Are Cancer And Cancer Compatible?

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Cancer, a water sign, is known for its devotion to family and is considered emotional. Therefore, cancer and cancer compatibility is something that needs to be looked at if you wish to know what happens when two water signs meet. They are compassionate individuals and are known to be sensitive. Also, they love to enjoy simple pleasures and find happiness in small things. However, they are emotional at times as well. So, will two cancers make a good pair? Read on to know about their love match, compatibility, and possible problems that might arise between them.

Is Cancer Compatible With Cancer?

The crab tends to dwell in negative thoughts. As a couple, two Cancerians can face the biggest challenge of being constantly down with unwanted thoughts and self-loathing. They are likely to drown in their own pity-party stories. But their compassionate nature will help them support each other during difficult times.

They will be devoted to each other and their family. Together they will ensure their family is protected and safe with them always and they have a loving and caring life.

Reasons A Cancer And Cancer Relationship Might Work

A Cancer and Cancer couple has its share of ups and downs. Here are some positives that might click.

  • A kind-hearted Cancer couple can look after each other as their hearts overflow with tender love and care. They can make the best of buddies and will not hesitate to speak their minds to each other.
  • Their sense of humor keeps them entertained, and they enjoy each other’s company more than anybody else’s.
  • The cardinal sign couple is extremely loyal to their love. They are committed to the relationship and give their everything to make it work. Extremely protective of their partner, a Cancerian will ensure that their love is shielded from any negative influence.
  • The two crabs are extremely sensitive and easily get hurt and slighted. They tend to retreat into their shells each time they feel threatened. This common trait makes them understand their partner’s need for personal space and time.

Problems A Cancer And Cancer Might Face

Even the most compatible couples face problems in their relationship, and a Cancer and Cancer couple is no exception.

  • The biggest challenge that a Cancer couple faces is their frequent complaints. They are seldom content with life and crib even about the slightest of shortfall in life. When they are not wallowing in self-pity, they are busy crying to one another about their life problems. This tendency keeps them from exploring their full potential.
  • Ruled by the Moon, the Cancer couple is extremely emotional and can experience erratic mood swings. When it is good, it will be extremely good, and when things are bad, it will be unbearably painful. They are susceptible to depression, which can cause a rift between the two lovers.
  • Both partners in this pairing can be passive-aggressive. They can get mean to each other if they have ever felt hurt. Playing mind games comes easily to them, and it can cause further problems between the couple.

Love Match Between Cancer Man And Cancer Woman

A Cancer man and Cancer Woman can enjoy a warm and healthy relationship. The Cancer man is gentle and emotional, while the Cancer woman is humble and shy. He is charming and flirtatious but is also extremely loyal to his partner. She is affectionate and offers love to everyone around her. He is hardworking and ambitious, while she is nurturing and caring.

As a couple, they both find pleasure in simple things in life and are averse to overspending. They are possessive lovers and often tend to harbor irrational fears and insecurities. They tend to brood over minor issues but can get over them with the love and support of each other. This supportive nature of theirs will have them lead a cozy and comfortable family life.

Cancer And Cancer Sexual Compatibility

A Cancer couple is dreamy in bed. They can love from their deepest core and connect on an emotional level. Their deep connection makes them understand each other’s needs, and they even respond to each other well. They may not be as adventurous as other zodiac couples, but it does not matter as they are only concerned with being approved by their Cancer partner.

They both equally enjoy some cuddly time after sex and like to talk, which makes their bond stronger. The only dampener in their sex life is their secretive nature, leading to a lack of trust.

Overflowing with love, the Cancer and Cancer couple is what you see in romantic movies. They are the traditional married couple who love and care for each other. They may face issues with mood swings, but there is no challenge that their emotional connection cannot overcome.

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