bond.

Love Match Between Aries Man And Aquarius Woman

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Aries and Aquarius are compatible signs because they are both idealistic. The freedom-loving water-bearer and the cardinal fire sign communicate their thoughts and feelings to one another exceptionally well. In love, the Aquarius is somewhat reserved but open to learning about the intricacies of a relationship. These two signs indicate a great romantic relationship in general, and they support and trust each other immensely.

An Aries man is sentimental, and it is the Aquarius woman who understands him while they are sharing something important as they tend to reveal it only with those who are close to them.

If an Aries man and an Aquarius woman have the same tastes, then the relationship would be wonderful. But if the Aries man doesn’t have any interest, it may lead to a few problems. Neither of the signs go beyond the boundaries, and this trait would help them build a strong relationship. An Aries man likes to have love quarrels, but they soften with the Aquarius woman as they are put into a state of panic with too much conflict.

protip_icon Quick tip
For a relationship to be successful, it is important for the Aquarius woman to lower her expectations. However, the Aries man needs to take the initiative and show trust in his partner.

Love Match Between Aquarius Man And Aries Woman

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A certain level of connection exists between an Aquarius man and an Aries woman that brings them together in a relationship. Both of them have similar traits helping them forge a strong bond, which in turn makes a genuine alliance. They have a great amount of energy that they put into their relationship. Also, they are the type of individuals who will stick to each other through thick and thin.

An unusual quality of an Aquarius man is he laughs when sorrowful and feels cheered when sad. An Aries woman loves expressing with a lot of excitement and has frequent discussions to continue the conversation. Aquarius is a noble-minded man, who not only cares about his partner but also for humanity as a whole. He is concerned about the human race and seeks solutions.

On the other hand, an Aries woman has a great attitude towards life. She is quite sensible and philosophical. According to her, one should go through a lot of pain to achieve something in life. This approach toward the life of an Aries woman helps build a lasting connection with an Aquarius man.

Aries And Aquarius Friendship Compatibility

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Aries and Aquarius’s friendship has a great deal of compatibility. Though they have different personalities, they can be close friends due to their varied interests. These zodiac signs are independent and jovial. They enjoy intellectual and meaningful conversations. They are energetic and adventurous and always love to try something new. The 11th zodiac sign and the first sign are amicable and reliable, and they respect each other and their perspectives on life. Their friendship is more relaxed since they rarely fight or disagree with each other. Moreover, they push each other to become better and realize their dreams.

Aries And Aquarius Sexual Compatibility

Even if these signs have issues, it would be a different story when it comes to sex life. They keep their emotions secret by playing it cool. This relationship can bring out the worst nature and emphasize the cold and unemotional sexual hunter. They are both masculine zodiacs; coupled with their boundless energy, things can get turbulent. Both zodiacs find it difficult to communicate their emotions, which can make them feel isolated. But sometimes, their masculine traits can also enhance each other’s energy while they are in bed. As a result, sexual contact between the two zodiacs becomes either stressful or exciting.

The roles of these signs are easy to understand, with Aries providing energy and stamina to their Aquarius partner, while Aquarius gives crazy ideas and widens the horizons for their Aries partner. This could be entertaining initially, but later it may become tiresome as there won’t be enough ideas to cover the emotional emptiness they would encounter.

protip_icon Quick tip
Aries loves to take charge in the bedroom, and Aquarius loves trying out new things. So experimenting with power play will make the encounters more interesting.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are Aries so attracted to Aquarius?

Aries’ attraction to Aquarius is because of their fun and easy-going nature. They also admire Aquarius’ independence and calmness. The strong-willed Aries feels free to say or share their peace of mind in their partnership with Aquarius. On the other hand, Aquarius natives also give Aries the freedom and privacy they love.

2. Are Aries loyal in relationships?

Aries is loyal in relationships. When they are in love, they ensure to give their everything to the relationship. They trust their instinct when choosing people and will be honest about their feelings. Aries is committed when in love and takes it seriously when they find it.

3. How do Aries and Aquarius approach love and commitment differently?

Aries and Aquarius approach love and commitment in their own ways. Aries are bold, confident, and passionate, and they seek adventure in relationships, while the shy and intellectual Aquarius might seek a relationship that gives them intellectual stimulation. These two signs can share a strong relationship but face problems like possessiveness, emotional compatibility, and maintaining long-term interest.

4. How do Aries and Aquarius handle conflicts and disagreements?

When undergoing any conflicts or disagreements, both signs can experience intense emotions. An Aquarius might be able to remain calm and collected, while Aries is considered to be emotionally absorbent, which can cause them to have intense outbursts.

5. Are Aquarius and Aries good soulmates?

Aquarius and Aries can become good partners because of their similarities, like intellectual stimulation, independence, and love for adventure. However, whether they are considered soulmates depends on different factors and the individuals themselves. They are both strong personalities and may require extra communication, understanding, and a willingness to work through their differences.

6. Can Aquarius marry Aries?

Marrying someone should not entirely depend on their zodiac sign. Before coming to a decision to marry someone, many factors and characteristics of the individual must be observed. Aries and Aquarius have similarities that can help them have a happy married life, while certain characteristics might make them weary of each other.

The Aries and Aquarius compatibility is considered good. Aquarius is the softer partner though both signs have good energy and traits of stubbornness. Their relationship is mainly based on strength, and with trust and appreciative feelings for each other, they can build a stable bond. With similar intellectual and communicating levels, they may tide over the challenges that they’re different and bring out the best in each other. Openness, tolerance, and compromising for the sake of the partner can help sustain their relationship in the long run. They can cultivate a fulfilling relationship by infusing time and effort into understanding each other.

Infographic: Relationship Compatibility Of Aries And Aquarius

A relationship between Aries and Aquarius can be vibrant and exciting, but they will also face many obstacles because of their opposing outlooks on life. However, knowing and accepting each other’s positives and negatives, as given in the infographic below, might help to deepen the connection.

pros and cons of aries aquarius relationship(infographic)

Illustration: Momjunction Design Team

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Key Pointers

  • Aquarian calm personality and Arian bold nature complement each other and fill in for each other’s shortcomings.
  • Arian dominance and overwhelming Aquarian emotions may sometimes create clashes.
  • Although difficulties may arise, mutual effort and understanding can help them go a long way.
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Aries and Aquarius relationships can be challenging, but also incredibly rewarding. Learn how to make the most of this unique connection!

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